The Website is Down #2: Excel Hell

The Website is Down #2: Excel Hell

Jim Moret self chip man what’s up goddamnit Ricky you just fucked me up done my favor no no not a minesweeper on my sales report I’ve been working on whatever hey actually the reason I call yeah well that no fun no faction email I say oh dude what wait what the MILF a MILF action email I thought you might like it fuck yeah I may like it what is it well you know what Milton’s right I live by school of course I know what a MILF is okay well I got it from Gary and he said he got it from this guy used to work with he’s like a mill collector so it sounded pretty sweet but anyway you don’t want to run that thing dude it’s a total virus okay well it looks like it’s working for me wait what you got Mills yeah dude I got Mills all over my screen here can what dude what a ripoff what teetotal is a virus in spent all morning talking with my computer yeah well I definitely tried again cuz that seemed like three Mills already damn it well maybe I didn’t install it right okay I got to do this oh yeah hey wait are you still mine sweeping yeah I’m still on minesweeper man I’ve only got like three spaces left well I have a fucking you’re doing it you know I don’t know I just I get a feeling you know like I sit there I analyze it and bam ha-ha-ha what okay just did it I just got another one oh my god get amazing hey ah well yeah okay hey I gotta go yeah yeah yeah you do have to go cuz I’m going okay hey hey it’s good to warm up you know I got some sales numbers to get here warm up warm another right over it those are the shots worth Moorhead shit Moorhead here plastic oh great I’ve actually been waiting for your call buddy seriously well no actually for my boss to try an Oracle in-flight magazine about you guys so now um our boss is very interested in your piece of shit software yeah well I’d like to help you with that purchaser and uh you interested in the extended installations program no all right I’ve got the company credit card right here I’m ready one moment let me let me explain a little bit more about it hello yeah I just putting my phone for a little bit you still talking really not interested in that bullcrap waste of money okay okay wait a second wait a second wait a second wait uh-huh I’m getting a feeling here you’re gonna feeling you got me in the mood here we’re gonna feeling them so your sales pitch no no man my sweeper feeling I’m actually feeling it oh my god oh my god yeah if you can only see this yeah you know I should do this for the Army in Afghanistan I am the minesweeper I’m telling you that right now I’m telling you that oh my god so so anyway you know I’m sorry about that just wants me for the game yeah yeah I I got this epic game of mind super going here yeah that’s hard well yeah when there’s 700 mines on the board it makes it a little seven hundred mines that’s not even possible it’s not impossible and I’m doing it okay on the brass young man okay okay well well it sounds like you got the UH the installation ends covered uh any any other products slow a meeting cancel pro no yeah speaker placement advisor we got the poop pyramid up the poop pyramid but uh you get out no look I said my idiot boss he knows nothing about like a you know mighty magazine actually just ran a full-page article about lot productivity featuring our product oh shit that’s why I’m being forced to install it and I’ll even think my boss understands what that article is about okay okay uh I tell you what it sounds like you are a power user and you know just what you want so I’m just gonna add um I’m here my spreadsheet give me one moment here that’s like hurry up mmm my credit cards out I’m ready to UM give me a sec another company card right here my Hannah hello I think I think I’m out of rows you’re out of rows and yeah and lay it over and out of bras just keep going you scroll down uh-huh well insert one you go alt I are uh alt I are hold down alt some type I bar okay let’s see here well what was that keystroke again oh you suck at computers you know you know what let me just put you on hold for a second no just it’ll just say run me on bitch do not put me on hold you’ve reached placidway check support in case of a major enterprise level technical emergency press hi create oh yeah Big Daddy bacon cheeseburger Cabo hey what do the shit hold on thank you yeah every time I call you’re eating hello yeah what dude just skip up here and sales permit okay I’ve got I’ve got a serious problem here uh which is a virus email no no nothing to do with that you didn’t download an attachment up an email I know no you know I don’t know how to do that okay so this is like something totally not that this is an Excel problem chips it’s on file numbers for emergencies not application support okay well I’m telling you this is an emergency it’s a customer facing issue it’ll only take two minutes what what’s the problem okay okay I’ve used up all the rows in my Excel spreadsheet use the bottom row I’ve tried everything putting on the row and okay all IR and that didn’t work no the key shortcut yeah man of course what happens willing to do it okay uh nothing actually nothing you have a row selected yeah I guess click on one of those in addition okay oh hi are nothing is the keyboard working is it plugged in can you type in a Cell just click in a cell and type something okay no I get tight but I don’t get any row okay for the keyboard works yes the keyboard is working like a charm all right well right-clicking itself and do insert broke enough so no I don’t get the you’re cooking up you know you’re using a mouse right the right button just clicking your own to insert row in a minute nope what the fuck no no I’m not getting it up but the interim in your dears I’m up there what the insert then you the top menu inside no insert row what doesn’t say insert row and then you’re not making this up okay I’m trying you want pudding the excel responding at all what’s happening with you Phil honey okay so do something with your spreadsheet drag stuff around can you move anything I can drag the word round I can do it all day long okay but I don’t get any new rows all right yeah and now my spreadsheet pretty much but just close it out we open it close it so probably what you’re here to do anyway one second I don’t understand why they make it so hard okay I understand how you have all these problems no one else does here we go okay back in let’s go to my spreadsheet okay yeah great that’s not just fucking great you don’t like bread she’s all fucked up now we need it’s fucked up it’s fucked up you haven’t you have any like new rules and all that shit no now I can’t do anything shape it I did mine Kaito got Excel I open up again you didn’t get a pop up after UNIX table I had 20 pop-ups as the problem started happening it’s kind of hard to tell the difference you do have the virus well maybe I do maybe I don’t okay we’re gonna have the well should I know okay I have to roll my wall sided I this morning protect me against appear viruses don’t touch any those pop up just close them out okay I’ve been closing them you don’t have to click on random popular you know how to click on a pop-up okay no not to click on random pop up okay I guess I know how not to click on the pop-up of course unless if asking me to save it apparently well that was a dialog box from the system okay well it pops out just like the other pop-up just stop Stephanie for two I look I want to get back right Nancy you know I told you this was getting out I got the Bobby Drive you know simple thing Jim let me start anew trechie if you don’t up Wow new Cubs file new okay Wow to us I want you to do a simple stuff okay you know you wanted to do a new blank presentation or what but like you blank presentation you’re not using yourself are you think powerpoints are using PowerPoint aren’t you here to show guys think you can do everything with PowerPoint you Potro’s the web a PowerPoint there’s a PowerPoint or not look at the top menu bar was it say where the black part the top left top PowerPoint Excel got get a chip why you waste my time with this topper honey lunch oh he’s gone Jesus Christ I can’t get anything done with all these you know what I just pulled my drink you know don’t you think with my dick go jumpy with my – we had to get all this dirt up in this did it go someone give me a blueberry sample no motherfucking milk

