When is the Right Time to SELL to your Audience (WITHOUT being SLEAZY!)

When is the Right Time to SELL to your Audience (WITHOUT being SLEAZY!)

What’s up everyone. Welcome back to my channel, the number one
place for new coaches at content creators and entrepreneurs. Now, occasionally over here on my Instagram,
I love to pull you guys and ask what questions you want answered on this youtube channel. And I saw a couple of interesting things. The first is someone asking about how you
know when is the right time to sell to your audience. And then the second one is how to make sure
you’re not sleazy or salesy in your marketing efforts. I thought both of these were really great
questions. That’s why in today’s video, I am going to
answer that and I’m going to talk all about how you know when is the right time to sell
to your audience without being sleazy. So if you want my advice on this, then keep
on watching. Now, first things first, I completely agree
with majority of the populations that nobody likes to have a sleazy and slimy salesman. Nobody likes to follow that person who’s constantly
shoving products and services down our throats. However, I also completely understand that
we all want to make a living doing what we love. We all want to convert our followers, our
subscribers, or whoever, on social media into clients and customers. But how exactly do we do this? What is the fine line? Because on one hand, we don’t really want
to lose that trust that we’ve built with our audience. And on the other hand, we also need to make
money in order for us to actually scale our businesses in order for us to do the things
that we love. So what’s the deal? How do we approach this? Now, in order for us to overcome this challenge
of how do I sell, we first need to change the question. A lot of us, including myself, at some point,
we’re always asking, how do I sell my programs? How do I sell my products or services? But what I learned from reading this book
right here called the Little Red Book of selling, which I actually recommended in this video,
Jeffrey Gitomer. The author says that instead of asking yourself,
how do I sell, you first need to ask yourself, why do people buy? Because at the end of the day, I completely
agree. Nobody likes to have a sleazy slimy salesman,
but that doesn’t prevent the fact that people are still buying products and services every
single day. Even for you, the new camera that you bought,
the makeup that you bought, the course that you bought, the coach that you invested in,
all of these things you are willing to buy however you just don’t like to be sold to. That’s why it’s really important when you’re
thinking about selling, you’re more thinking about why your product and services would
be truly beneficial to that particular customer and how you position yourself to that customer
so that they can come to their own conclusion that they need to buy your products and your
services. And for me, I’m a really good example of this. I started my youtube channel back in July
of last year, so July, 2018 and for six months I didn’t sell a single thing. However, from the moment I started my youtube
channel, I was technically already selling without selling and that enabled me in January
to make over $10,000 the moment I launched my coaching program, how the heck does that
even happen? That’s why the first tip that I have for you
is to learn to sell without selling. Let me explain now the primary reason of why
we all want to avoid sleazy and slimy salesman is because these people do not know how to
build relationships with us first or they don’t really understand our needs and our
desires first. And all they’re doing is straight up trying
to sell you immediately. And obviously you can feel that energy, you
can feel that they’re not being genuine. You can feel that they don’t really understand
you and all they’re thinking about is selling their products and your services and that’s
why you start to want to avoid them and you want them to GTFO. And I completely understand that. That’s why in order for you to actually sell
efficiently, you need to make sure that you’re creating that relationship first and that
you’re truly taking the time to understand your audience. Take me, for example, I didn’t mention any
of my products or my services for half a year on my youtube channel, but that doesn’t mean
I wasn’t doing anything and that I was sitting on my bum just filming videos and scripting
videos for no reason. I was spending that six months building a
relationship, really taking the time to understand my audience, doing market research, refining
my product, refining my service. But beyond that, how to pitch my products
and my services based on those six months of collecting the feedback from my audience. Because like I said earlier, it doesn’t matter
if you learn how to sell, if you don’t know why people buy or what motivates your audience
to buy, you’re not taking that time to collect that feedback and understand that you’re not
going to be able to position your products and services in a way where the moment your
audience looks at that landing page or that sales page, they’re like, oh my goodness,
I need this and you don’t have to do any of that sleazy, pushy, salesy type of thing because
we’re not about that life. Right? So that’s why it’s so important to dedicate
that time to truly understand your audience, but beyond this, if you take my example as
