Top 15 SCARY Mysterious Creatures Caught On Video

Top 15 SCARY Mysterious Creatures Caught On Video

Number 15. Cthulhu Under The Sea In 2007 a deep sea camera owned by an oil
company caught this image of a massive squid-like creature near the Gulf of Mexico. This deep
sea nightmare has a large head with fins that protrude out from it, tentacles or legs that
extend horizontally and then drop down for several feet. Its physical appearance can
be compared to that of a daddy long legs, met with a sci-fi flick alien. When this footage
was released a lot of speculation began as to what this creature may be. The first and
most common theory was that this was a relative of Cthulhu – a cosmic creature created by
H.P Lovecraft in the short story “The Call of Cthulhu”. Plenty of believers and paranormal
enthusiasts began turning their head to research, outrage, and fear knowing that this creature
was living in our oceans possibly waiting for a chance to come to shore and take control
or wreak havoc. This creature also gave those that already feared the ocean an even greater
reason to stay miles away from it. As fun and scary as all of this speculation was,
this is actually a Bigfin squid which was discovered in 1988. However, this is one of
only a handful of times that it was caught on tape and even the most skilled scientists
still know very little about this creature. That being said this could very well be a
descendent of the Great Old One, and is certainly a marvelous reason to stay out of the ocean. Number 14. Unknown Creature This video involves a driver traveling down
a dirt road in the dead of night, when he comes across a truly terrifying creature.
The man appears to be driving while holding his camera up toward the figure. At first
he just seems confused by what he sees, but things take an almost heart wrenching turn.
The figure is wearing what appears to be a white gown, and has long dark hair. It also
seems to have a limp in the way that it walks and is slightly hunched over. The man lets
out expressions of horror and as the creature begins to stagger violently toward him he
lets out shrieks of pure fear. The sounds of pure terror that this man makes are truly
enough to be upsetting. Little else is known about this creature, however there have been
speculations that this is actually an elderly woman being possessed by a demon, going after
unsuspecting travelers. This is not the first case of roadside ghostly, or demonic creatures.
All over the world “roadside nightmares” are recorded and shared. The common explanations
for these creatures are that its’ either the spirit of someone who died on that road,
a spirit trying to hitch a ride somewhere, or a demon slash creature looking to get those
lonely drivers off the road for whatever evil reason. This is a good example of why you
should always use the buddy system when driving on dark dirt roads. Number 13. Men in Black The Hollywood blockbuster trilogy The Men
In Black follows two government agents that work highly undercover trying to find alien
beings living on Earth and wreaking havoc. These movies are general comedic with scenes
of fun alien fighting action. However, the duo known as the real life men in black are
quite different in several ways. For the past several years people who claim to have seen
UFO’s also claim that shortly after this alien encounter they were visited by two very
creepy men in black suits. UFO enthusiasts that spend time researching UFO’s have often
reported being visited by them as well. The men apparently find these people who have
claimed contact with alien life and question them, claiming they’re from a secret organization.
They also present a white card with the word “security” embossed onto it, and have
been reported to often refer to one another as numbers rather than by names. Each story
shared about the M.I.B has a different motive behind the visit, and every visit is strange
in it’s own way. Stories in relation to these two agents include cases of telepathy,
teleportation, and even physical violence. So aside from these men in black being creepier,
mystical, and aggressive than our friendly silver screen pair, these two apparently are
also aliens themselves. Reports of encounters with the M.I.B describe them as abnormally
tall, completely hairless, pale white, with eyes that are slightly larger than average.
The two also apparently look exactly the same – like walking clones that finish each other’s
sentences. The M.I.B were caught on camera in 2008 after a hotel manager and security
guard reported seeing a UFO. Several days after their reports the men in black arrived
at the hotel looking for the manager and guard – who were not there at the time. When the
manager reviewed security footage he saw the two men, and this is the only reported proof
of their existence. Number 12. Icelandic Worm Monster Every country and every culture around the
world has its’ own paranormal legends. The U.S has bigfoot, Goblins and Elves are popular
in Mexico, Scotland discovered the Loch Ness Monster, and Iceland has the giant worm monster.
