The HOTH Customer Testimonial & Review - White Label SEO

The HOTH Customer Testimonial & Review – White Label SEO

hi i'm anthony brock i'm the president of a to be motion we are a video production and marketing company in st. petersburg florida now a big part of what our business model entails is corporate youtube development we will actually create and consistent and relevant content for different companies and will take that content and based on our keyword research we will rank these videos so before the ha we would spend an unimaginable amount of time building web 2.0 s and micro sites and using different types of link building strategies to try to push these videos up the serbs and it was not only time consuming but it was probably one of the more painful things we did in our business so we found the ha about a year ago and we started playing around with the boost in the blitz packages and we were completely shocked about how powerful they were we were literally able to take low competition medium competition keywords put them on a brand new youtube channel with zero channel authority and we could literally like shove those videos onto the second or first page of google within like two to three weeks and it was simple and the money that we spent in house building all these web 2.0 Xand and link funnels doesn't even compare to the cost I think the boost is like $49 and we've literally just thrown one boost on a video and it's popped up on the first page so if you if you rank videos as any part of your business or you're just at all interested in using YouTube or Vimeo as a marketing tool we highly recommend the Hoth they their packages are second to none and we've used a ton we've used a ton of external link building services and nothing compares to what we've done thus far with them you also get a an account rep that if you ever have any questions all you got to do is is call and they'll answer any questions that you have so we here at A to B are huge fans of the and I'd suggest that you'd become a fan too if you have anything at all to do with SEO or ranking videos these are the guys

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