The Social Media Version Of Your Ex-Girlfriend

The Social Media Version Of Your Ex-Girlfriend

So, you guys excited for the big game coming up? Yes! I can’t wait to cheer for the home team. [all] Home team! Home team! Home team! Oh no. – What’s wrong?
– What? The social media version of my ex just walked in. Aw, that’s your ex? Worse. It’s the social media version of my ex. It’s the version I scroll past on Facebook or I see on Instagram. She’s right over there. Oh yeah! I remember when you guys were dating! Aw, wow. She looks great now. She really does. What’re the odds she’s be here? She’s everywhere! It’s like any time I turn on my computer there she is! Cheers to food! [girls] Yes! Oh! Wow. They are toasting a lot. Are those her friends? I guess? Cheers! They look way cooler and multi-cultural than I remember. Ugh, this sucks because I really am over her! But the social media version of her? I mean, a valencia filter? That’s not fair! Hey, who’s that guy she’s with? Cheers! I’m trying to figure that out. Cheers to handsome! Are they dating, or just friends? I can’t tell in a group. Well, now it’s just the two of them. What? Wait, no! Where did everybody else go? I think now it’s just his friends. Cheers! Oh, this sucks. Just stop looking at it. Oh, I’d love to. But it’s the social media version of her, so she’s just right there! If it helps, she’s probably doing the same thing you are. I doubt it. I’ve been telling her I like her stuff for a long time and she hasn’t noticed. Grant, I know it’s hard to see somebody that you loved with somebody else. I mean, it’s honestly one of the toughest things about social media. But, you just have to work the– what are you doing? [strained voice] What if she looks over here? [sighs] Man… I think you just need to block her. Oh, you’re right. This is better. Thank you. (Here you go) [all] Ooooooh. Wow. What’s all this? I ordered the social media version of brunch. Oh, twenty likes already. That was quick. Is one of them Julia? JULIA DID YOU LIKE THIS? Look at me, oh god! Hello! I’m Siobhan from CollegeHumor. To subscribe to the channel, click right here. And to watch more videos, click here. And click right here if you think the Queen of England should still be the Queen of America.

100 thoughts on “The Social Media Version Of Your Ex-Girlfriend

  1. I thought it was going to be about the fact that my ex would try to act like an actual decent human being on social media as opposed to the monster she is in real life

  2. This is two years ago and I just realise that in the description (cast), Grant's name was mentioned twice.

  3. I loved how they chose Grant (who is a gay guy) as the one who is mad about his ex-girlfriend in this video. Lol.

  4. I hated my ex on social media. Every day she would message me and be like “I’ve changed. Take me back” FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. I blocked her and she made a new account and talked to me through her friends. So annoying.Then she finally got over me and it felt too good to be true.

  5. Can't relate. I'm either still good friends with my exes or don't talk to them at all. No in between. Also, no facebook, so…can't relate LOL

  6. A guy I went on a about seven dates with. We stopped seeing each other and I see him like 8 months later. He was fitter, tanner, stopped smoking and cut back his drinking. Like wtf, was I really holding him back from all this 😂

  7. Yeah I didn't get this…..but um….I live under a rock….in a cave….on an island……underwater… it doesn't matter

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