Though it sounds like more of a punchline than a threatening creature, the worm monster
is actually pretty creepy. This video, uploaded in 2012 is perhaps one of the best quality
videos to date of the unknown worm-like creature. But sightings have been reported since as
early as 1345, in relation to this phenomenon. This video shows the creature slithering through
Icey waters, and zoomed in shots show what could be a snake like head that force the
water and ice out of its’ path. The worm is said to inhabit lake Lagarfljót. The creature
has yet to have been caught or studied, and while there are numerous theories out there
as to what this could be such as a collection of bacteria or debris, atmospheric warping,
or even optical illusions there is not a solid answer as of now. Many scientists and even
psychologists have found that these theories offer an answer to only some of the reported
sightings, but don’t hold valid for every single one – meaning they cannot be the
factual truth. Number 11. Shadowy Ghost in School A group of young teens decided to go explore
an abandoned school in their town. The building is ridden with gravity and its apparent no
one has been in it for at least several years. As the group enters a classroom of the school,
the camera catches a very realistic shadowy figure waling from a window toward the group.
Something about the way the figure walks looks very casual, as if it’s wearing jeans and
has one hand in its pocket. Many refer to this ghost as ‘headless’ however that
could just be because of the way the light is coming in from the window. The group of
teens don’t seem to notice or see the figure, but just as the camera catches it, a loud
roaring noise can be heard. The noise is comparable to a deep echoing moan, slowed down church
bells, or ship alerts. The teens begin to scream and run out of the school, as they
run and even after coming to a stop to talk about what happened, they can still hear the
eerie noise. They continue to explore as if looking for the source of the terrifying noise,
but the video ends and we are left with more questions than anything. Number 10. Goblin or Elf Goblins are very small evil elf-like creatures
that originated in European countries during the Middle Ages. Goblins have different appearances
depending on what region the folklore is coming from, but they’re usually very small, dirty,
greedy and mischievous. Most stories associated with goblins involved them stealing, leaving
behind messes, or even killing people, usually small children. In this video there seems
to be a small group of kids or teens playing in a messy room. One teen in particular is
in front of the camera kicking around a ball. The boy kicks the ball off to the side and
goes to retrieve it when he looks down at a small creature crouching in against the
wall. It’s very hard to make out what is being seen, but the group collectively screams
and the camera cuts off as the small creature bounds away. Many people claim this was just
a rat that scared the group of youngsters, however even with low quality you can tell
that the small being is on two very human like legs, and it even appears to be wearing
a pointed hat. The way that the creature runs from the group at the threat of being sighted
either lends proof to the legend that goblins hate to be seen, or offers the idea that they
aren’t’ evil little creatures after all. Either way, seeing a very tiny humanoid in
your home is bound to freak anyone out. Number 9. Creature Climbs Building This creature seems like it’s straight from
the nightmare of an arachnophobe, or anyone really. This video is shot from an upper level
floor and shows a very long legged creature scaling the side of an unknown building in
Russia. The spider-like being has 4 massive legs that seem to stretch like rubber, and
it moves fluidly from one building to the other – and then over the top of the second
building. We’ve actually seen videos like this before with the black stick figure men
climbing down a city building in the dead of night, back in 2013. Coincidentally both
videos were shot in Russia – are very similar, and went viral causing a stir amongst small
towns. Could something like this suggest foul play, or is there a trend here we aren’t
catching? Of course viewers seem to argue that it’s fake and is done with the power
of CGI. Even if that’s true, you have to give props to its creator for reaching into
the nightmares of many and bringing it to life. This phenomenon of black stick men has
been going on for nearly thousands of years, with reports from children and full grown
adults all over the world. So even if the clip is faked – the legend is quite real
and this video brings that fear into your very own computer screen. Number 8. Alien in Graveyard Alien sightings, and reports of abduction
go as far back as 329 B.C when Alexander the Great claimed that he witnessed massive silver
shields in the sky, which spit fire and dove toward his army. The world is filled with
Alien enthusiasts and people who have memories having been abducted that completely ruined
their lives. So finding footage of Aliens here on Earth of UFO’s traveling through
the sky isn’t that amazing. Something about this clip, though, is a little extra terrifying.
