Utah Tree Trimming-Arbor Works

Utah Tree Trimming-Arbor Works

Utah Tree Trimming Utah Tree Removal Hi I am Chris Erickson with Arbor Works Tree Care. We are a for a licensed and insured Utah Stump Removal company in Salt Lake City I went to the urban forestry program at Paul Smith’s College in upstate New York with over 20 years and as a certified arborist I have a solution for every individual
tree every tree is different every job is
different every challenge is different I’ve been
working in this yard for over 10 years we have Oaks, Pines Plums Maples Sycamores a variety of different trees all of these trees have specific needs. I’ve put together a plan
for each one of these trees so that they can provide optimum health and beauty for this yard Hiring an Arborist should not be taken
lightly improperly trimmed trees can be dangerous unsightly and have added maintenance
costs It takes planning forsight and know how to keep this yard looking this great and part of that is maintaining the health of these trees we are looking for broken branches were looking for crossing branches Occasionally we have to remove trees
without disturbing the landscape or adjacent trees some of them die of old age some of them are just
competing with some of the smaller trees with the tree this large in such a small
space we need to take it out piece by piece
by using a crane we reduces risk to the homeowner and the ground crew as an Arborist with twenty years experience I’ve
seen it all if you have any challenges with your trees
feel free to contact me

6 thoughts on “Utah Tree Trimming-Arbor Works

  1. I used arbor works to solve an over grown tree issue between me and my neighbor. They educated us on the best course of action and did a great job cleaning up the tree. Thank you Chris! You're the man!

  2. I have had to help too many neighbors try to take down their own trees, and almost every time they end up causing damage to their property or their structures.  Chris is an expert and will do the job right!  Don't bring a ballet dancer to a football tryout, hire a professional. (No disrespect to ballet dancers…)

  3. My brother and I tried to cut down two very large trees by ourselves we got it done but almost smashed a house in the process . It's great to know Chris and the passion he has for safety the environment and our trees. He is an upstanding businessman with a passion for what he does. We have two more trees to remove and yes we will be using Chris and his crane to do it!

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