TLDs: Top Level Domains — What Are They & Which Should I Choose?

TLDs: Top Level Domains — What Are They & Which Should I Choose?

so one of the first things you’re going to want to consider is what top-level domain or TLD should you choose for your website domain name. Now what is a TLD? A TLD refers to the three letters that appear after the dot in your domain name. So dot com, dot net, dot org, dot edu, dot tv, dot info. As you can see, there’s a lot of TLDs to choose from.
So why should it matter? Well, there are a number of different considerations.
The first consideration would be: What TLD is the most appropriate for your business? So if you have a non-profit organization, then a dot org would be the most appropriate TLD. If you have an educational website, then an dot edu might be the more appropriate TLD.
If you are a commercial business, then dot com would be a great choice, although for
some technology oriented companies or information systems, businesses, a dot net would also work as well. Now another consideration would be search engine visibility. So many Webmasters have found that the TLD of your website does affect how much time, energy and money it will take to have your domain ranked for keywords in
search engines like Google and Bing for example. Now it’s very difficult to come up with an
accurate test on exactly how much more effort it’s gonna take to rank a dot tv over dot
com for example. But a lot of these Webmasters that discuss SEO online and a few of the colleagues
that I know in this industry who build hundreds if not thousands of websites a month in order
to generate AdSense revenue or Affiliate revenue, they will say that a dot net, dot org, and
dot com are the three TLDs that rank the best in Google. So get a dot com, dot net or dot org if you can. Another consideration to make would be branding and trust.
So if you are trying to build a business that delivers lasting value for your
customers and your intention is to create a long-term trusted and recognized brand, then I would recommend that you go for the dot com if you can. And the reason why this is, is because people still tend to think in terms of dot com even though the Internet has exploded over the recent years and we have so many more TLDs to choose from, often what happens is when they think about your brand name, they will still type in your brand
name dot com into the address bar of your web browser or they will search for your brand
name dot com in Google search bar. So you’re gonna miss out on a lot of traffic related
to people who were actively looking for your brand if you decide to build your brand on
a dot net or dot info or dot biz. With regards to trust, dot coms tend to have
a higher trust value as well because other TLDs are often used by spammers, so… You
know not necessarily, but some TLDs tend to be considered a little bit more or a lot more
spammier like dot biz or dot info. So if you want to have a high trust factor associated
with your brand then definitely go with dot com. So that’s it for today on the subject of what
TLD you should choose for your website URL. If you’d like to find out more about how to
build a kick-ass website, please visit Thanks a lot and have a great day.
See you next time. Bye!

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  1. thank you and What do you think about my domain for a newspaper website? do it have a good TLD? and also i have .net and .info

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