a case study, I not only spent those six months doing intensive market research in order to
perfect my positioning, but I also had not just a content strategy, but I had an intentional
content strategy. Let me explain now, this is something that
I teach my Bossgram Academy students and we go really in depth on this, but the overview
is that I’ve always noticed that content creators, business owners, they always struggle with
creating content and they’re always stressing about what content that they need to produce. However, I reassure you that it’s going to
be so much simpler, especially if you already know you’ve got a product or service that
you’re going to sell in the future. That instead of thinking about the end result
of that content, meaning you’re stressing about what content should I do, you instead
focus on all the possible questions, all the possible objections that your ideal client
or customer may need to have answered before they even consider buying your product or
your service. Now using my own experience, my own journey
as a prime. At case example, when I launched my business
or when I started to announce I had a service to offer in January, I made a 10k months,
but prior to that on my youtube channel for six months, I was creating content that would
address any of the questions or any of the objections that my ideal client or customer
may have prior to investing in a one on one mentorship with me. For example, I did videos on how to deal with
toxic friends, how to deal with your parents, not supporting you because I know a lot of
my ideal clients are really nervous and jumping into their ventures because they’re worried
about what their friends and family are thinking. I also give them a sneak peek of what it’s
like to start a business. I talk about my decision of leaving my corporate
job. I talk all about what it’s like to start a
youtube channel and all of these things, questions that I know my audience may have prior to
them. Even considering investing in a one on one
mentorship with me and guess what? I don’t feel sleazy at all and I’m sure a
lot of you guys don’t think it’s sleazy either because I’m giving all of that value away
for free and if you want to invest in my program, perfect. If you don’t, great, you can still consume
my content. It’s a win win for everyone and you’re getting
the help that you need. Not only this, by doing this strategy and
having a very intentional content plan, I can actually test the waters, meaning that
each content piece Kinda serves as market research for me. If a video doesn’t perform, then I know it’s
maybe not resonating with you guys and then I changed my positioning. If a video skyrockets, then I know, okay,
great. This is probably something I should highlight
even more because it’s really resonating with you guys or in the comment section. If there’s more questions being asked, then
I know, again, I can change my positioning or I can address these things in my paid products
or services so that it’s even more appealing to you guys. There’s so many different avenues that you
can take this, but ideally what I’m trying to say is that in order for you to sell without
selling, you need to first prime your audience by ensuring that you are actually addressing
their primary questions and objections through your content. Now at this point, I talk a lot about how
to sell without selling and ensuring that you’re priming your audience in order for
them to understand, oh wow, maybe I do need your service. However, it doesn’t answer the question of
when is actually the right time to tell people about your products or your services because
yes, you can sell without selling, but even for me, you’ll notice in my videos I’ll mention
Bossrgram Academy. I’ll mention my coaching program. I’m still mentioning that I have paid products
and services and if you actually want to upgrade to get more premium help from me, then you
can do that. But when is the right time? Because I know a lot of you guys are scared
to even mention that you have something to sell. That’s why the next tip that I have is you
got a test skin in the game because there’s one thing of people consuming your content
for free, but for them to actually pay you or for them to actually take the next step
with you. That’s a whole nother story because we all
know a good majority of people are just lurkers. They’re just freeloaders. How can you actually differentiate the freeloaders
who are also equally as important because sometimes they’re your biggest brand ambassadors
versus the people who actually have the capacity to pay you for your service. How do you differentiate that? Now, the first thing that you can do, which
is the easiest way to at least test the initial parts of having skin in the game, is creating
a Freebie, a lead magnet that requires someone to actually give you their email, and I talk
a lot about this in this video right here, so make sure you check it out because I don’t
really want to repeat myself, but essentially there’s a huge difference between someone
lurking for free content, finding you on Instagram, finding you on Youtube, finding you on Facebook,
and there’s another of them actually giving you their email in order to receive a piece
of content from yours directly in their inbox. That is another level of trust. If a random stranger came up to you and said,