This video was allegedly shot in December of 2005 and shows an alien in a graveyard.
The person behind the camera seems to be walking through the graveyard and taking short video
to document the location. The graves seem very run down and unkempt so it’s possible
this graveyard is very old and the person recording had an interest in that. They probably
wanted to get some great footage of the eerie tombstones, but never expected to see a dark
green figure lingering behind one. In the video it’s unclear whether the camera-person
is even aware of this creature, but the creature certainly seems aware of them. The extraterrestrial
seems to step forward and look directly at the camera before receding behind the tombstone.
A slowed down and zoomed in shot of the video gives a better look at the creature to show
a massive head, skinny torso, and dangling arms. It can also be assumed that the alien
is very short as it’s much shorter than the tombstone in shot. As if graveyards weren’t
spooky enough, this video crosses two fears of death and the unknown and puts them in
one location. If this video is genuine, what was the alien doing in such an old graveyard? Number 7. The Rake The Rake is a legend that dates back as far
as 1621, but has gained new popularity since the summer of 2003. Many people have claimed
sightings of the rake. There are even several short films and projects out there in relation
to this creature, as well as Creepypastas. There are several variations of how the rake
is described but it’s usually referred to as having grey skin, huge black eyes, and
no body hair. It also apparently is hunched over and has arms way too long in proportion
to its’ body. This particular video is one of many that have made their way to the surface
of the web. It’s a wheat or corn field of some type and you can see a very thin and
misshapen humanoid creature running through the high grass. The title of the video this
claims the rake and it does seem to be similar to some claims and sightings that have come
before. Number 6. Tsunami Creature This video is actually something new, not
something there’s every day hoaxed footage of like bigfoot or ghosts. This was posted
in late 2014 and shows a severe Tsunami hitting a gulf coast of Japan. The video is low quality
and was probably shot just to get footage of the tsunamis damage. But in the background
of the video, the camera person was lucky enough to catch a strange, possibly magical
creature. Around 3:13 in the original video a waves seems to crash up toward a building.
But then that white mass that appears to be a wave grows legs and a fin and climbs up
the side of a building for safety. Sounds like just another sea creature right? That
changes literally milliseconds after it climbs the building, when it disappears into mist.
Or at least that’s what appears to happen. There
has yet to be a proven explanation for this,
and speculations range from exploding fire extinguishers to Japanese spirits, to alien
creatures that have been inhabiting the oceans for centuries. Take a closer look at the video
yourself and you decide. Is this a mass of smoke, or something more mystical? And if
it is something more on the side of fantasy, what could this be? Number 5. Another Goblin This is another video of a goblin, or other
small humanoid creature. Except that this one is of even higher quality and its’ very
clear the little creature that runs through the shot is not just a rodent or shadow. A
mother is casually filming her infant in what appears to be their kitchen, when the dark
colored humanoid bounds through the shot and darts under a table. Just as the small humanoid
is in the shot of the camera it begins to glitch as the audio is horribly distorted.
