Website For Digital Marketing Agency | Clickfunnels Template

Website For Digital Marketing Agency | Clickfunnels Template

hello guys I hope you're having a fantastic day first of all I just want to thank you thank you guys for the yarmulke maybe thinking taking and looking at my templates I really appreciate when people take a look at my templates it means a lot to me so let's get started I wanted to walk you guys through all the pages in elements and content that this template includes so that you can see for yourself if this is a good fit for your digital agency or not I'm gonna let's take a another look at the home page we have a headline as we have words that you can describe what you do who do you serve etc we have a couple called directions we have a lead magnet box so that people can get or or you can get people's information in exchange for some valuable content you can offer as she'd see the checklist or something like that in order to get their information something that it's valuable for them such as how to get three if you're a Facebook ad agency or something like that probably your potential customers want more clients so you can offer something such as how to get three plus I Polly crying this month after you'll see fails they'll think I want that I want to get three more clients this month and once they give you thinner they are contact information you can be in touch with them and and keep sending them valuable information so that when they think about hiring in someone after you think what do you think they will think of of course you so we also have a section where you can add logos of Best Companies you've worked with at these fields more credibility and more trust with your visitors with your potential customers and I also added a section where you can toggle more about you about your company what you do what you do as helps you to get a little bit more personal and to humanize your website this makes you to look like you're a human and I choose the company that wants people's money all right try to get personal here when writing a section when writing your copy for this section you can replace obviously you can replace this image with any pretty much any image you want we also have other services section I custom coded a slider here so that people can engage more with your website so if they click in any of this taps any of these tabs they can go to a specific service and see a little bit more about that specific service a summary of it answers also a page with testimonials and case studies so in this side you write the testimonial of your client his or her name his or her company then the biggest result he got from them here in this line their logo and a link to a full case study page that we're gonna see later in this video and also this section is this lighter so that people can change the client here on these images or the company so that you can show more of your case studies or testimonials from your past clients and this helps to build a bit more or a lot more of authority Authority and credibility and that builds a lot of trust with your potential customers in at the very end of this homepage I've included a big call to action as they already saw all of what you have in your homepage it means that they will be at least familiar a bit familiarized with your brand with what you do so you can make a little bit of a big ask here on this section such as let's schedule a strategy session or something like that I see a lot of companies that as a call to action here they have let's schedule a strategy session but how in my opinion that's kind of a big super big ask for someone because that someone doesn't know them very well yet until I mean until they've seen all of what you have in your home page or something you can then ask them to do something like that's such as scary scheduling a strategy session so as you can see I added little asks here such as how we can help if they click here they go to the services section so if they learn more about you and if they click here they go to these testimonials to the case studies section I don't tell them let's schedule a strategy session because they are not yet familiarized with my brand with everything I've done or I do mix I hope that makes sense I was gonna ask you make sense but so so yeah that's pretty much the homepage if they click here they go to the full about page we're gonna see that later in this video if they click in any of these buttons they go to the services to the full services page that we're gonna see later as well and also I included a page template where you can describe more each case study so that each one of this slides link to their own case study page so that you can describe exactly what you did for that client that bill saw a lot of authority with your potential customers I mean having descriptive case studies about your past clients so let's fill out this form well it's a little already filled out but let's let's send it let's submit it so that you can see the next page after this once they are interested in your chat list or whatever you are offering here and they fill out their name and email address and click on get the guide they are taken and thank-you page in the Thank You page I added copies such as your lead magnet is on its way to your inbox you can replace this with pretty much anything you want if someone contacted you in or I mean if someone got your lead magnet it means that they are at least interested or they are high it is highly likely that they are interested in what you have to offer so that this is a great opportunity to offer them some other some of your other products products or services I don't know at a discount or something to get them to take their card out you know so for example you can describe your next offer here have been linked to the order page here so that they can buy in that same moment right because if they buy something a low price in this page or in the page you link it here the next