hey, give me your email, you’re probably going to say no. However, if you trust them enough or if they
have something that you want, then you’re probably going to hand it over. Now. Again, I want you to make sure you’re being
resourceful and that you’re capitalizing on this video right here because I talk a lot
about freebies and building an email list and I think I also have a Freebie attached
to this in order for you to learn how to create your first lead magnet. So just make sure you’re checking that out
as well. Not only this, if your product and your service
isn’t necessarily ready yet, you can easily put up the sales page and make sure that people
are signing up for a waitlist because that’s still an exchange of their email and if they’re
interested enough then they’re going to hand that over and later on you can nurture them
in an email sequence or you can finally launch your program and tell them more about it and
all these things. That’s more probably more from another video. But essentially if you know that your product
and your service is ready, why not put the sales page, see what happens, see who signs
up for it, and then that’s going to be able to qualify more people within your audience
and actually weed out the people who aren’t interested versus the people that are. Now, obviously if people are signing up for
things that are free, it doesn’t really gauge or qualify them as buyers. They’re more people that are interested, which
is good for initial skin in the game, but eventually you obviously want people that
have money that can actually afford your services, that can actually buy and all that. Because like I said in the beginning of this
video, you need to make a living. So in order to do this, you can also consider
doing affiliate links for other companies such as Amazon or whatever company you choose
to at least gauge whether or not your audience trusts you enough to actually buy something
that you recommend through your affiliate link. Specifically for me, when I started to make
affiliate commission off of two buddy off of Amazon, off of Kajabi, off of all my affiliate
partners, I knew that my audience trusts me enough to take my recommendations and to actually
use my affiliate link in order for me to get that commission in order for me to be compensated
for that recommendation. Now obviously there’s a lot of people that
could have easily just googled it and not use my affiliate link, but the fact that there
are people out there who use my affiliate links as a thank you to me and also as a symbol
that they trust me enough. That also gave me confidence in launching
my products and my services. Now of course, this test only works if you
actually explicitly tell people that you’re using an affiliate link and that you’re a
partner with these companies because if you’re just sending the link and hiding it in a bitly
link and they’re clicking it and they don’t really know that you get a commission, then
that’s a whole different story. However, it is a good gauge of whether or
not you have trust with your audience, especially if you’ve done a sponsored video or if you’re
explicitly telling people that you’re an affiliate partner with specific companies. Anyways, going a little bit off tangent. I don’t really want to do that in this video. The next tip that I have for you in order
to understand when is the right time to actually sell to your audience is to pay attention
to your audience requests. Even for me, I wasn’t sure when was the right
time to actually create a program when was the actual right time to sell a course and
it wasn’t until I got an influx of questions from my audience around social media, around
building a coaching program around all these things was then when I knew my audience was
ready to buy something from me because at some point you cannot be giving freebies away
every single time when your social media channels, and I talk a lot about that in this video
right here, that’s why you know that there is demand for something. There is actual demand for a future product
or a service based on all the questions and all the requests that you’re getting from
your audience. Now, at this point in the video, we talked
a lot about the strategies around selling without selling and ensuring that you’re not
feeling sleazy or slimy. However, what I found is it’s not only the
fact that people are scared to feel sleazy or slimy that prevents them from actually
showing up and presenting their products or their offers, but it’s the fact that they
don’t feel like they’re an expert enough. The fact that they have imposter syndrome. That’s why I want you to hit the notification
bell because in the next video we’re going to talk all about that. I’m going to share with you my tips and tricks
on how you can become an expert and overcome your imposter syndrome within your business
or within your content creation journey, so make sure you hit the notification bell so
you don’t miss that video. In the meantime, while you wait for that,
make sure you also check out these two videos that I have right here. I talk a lot about social media, content creation,
entrepreneurship, having a coaching business. So if you’re interested in any of those topics,
make sure you also check these videos out. As always, guys, I appreciate you. I hope you guys learned a lot in this video
and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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