Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Katie Herzog | We The Internet TV

Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Katie Herzog | We The Internet TV

[KATIE] It’s a social boycott in the
sense that it’s not just, “I don’t want to see your film,”
or whatever. It’s, “Nobody should see your film.”
And that’s the problem. It’s not just you taking yourself
away from this audience or this person who triggers you
or whatever, it’s saying that nobody else
in this room can do it either. And it’s totally illiberal
and regressive and we’re seeing
it all the time. People are doing this,
I think… They think that they’re on the
right side of history. And I commend them for that. They’re just wrong. (laughter and applause)

18 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Katie Herzog | We The Internet TV

  1. "Communists never fix the problem they simply fix the blame and manufacture the problem. Because problems for communists are a fundraising opportunity and a political stage."

  2. Well, we have GLAAD demanding 100% acceptance, which is an evangelical stance that dictates thought. The only way to get 100% acceptance is to shame and marginalize anyone who goes against that viewpoint and hey presto, cancel culture.

  3. Who watches that democrat socialist, Nazi tw#t anyway..I truly had no idea who that cat/dog is/was until you posted it!! She is just another gender dismorphic mentally Ill c_nt that has no FACTS to back up it's leftist/socialist claims..BC violating my rights is of as long as it's a "national Socialist" idea or tactic, right? How's that for "truth" the new "hate speech".. This is what we get for saving every weak and diseased infant!! What happened to survival of the fittest? I subscribe to "the kid that eats the most marbles doesn't live to see puberty". Darwin will come for them first.. 😠🤬 = 🖕🏻🖕🏻🤯

  4. The majority of liberals, progressives and democrat voters literally WANT & HOPE the country goes into a recession, sees another Great Depression, and fails. They need for America to be miserable. I have read this in many OP-eds written by those on the left. It's worrisome that so many pray for the demise of all of us.

  5. It was a really short clip. It almost felt like the end was cut off? Glad you are doing these. It's important that people talk, especially to each other. Best wishes

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