What is Google AdWords? How Google AdWords Works in 5 Minutes

What is Google AdWords? How Google AdWords Works in 5 Minutes

hi I'm Ryan message Google certified partner and in this video I'm going to give you a basic overview of how AdWords works you know what is Google AdWords very simple and it's for you to decide if this is something you should be using for your business so with Google it always starts with as far as actually it starts up here with a person slash question okay so somebody has a question about something you know they're researching a pain a problem something that they have it pops up in their mind and they're like I want to find an answer to this so they hop to Google and they type in a keyword or keywords that describe that question so it may be red shoes or maybe new dress or maybe how to lose weight that's the key word that they type in now what happens is what as soon as that's typed in you have the opportunity to put your message right in front of someone who types in that keyword so these are the ads so you get to put an end and you have to know it's not free that's how Google makes its money what they're saying is hey we'll let you pay so that anyone anytime somebody types in the keywords that you specify your message is going to show to those to those users and then what happens if they see your message and they like it then they'll click on it and they come to your website or with mobile they can just click to call right to your phone so that's a very mean that's the very basic AdWords 101 of how it works somebody has a question in their mind they hop on the internet they type in a keyword and you have an opportunity to put your ad your message right in front of them and then they come to your website and take the conversion action or do what you want them to do ideally so the question that you have to ask yourself as far as okay well what is why would I use Google Adwords is that this is a process that allows you to test your sales message and accelerate the traffic to your website or to your to your call centers now things get really fun and powerful for you for growing your business is all the different you know this is the basic framework but all the different options you have because the success with your marketing is delivering the right message to the right person at the right time so for example with the keyword you can set in all types of qualifiers and based on you know geography so if you only target you know twenty-five mile radius or if you ship all throughout the United States or all throughout the world you can limit that scope so that nobody else can see you know nobody who's a relevant prospective customer can see your message because why would you want to pay for that that's a waste of resources you can also choose for example time so if you want to say only certain times of the day is to run your ads you can do that too with the message there are different ways there are different ad types that you can use and also you're going to test different messages to see okay for this particular keyword or search term which message converts the best which one brings the most people to my website and that's really a whole other thing that makes a difference between this and some you know a lot of business owners this is why I like they don't like marketing in some senses because they don't want to do the work of measuring and AdWords makes it so easy to measure so what gets measured gets managed and you're able to see okay where is the choke point in this process of turning somebody who has a question into a customer that I can help and provide value to and so you get to measure that each step along the way inside of Adwords and so that's a very basic overview of how AdWords works again it's important I think the juice that you see the framework here versus diving in and looking at all the pieces and then just getting confused but the the ultimate question that you need to answer as a marketer or business owner with your AdWords is think of this as a combination lock and these are all different dials and so it comes down to finding which the right combination to turn this person into a customer and then once it's built then you just you up the budget and you just get as many people going through that funnel inside of Edwards over and over again to have a continuous stream of customers to your business hope you found that helpful make sure you click the like button down below if you did subscribe and if you have questions with AdWords put those down below so I can answer them for you thanks

39 thoughts on “What is Google AdWords? How Google AdWords Works in 5 Minutes

  1. Very helpful, I loved it. You took something that was seeming complex to me… & made it seem so simple all of a sudden. 4 minutes later… & it's no longer confusing.

    Thank you!!!

  2. Super clear. Great visual and metaphor for understanding an elusive process! Thank you so much!

  3. I have been running business for 4 years now and multiple times i have been old that the use of add words will increase my business 10 fold Here is the problem I keep running into EVERY SINGLE TIME i try to find somewhere that shows me how google ad words works. SURE Yes it does tell me how the key words work and the message and it cost money for clicks etc. BUT WHERE DO I DO THIS ?? No where or how can i find any video or otherwise posted on where to do any f this? Do I scratch it on a log and throw it into a river ? Do i sky right in from airplane? Do i right it in felt pen on the local high school washroom ? pretty much EVERY tutorial has NOT shown me anything to hel me this way and I know for a rock solid FACT through disusing this with my other fresh business friends that they are having exactly the same problem and therefor do bother with add word at all because of it. it frustrating for me to hear it works over and over but nothing shows me how to do this LOOK AT IT THIS WAY Its pretty easy to tie your shows isn't it But what if no one every showed you how ? No mater how easy something is If you don't know how to do it then YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT someone buddy some where please post something that STOPS assuming we all know the internet like a millennial and post something with more of the attitude that the person you are teaching just came out of a time machine from 1803 not 2010. I GUARANTEE google add words would increase their costumer 100 times over if they do that.

  4. does google adworks based on geography? for example if we set up one add in india can my customers in US can also see them? and with what cost

  5. Ryan, this is brilliant, thank you. I started learning online marketing a few weeks ago and it has been pretty confusing. You made this very understandable.

  6. Can you make the same video with another person? I'm gettting too distracted by this handsome, charismatic and tall guy xD haha…

  7. Thank you very much Ryan, you've Adwords explanation was very clear and easy to understand my friend!

  8. i think i can trust in you and your strategies man, and i wanna go with you in this… experiment? count on me, i need to explode in MBA and grow up to the next level

  9. google keywords for Ryan – Awesome beard, Clear to follow, talks sense 🙂

  10. this guy is so cute, I felt like i was watching Thor, or vikings… what a treat… I think I want to work at google now

  11. Man, you are a time traveller, i guess? Take look at the date when you published the video and take a look at your headline, it says how to ———- in 2018, 😝..

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