time you sell them on something it will be easier because they are already a buyer of yours they already trusted you with their money alright and if you want to learn a little bit more about that I mean to selling something at a low cost at first and then up selling them on your other services I'll link their dot-com secrets book below so that you can take a look at it and learn a little bit more about that it's pretty interesting the book it's really good as well it will teach you a lot about internet marketing internet marketing and how to grow your business further so I hired it I ended as well a couple testimonials here so that you can add couple testimonials for from your past clients to build more social proof all right and that's pretty much the Thank You page for the lead magnet so let's go to the services page set up the full services page as you can see you can change also here this i had linked pretty much anyone do anything you want out of this so the headline and also images you can change them to very much any anything you want they will automatically be made main blue I mean if you output upload a full color image it will automatically be set up as blue I mean it will get this effect automatically so that it fits the upper all color scheme on the website and also I added quick navigation here so that people can go directly to each one of the services and on this page is where you go in there in each one of the services what do you accept what do exactly what do you exactly what I don't know how to say it how you exactly do that specific service let's go to the marketing strategy one you see how this and many works it goes directly directly did a specific section and this will help your potential customers to to know if your business is a good fit to fourth big company for their for themselves for their band for their business alright and also there's a call to action here at the very bottom because once they've learned more about your services or once they visited your services page it means that they are probably interested in hiring you to fulfill one of these services let's go to the about page this is where you get really personal and talk about your mission where do you want to take your company while you are working in your company why you started it so that people closer to you and this really humanizes your business because at the end people don't connect with companies they connect with people if you can get personal here they will connect with you all right and it will build a lot of good wield a good wheel and credibility and and closeness I know the word closeness connection something like that and you can also change pretty much this head link to anyone do anything you want you can write an introduction about you and your agency here your values what you believe what you do what you do what you started when you started all right and I also added a section so that you can write your mission and you see how it is like standalone it's because I think that your mission is really important to connect with people in also I added a section this button goes to the theme section had a section this is lighter as light there as well and in this section people can see or learn about the people that form your team people typical that are part of your team all right let's go to the contact page the contact page is pretty much a way of people to reached you out get in touch with you and this case we first asked for the basic information we asked for the name the email the company let's fill this out see how this works its media the company the location here it's I'm located in Mexico so I'm gonna write Mexico here the title under what does they do at their company and where did your did they find about you so this case let's say a friend a friend recommended you and then we ask for the specifics in this case we ask for their goals such as I want to increase my sales and their monthly budget I think this is very important to know how what kind of potential customer he or she is so that you can see what's their budget and what kind of services you can offer them let's say wants to K a month but then when are you looking to get started let's say a trail or any any theme the ones facing out you can also write your physical address here and your phone number alright and also in every page I mean we have the footer we have a small navigation as well we have social links so that you can link all of your social media here here we have your phone number your email in case they want to reach out I wanted to make your contact information easily easily findable easily searchable yeah you know what I mean and so because I mean when people do not find your contact when you are looking for your contact information and they don't find it in your website easily they will just leave they can just save it back to that customer for ever so let's send the form then the form were taken to the Thank You page of the contact form page all right the lead magnet Thank You page and this one are different because they serve different purposes little change this Elenin sub-headline to anything you want thank you for reaching out we'll be in touch as soon as possible but don't leave the page yet we have an unbelievable offer for you scroll down so this is another great opportunity because I mean they took the initiative to contact you this is a really really great opportunity to read to hit them with another one of your offers you can also offer them like one of your services or a product or something at a discount when some kind of promotion promotion or something so that you can get them to get their card out a buyer as Russell Brunson says a buyer is a buyer is a buyer is a buyer so once wants some advice from you they are gonna buy once in a game I gained in a game so as I told you I'm gonna link you up to that a book that comes secrets below in the description so that you can take a look at it it's very good it's written by Russell