Trump’s An IDIOT Proves This Google Conspiracy

Trump’s An IDIOT Proves This Google Conspiracy


100 thoughts on “Trump’s An IDIOT Proves This Google Conspiracy

  1. FOX News should loose their broadcast license for being a propaganda channel for white-supremacist racist-xenophob hate-mongers.

  2. Democrat Socialist Tulsi Gabbard is suing Google for censorship and disabling her ads. Google is under ABC Corporation and YouTube who is owned by Google is also facing lawsuits from the LGBT Community for politically biased censorship. So you just going to bow down and worship your search engine while calling the rest of the world liars? Sounds like you and the turks are wearing tinfoil hats of denial on this one. Wake up to reality. Google is a super power that does not have a checks and balances system like our government. Of course they denied any claims of shifting the election- why would they voluntarily confess to a crime???? Sounding very dense Mr. Mainstream Media Talk Show Host, best wake up and come to terms with reality!

  3. Being president has given trump the opportunity to prove to the entire world what a complete idiot, racist and moron he truly is.
    Before…. it was only all of New York that knew.

  4. I literally despise Trump and all he stands for. Google consistently shows me trump ads based on what I view and the sites I visit. I have never visited a right leaning site. So wtf are they trying to pull?

  5. Once again Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, narcissistic idiot that proves that he is too stupid to be president.

  6. So if trump supports oxygen are we supposed to hold our breath. Trump can be an idiot and Google is trying to manipulate results. They are also working on not getting progressives elected. Both can be true. Is tulsi a trump conspiracy theorist too???

  7. He is trying to manipulate Google into blocking anything bad about trump coming up when you search his name. He does this type of thing a lot.

  8. Donald Trump is like an old college buddy who always tells the story of how he banged the hottest girl in his high school. Buy she was really a Cleveland 6 and Trump lost the popular vote…

  9. It's not a cosnpiracy theory its a fact I've used youtube since the start the algorithm is propping up people like you with your anti-Trump agenda

    Left wing big tech are a threat to our Democracy

    Keep pushing the Russia hoax

  10. Te US is doomed, Trump will say anything to make himself as the best thing to happen to the US. If he wins in 2020, we will fail. China is poised to take over in the Pacific. Dangerous times ahead.

  11. Magaheads are bitter lost soul's who needed a bitter souless leader who will lead you to a cliff, then blame you for being stupid. Illiterates are the essayist targets and trumps pumping you dry.

  12. Look,you lefties just can't admit that Trumpov captured over 1 BILLION VOTES in 2016,and that's just the start ! In 2020 he'll surely get at least 3 billion votes.Why bother putting up any sure loser lefties or progressives ?
    I think in 2020 even the Russkis will be voting, along with the Chinese,and don't bet money against it

    Moscow Mitch:: "Election Security? WHAT Election Security? There's no such thing as Election Security."

  13. Trump and Dershowitz travel to Epstein fantasy island for underage sex.
    Epstein was murder because of the video of Trump with underage girls.

  14. i'm starting to wonder about the relationship between trump and his followers. i'm not sure anymore who is leading who

  15. Trump's lie count since taking office is now over 12,000 and climbing at its fastest rate (source: multiple political data analysts)

  16. The lack of spirituality amoung Democrats. WOW! ALAS USA! What about the lack of basic sience comprehension amoung Republicans that brought us such pearls of wisdom like "Climate change is a hoax made by the Chinese!"? NVM, SANDERS 2020 or you are lost!

  17. Don the con traitor Trump knows exactly how he won the presidency. If the votes were really counted fairly as it should have been, we would not have this moron in the white house. If not for the electoral college he would not be president. We would not be in the mess we are in now had the voting machines been removed once it was determined that they had been compromised by the Russians in the most racist, bigot ever to live in the WH. Vote to get Moscow Mitch McConnell and Don the con traitor Trump out of our government and restore democracy and our constitution.

  18. robert epstein is correct, google is manupulating against trump. just type his name in and check out the NEWS tab.. first page is all negative. not even one fox . all talk about how he trump false claimed google. check out epsteins findings in twitter but he does say there was no evident of collusion. but heavy evidence of bias which might have resulted in atleast 2.5mil votes to 10mil votes. perosnally dont care how many voted trump won or lost by, only thing matter is trump is president now.

  19. What "manipulated votes" most was media anointing Trump "Tough on Trade", no mention – much less debate – of the #TrumpTAX.
    He's the lying, prevaricating #UberPolitician, but they ALL hailed him the #UnPolitician. When he decreed Obama "Born here, period", they lauded him, while they called "inauthentic pandering" on a stupid beer by Liz Warren.