The mother screams and grabs her baby, but then returns her camera under the table to
try and get footage of the goblin. Unfortunately, the goblin is already out of sight. In this
case the goblin seems to have a much more humanlike body, isn’t wearing a cliché
red pointed hat, and has floppy pointed ears. While skeptics claim this is fake, plenty
of believers out there dub this as the best footage of goblins or elves to date. Number 4. Witch on Fire A bruja is the term used in regions such as
Mexico, to refer to a person who practices witchcraft. The term bruja, or brujo can refer
to any person male or female that practices any level of form of witchcraft. While bruja
is not immediately a negative term, Mexico and other regions have developed an understanding
that evil witches do exist and practice black magic with the goal of harming others. Many
witch legends involve elderly women with the ability to shape-shift, steal souls for the
devil and even eat children. This video was uploaded in 2013 and is titled “Fire Witch
in the Forest (Real Witch)” the description explains that this video was taken because
a group of people could not tell what they were seeing and wanted to review the video
later. Upon reviewing the video this is what they found. The
imagery itself is pretty unsettling as it
just appears to be a human body engulfed in flames. However, at the same time the person
does not seem to be panicking and they disappear from thin air several times. Again, this video
was shot on a dark dirt road in the middle of nowhere which adds even more to the aura
of fear. Many people are claiming this is some sort of video editing, or hoax. But if
you’re a believer in witchcraft you’re likely to agree this seems pretty genuine. Number 3. Giants in Peru This video was shot by a woman who is assumed
to be at home with her mother. There’s no explanation as to why she was filming but
what she caught on tape was unbelievable. There appears to be two normal sized humans
standing atop the hills, when all of a sudden on of them appears to stand up or grow in
size. The figure is twice the size of the one next to it, which is either believed to
be a regular sized human or a similar creature in a seated position. The woman recording
the video begins to cry out in horror and calls her mom to come look. An investigative
team took a closer look into this phenomenon. They placed a man at the same exact location
and took photos from the location where the video was originally filmed. The person they
used was of average height and very thin build. When they aligned the footage of this man
with the footage of the alleged giants, the figures captured were indeed significantly
taller than the model used. Some other things found during this investigation were that
the taller figure was extremely thin compared to even a skinnier than average person, possibly
because of their height. And the head of the figure, as well as the figure seated below
it had odd shapes. The model used had very short hair but even with that playing in,
the “giants” had heads that seemed to be shaped more egg-like. The investigation
video was uploaded by GCEPERU and will be linked below. The video is not in English,
but there’s plenty more to be learned about this case. Number 2. Forest Creature This video is time stamped from 2006 but wasn’t
uploaded until around 2013. The story is that this is a group of videographers were exploring
a forested area for an upcoming documentary in Catalonia, Spain. While exploring the wooded
region they heard strange noises, unlike any animal or human they’d heard before. They
also found trails of huge feathers and followed them. They eventually came up to a man squatting
down behind bushes, staring at the ground. He appears nearly lifeless and quite ghoulish.
His skin is pale and his bones are very apparent. He seems to notice the group and looks toward
the camera with huge glowing eyes. Speculation for this creature range from it being a malnourished
homeless man, to it being another form of the rake, all the way to it being a fallen
angel who was cast out of heaven – which would explain the feathers. No matter what you believe – this
group was pretty horrified by what they saw and the images presented in the short footage
is quite haunting. 1. The Hybrid Man Bigfoot is one of the biggest, most well-known
legends in the world and is especially popular in the U.S and Asian countries. This story
comes from a province in China where their version of bigfoot is referred to as the Yemen.
It’s uncertain where this footage is originally from, but it looks like it could be from a
Chinese documentary or news report. The footage shows this “hybrid man” that is nearly
hairless, has a very large ape-like skull, long dangly arms, nearly no neck, and is extremely
tall. The man seems childlike or even animal-like in his mannerisms and he allegedly never learned
to speak a language – however he did understand what people were telling him. According to
his mother, she was kidnapped by a Yemen and sexually assaulted repeatedly before being
brought back to her small village where 9 months later she gave birth to this hybrid.
He lived to be 33 years old before dying of natural unknown causes. The common explanation
for this man is that he suffered from a genetic disorder known as Microcephaly, and his mother
was ashamed to have given birth to a mentally challenged child – especially out of wed
lock. Microcephaly causes the brain to develop improperly and leads to a smaller than usual
head, mental disabilities, poor motor function, poor speech, abnormal facial features, seizures,
and dwarfism. The only thing that microcephaly cannot explain is the astonishing size of
this man. As mentioned before its’ common for those who suffer from this disorder to
have dwarfism, but this man was the exact opposite. There’s not much else known about
this man, or even the footage of him that’s provided.

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