World Championships behind-the-scenes | All Around Bonus Content

World Championships behind-the-scenes | All Around Bonus Content

I’m at the German Embassy,
ready for our visa applications. It’s for our trip to Stuttgart. Have you been there before? -She hasn’t been anywhere!
-She’s been to Russia. Oh, that’s brilliant… the nearest country to China! When did you go to Russia? In winter, when it was snowing. It’s so painful to make a snowman. Even wearing gloves, it’s still so cold. -Do it again!
-Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper, scissors! You can only move one step.
You took several steps! Wow, you’re so beautiful! Today is the last day of training for the 49th World
Championships in Stuttgart. Thank you all for your joint efforts.
Thanks Coach Xu for helping Chen Yile recover
in her most difficult time. Okay, have a hug with everyone. Come on, come on, hug! So, I got a cat.My cat is named Callie
’cause she’s a calico.
Stop! -She’s after the mic?
-She’s after the cord. Can you not be annoying? Have you seen her? -The cat was in my shoe?
-Yeah. It’s funny, last night she was
really confused by herself in the mirror. -Aw.
-She was like, and then kept walking behind the mirror like,
“Where’s the other cat?” Aw. I asked my mum before we even left
for camp, I was like, “Can I get a cat?” And she was like,
“What do you need a cat for?” I’m like, “I need an animal
that will love me, ’cause my dog doesn’t love me.”
He loves me but, like,he doesn’t love me.
So I was like, “I need–“
“I want an animal
that’s gonna love me, ’cause I get lonely.”I got her, like, last Saturday.Last night she fell on her head.
Like I thought cats were supposed to always be
on their feet. She gets in like a pouncing pose.
She’s like a little tiger.-I wish she would do it at night.
-Yeah, what does she do at night?
She crawls all over my head. -Aw, that’s cute.
-Yeah. No, it’s not cute. It’s not cute, it’s annoying. She crawls all over my head.
Bites my hair. Bites my ears. Chases my feet under the blanket
if I move them. Jesus Christ.I cover my head with the blanket,
so that she can’t access my head.
‘Cause like, yeah, she can walk
all over me, that doesn’t faze me. -Yeah.
-But it’s when she’s, like, she like gets in my face,
like, her fur and butt and stuff.Or it’s, like, biting me.
That’s what bothers me.
But if she’s just crawling on me,
I don’t care.
Did I tire you out?Not making the Worlds team makes–making the Olympics
a little more difficult.
Deep inside, mistakes stay
for very long time.
She’s hungry to be in the big game andshe’s hungry to be worthy. I drew a picture
for my older sister today. I’ve drawn about the sun, myself and also my sister Lele and my toys. My sister is very good at balance beam. I wish my sister success today. What would you say to your sister
if she were home? I would say… “I love you.” Today is the team final
at the World Championships in Stuttgart. Let’s cheer from the sidelines. We hope for an incredible performance,
a perfect performance today. Cheers! Thank you everyone for coming!So elegant.And triple twist off the end.Chen Yile will be delighted with that.The team is very happy.
Honestly, we didn’t expect such a result.-Russian Federation!
I have a bit of free time to relax.
So, I’ve decided to go and take a few photos. I hope I manage to get some
sort of shot here. Damn it, it was such a cool idea. I’m going to let it go. I hate the wind,
it’s my least favorite weather. My hair must be a complete mess. But I really like the panoramic view.
It always inspires me.Very classy performance from Melnikova!Well, that was a beautiful floor routine.Three, two, one, go!Angelina Melnikova
of the Russian Federation,
the eighth strongest performer
in qualification.
Very nice routine from Angelina Melnikova.I think they could’ve given me third.
Damn, I did dismount and jump a little bit! To be honest, I’m a winner for myself. I’m going to find Angelina
and give her a little present. Which room is she in? 326, where is room 326? -Hi.
-Hello, Angelina. -This is for you.
-Thank you. This is a small, typically Chinese gift. This is chopsticks. Thank you. Thank you. You’re welcome. I’ll get eating! This is Yang Gwe Fe, one of the most
beautiful women in China. It’s a pen. Oh, oh! It’s so cool! Let me open it and have a look. It’s a Russian team t-shirt. It’s the same as hers! -Thank you.
-Thank you. Oh, no, that’s typical!
My phone is frozen. Just when you need it the most. So typical! Thank you.Angelina Melnikova
of the Russian Federation,
fourth best in qualification.Representing Russian Federation,
Angelina Melnikova.
She has Stuttgart with her.A great climax to her competition.Angelina Melnikova, another medal for her
at these Championships.
I’m grateful for everyone
who has helped me, trained me and supported me. All together,
it produced an amazing result.

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  1. Dear olympic channel,

    we would LOVE to watch the following events in 1080p :

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    Artistic Gymnastics Women's All Around Final – Full EVENT – Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

    Artistic Gymnastics Women's Qualifications ( ALL Subdivisions ) – Full EVENT – Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

    Thank you.

  2. I wish this series was an hour each episode and that we had more behind the scenes. Oh and Fei Fei needs her own segment all together lol

  3. i'm both sad and happy about this episode.

    Sad because Morgan didn't make the team and Yile and her teammates didn't grab a medal from the Team Final at the WC.

    Happy because Angelina has finally medaled individually (congratulations for your results, Melka!) and because it was my country that actually snatched the bronze medal in TF.

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