  20. Google manipulation is so… Deep, that
    Spanky & Slick Jr both had to look over their wives shoulders while voting! 😆
    #DramaQueenDon should sue 'em for his insecure anxiety! 😅😂🤣

  21. Look up the true facts….. Why did The Damage Report not look this up and get this right?

  22. I swear… He's so hung up on ratings, it's like he has the power but wants the robes worn before him. You'd think he'd be content with the elecotare victory, but no. His constant griping over the popular vote only shows how vain he is.

  23. Are we surprised? This dude is a sham. He's soft and he tries to play hard. He's a coward. He's all talk. His actions are smoke in mirrors. Sleight of hand. Snake oils. He never means what he says. Why are we masturbating to these news stories? Stop talking about it an DO something about it. We're waiting for the system to correct itself. WE SHOULD FEEL VERY EMBARRASSED AND DISAPPOINTED BY THIS DYSFUNCTIONAL GOVERNMENT. POLITICIANS ARE DRINKING UP OUR TAX MONEY, YET THEY ARE LETTING US ALL GET SHAFTED BY THIS JOKE OF A WHITE HOUSE ADMINISTRATION. C'MON ALREADY.

  24. It was debunked over 2 years ago.  But he keeps believing there is some sort of national conspiracy to keep votes away from him, the guy who Russia put in the White House.


  26. Well you can tell a lie, even a bad one, in less then 30 seconds, but it can take years to debunk it. It's part off Trump's tactical approach. Instead of respecting the truth Trump loves it when his followers help spreading these lies. It shows yet again what a crook he is.

  27. I don't even understand the substance of this study. Even with the flawed methodology and small sample size, what role did Google play? Were people Googling "who is the better candidate, Trump or HRC?" and Google's "partisan algorithm" was spitting out "HRC"? Were they just Googling "Trump" and having the search results crank out negative articles galore vs. the "positive" articles for Hillary? And if that's the case, how did they interpolate that to a number of "manipulated" or "switched" votes?

  28. Trumpty Dumpty sat on his wall. Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall ( Soon, guys, soon ) All of his lawyers and all the GOPs men Couldn't put Trumpty together again. Now, wasn't that good children?

  29. Trump should have a mental examination by a real doctor that is not on his payroll. Alzheimer's is hitting one out of three people over 70. He obviously is the one.

  30. Imagine having to rely on bigotry and conspiracy theories to build up and maintain a fanbase. Would you be proud of that? Singer-songwriters do it by making awesome music, actors by playing in awesome movies and so on. This Ttump guy … not so much. But hey, how could it be any other way, what qualities does this guy really have besides being an asshole? He has none, zero, zip, zilch, nada.

  31. So you are using a progressive activist to debunk a "fringe right-wing conspiracy theory" which is actually a study from the former editor in chief of psychology today with a phd from Harvard who has been studying this for years. Oh yeah and also a Hillary supporter. Which side is anti-science again?

  32. Also Eric Schmidt literally founded a company The Groundwork which it's sole purpose was to help Hillary Clinton become president which you conveniently didn't mention.

  33. Nightmarish Hell world?


    You ain't seen shit yet. Better belt up and toughen up, snowflake.
    After all, dildos don't scare you, do they?

    Not like they do trumptards…

  34. The new season of this show is fracking awesome 😂
    (…and by that I mean the Trump Presidency)
    The main Character is going more and more crazy. Love it ✌💚
    Edit: I heard the main Character want to sign for more then his last 2 season…

  35. So are you trying to tell me that the editor in chief of Psychology Today with a PhD from Harvard who has been studying unethical algorithms for years who actually wrote the study is wrong and you two idiots on YouTube are right? What do you take me as a naive gullible leftist?

  36. Dude, people in the left are emotionally unstable, if you get emotional you are easily manepulated. I would not be surprised if they got more emotional people to vote Democrat. Especially when Democrats demonize the Republicans because they want safe borders.

  37. No. He’s a Lying Hypocritical racist moronic Illegitimate 🤡 who should not be eligible to run again in the first place!

  38. He has spent all his time in the WH This kind of sh** is the only thing he actually works on!🙁🙁🤔🤔

  39. Funny, how such simple, b.s. totally baffles this twit…an gets his mouth just flying. Love to stuff one of my old Sox in it.

  40. Les Wexler owns google. Les Wexner is connected to Jeffery Epstein, and that's just the beginning. You are a day late and a dollar short.

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