WordPress Search Engine Visibility Setting - Doing This Wrong Ruins WordPress SEO

WordPress Search Engine Visibility Setting – Doing This Wrong Ruins WordPress SEO

hey it's Bjorn from dopey learning lab in this video I'm going to show you a very special setting that either allows or blocks search engines from indexing your website on a live website obviously you want search engines to be able to index your site in most cases so this setting is really reserved for sites that are in development where when you're developing a website you don't necessarily want a search engine to index it and send traffic to your site because it's not ready for traffic so that is why this setting exists and when your site is live or when it's about to go live you want to make sure that you have this setting set properly for it going live and this is what we find it we're in the dashboard right now if we scroll down a little bit on the left hand side you have your settings menu if you hover over that within that flyout menu there's an option called reading we want to open that on the reading settings paid at the very bottom there is an option called search engine visibility and if this box is checked then we are discouraging search engines from indexing your website you only want to have this checked when your site is in development when your set is live you do not want to have this box checked and there's a note below is up to search engines to honor this request which means that even if you have that checked sometimes search engines will ignore that and index your content anyway it's up to them to decide to honor that request usually they do sometimes they don't the only way to truly hide something from search engines is to put it behind login so if you have pages that require a login to see then search engines won't be able to access those because they don't have a login so if you made this change if you uncheck this box make sure you save changes before you leave this page and that is how we set our search engine visibility I hope this video helps you my name is Beorn allpass from W Learning Lab please make sure you like this video share on social media subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this all the time in Czech OWP Learning Lab comm where I read about wordpress every single day talk to you soon

9 thoughts on “WordPress Search Engine Visibility Setting – Doing This Wrong Ruins WordPress SEO

  1. I've created a playlist full of useful WordPress admin tweaks. If you want to level-up your admin dashboard check out the playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhKVXC8t6DA&list=PLlgSvQqMfii6paAyNXmAEYC1cC_SkpzK9

  2. After you uncheck that box, how long does it take for the website to appear on Google and other search engines?

  3. Love the video. The answer to this has haunted me for a while. I hope I didn't miss the WP scheduling video, YouTube cleared my history cash and I was afraid I would miss your video.

  4. Thank you! It helped me get rid of the line in code :
    <meta name='robots' content='noindex nofollow' />

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