Brunson the best marketing reverse the best marketer in the world in my opinion so here you can link the page to the offer to the page that contains your offer your order your order form so they can pay you for that offer or something I mean you can link them up to pretty much anything you want but in this case I just the angle I gave to this page is an offer so you offer them something else and here I also added a couple this demonios as well so that you can build more authority more credibility and also we have the freeze session so you can see that pretty much in in every page we have this button to a free strategy session I mean it is to make it easier for people to find it in your page okay free strategies and this is a page that contains a calendar so that they can set a time in a date to do over the phone or personally you know it this case the headline is what you would you like me to hand you ready to execute plan to get more customers this month this month who wouldn't want that right so make sure this headline or if you're ever not gonna use this headline make sure that you write something enticing for your target audience all right let's get on a call there's my ghost and the strings attached just pick a time and date below and fill out a question and your questionnaire again I mean this is in this case this is my calendar you need to replace this with your own calendar and I mean this is pretty much very easy to do you don't need to do you just need to copy and paste some code from your calendar software that you're using and it'll take you about five minutes it's super easy you'll see in the training videos how easy it is to set this up and I also added some qualifying copy so that you can qualify the people that want to schedule a strategy session with you this is for you if and then you say what are the qualities of the person of the people or the people that you want to work with and this isn't for you if and then you add some qualifications of the people you don't want to work with very important and also I added a section in our section with another slider with testimonials can add more credibility to your strategy session page and get them thinking that you really aren't real deal how you are but you need to tell them that you need to demonstrate that you know and that's pretty much yeah that's pretty much everything one two three four five six seven pages yeah that's pretty much although we have the case study page out so the home page and then go to their testimonials section it will feel like well let's go to the case studies page let's go to the case studies here at the testimony also someone clicks I mean on any of these buttons if they are taken to this single case study beach and this is a page where you can scribe exactly what you did for that client in order to get them those results so here's the title of the case study I mean you can just duplicate this page in order to create each case study pretty straightforward it won't take you more than two or three minutes to I mean do each of the pages well it's got a your the time it just feel in your a copy it's the title of their case study then you write an overview of what you did and then you write the problem the pains and problems your your client had before he started working with you and the solution you came up with how you helped him to get rid of those problems both of those pains and then you share the results but what help them accomplish just I mean this section is just for bragging you need to brag again you need to brag off they were awesome results that you go for your clients that you get your potential customers excited if they think wow I want those salt all right so every section where you can write the flow testimonial your client and you know something but you can do is you can also I mean you can also add a video below the text testimonials here and in this testimonial and this text testimony I'll just write a summary of the video you know it will be better in my opinion that will be great that's pretty much everything every page in the template in the website template and I mean you can replace this links these links with anything you want your social media also you can replace this this everything it's super easy to edit eyes you know you wants trouble at all any I mean if there's a me any kind of problem I just can reach me out to Christian at Flynn's Mediacom and there's unlimited support unlimited email support for your template in case you find some problems or something like that but I mean I thought it I thought you're gonna find problems I guess it's so so so easy to edit template to get it set up for your business and I'm telling you guys you need to get you need to take advantage of this offer because I mean don't like this super shape for everything it has and I wanted to include everything you'll ever need in order to get your website off the ground for your digital agency it's amazing guys and if I if I do say so myself it's it's amazing template it's great for a digital agency so just take advantage of the offer go read the description in the marketplace of quick funnels and man-girl just do it take action by get it while you're busy make it a stand out from your competition you know so that's pretty much all I mean thank you so much for seeing this video well through Alvin questions about the template or have your questions about what it includes our salt and it's not just I mean just reach me out there's the links to contact me me the description below I can reach me out I'm very friendly and very reachable I'll respond a son as possible and I'll make sure to solve and answer all of your questions so guys I just don't you take advantage man general it's great so I'll see you guys later and thank you so much for taking a look at my video and my work I really appreciate by I really don't know how to in this video so I'm just gonna say you bye goodbye

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