100 thoughts on “The Website is Down #2: Excel Hell

  1. In case anyone wonders, the Chinese part seems to be an excerpt from some Taiwanese magazine about Avril getting married.

  2. Am I the only one who was high and searched 'THE WEBSITE IS DOWN !' on YouTube just for the shits and found out these vids?

  3. haha just noticed in the sales calls hints and tips slide that all sales people use powerpoint and never excel nor access.

  4. xD omg i know this feeling man when ever one of my family members need computer help i ask the same questions is it plugged in? are you using a mouse? did you just fucking save that thing???? and 95% of the time its not plugged in they are using god knows what to operate the computer idk a banana maybe and they save the file -_-

  5. Did anyone notice the 'sales guy' kept clicking on the button from the pop-ups that said "Install More Spyware?"
    LMAO – oh man, that was great!  Thanks for the laugh…

  6. I was pissing myself when he actually typed out "ALT I R" instead of the intended keystroke

    I fucking lost it at Powerpoint Excel.

    And yes, I do work in IT haha

  7. Anyone else notice that Web Dude calls the "save" dialog a "popup box from the system", and then at 8:10 a popup pops up that's called "A dialog box from the system"? LOL

  8. once had cleaned a sales agent's pc who was complaining that "last time we were here doing backups on the server her internet stopped working (just her)". so i went out to check it out and she had 32 internet explorer browser addon toolbars. cleaned it all up. two weeks got another call and she managed to do it all over again.

  9. I just started watching your videos and they are awesome. I'm trying to get into system administrator myself and if it's anything like this I'm going to love it hahahah

  10. Why do I still watch these after 8 years? Because due to all of its deep details, I STILL find something new each time. For example Chip's emails from his ex-wife at 0:47. Who puts in details like this that he knows 99.9% of his viewers will never see? It is so admirable. I really wish this guy would come back.

  11. I remember some year ago we could buy that adobe air virus for $1, at the time, i did not had any paypal account or credit card, would it be possible to still buy it ? The devblog has been removed.

  12. There's SO MUCH to pause and read on this. Phenomenal!
    …And he starts off trying to manually rebuild his FUK U desktop 😂

  13. I did desktop support and later network support for a major multinational corporation and this video series cracks me up every time I see it.

  14. "Confirm authorized to view each MILF308 popup image by click." Just perfect!! I can see some dumbass in sales doing this exact thing.

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