Why Chinese People Are Obsessed With 666 (The Internet Explained)

Why Chinese People Are Obsessed With 666 (The Internet Explained)

666. The Chinese internet is obsessed with 666. Hello everyone. Welcome to “The Internet” with Goldthread. Today, we’re going to talk about why the Chinese internet is obsessed with 666. 666 is liu liu liu in Mandarin, which sounds like niu niu niu, which means cow cow cow, Chinese slang for powerful or awesome. To give more context, I’m going to summon Timmy, one of Goldthread’s reporters: 666 is a big thing ‘cause it sounds like “liu liu liu” in Mandarin. And liu liu liu means awesome. Like that’s dope, that’s awesome, that’s liu liu liu, that’s 666. I use it a lot when I talk to my friends. Let me show you on WeChat: In fact, there are a lot of 666 stickers on WeChat. But it’s not just on the internet, it’s in real life too. Now I’m sure you’re wondering, where did this all come from? Well, one story claims that this live streamer, Fireloli, started the whole trend. He would use 666 as a quick way to compliment his teammates during a video game. There’s even a hand gesture for 666. So, next time you see a 666 from the Chinese internet, now you know what it means: dope.

40 thoughts on “Why Chinese People Are Obsessed With 666 (The Internet Explained)

  1. Was anyone really surprised that the handsign for 666 was the devil horn sign, this world is screwed up. Seeing more and more each day, that Jesus is the Answer.

  2. Really ..!??? You are so wrong! This is worshiping devil!!! Believe this is not a coincidence with the devil's signs used in that video game!! The satanism nicely entered society in many ways. Poore ignorants! OMG children!! JESUS HELP!

  3. right…. it has nothing to do with the devil, but the Chinese hand gesture for 666 happens to be the devil's horn…
    go fool somebody else.

  4. 666 sound like niu niu niu,but that's not the true one tho, 666 is liu liu liu = 溜溜溜 and its also sound liu liu liu , and  溜 means smooth, so when u do something very pro u do it smooth fast and easy, so then smooth mooth smooth = 溜溜溜=666=pro

  5. I am Chinese, I can understand why they like this number.The number 666 means no end, but the Chinese understand it as plain sailing……

  6. 666(Liu liu liu)= 溜溜溜(Liu liu liu)。Since they have the same pronunciations, we use 666 as a short-term for 溜溜溜 which means awesome or great. Seriously, there is nothing about devil, it’s just for convenience and fun. Please don’t misunderstand. Thank you!

  7. Your pronunciation is way off, hon'. And your so-called "Chinese hand gesture for 666" is just the gesture for the number 6.

  8. mark of the beast is correct. people don't have sense of integrity. corruption in the whole countries. They hate western countries and threaten christian and catholic in china.

  9. Satan will use everything you don't even realized to broadcast his message. As a Chinese Christian, we say no to this kind of deceive. It is also a symbol of people is not believing in God.

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