The Content Cop Saved Ricegum

The Content Cop Saved Ricegum

Hello everyone, I’m Alex, and welcome back to another video. Hopefully you guys are doing well. In today’s video, I wanted to look at, Ricegum. R: Did it feel good though? Because I’ve been studying him ever since the Content Cop was released to see, whether he would be held accountable for anything or whether he would inevitably, get worse. Now you may be wondering how can Ricegum get worse from the Content Cop, and I was also pondering the exact same question. And then I… regretfully turned on one of his videos. I just want to remind you this is the guy he used to say stuff like this: R: “Alright if anybody in the comments says, if she’s 13, I’m 13′. You fucking knock it off right now, like, you knock it off. Oh fuck, I can’t. I’m kind of dizzy, man. holy naw– But she– like she needs some chill, cuz she’s– I mean– if she actually like thirteen? Cuz I mean she’s low-key… like she can… *laughter* About… 14 year old girls. Number one: Ricegum is probably one of the only people who has taken a Content Cop and actually benefited from it. To the point where he’s actually using it to make his content…. … worse. Due to the fact that a Content Cop couldn’t stop him in his tracks, he’s basically just decided to up the click bait, and… … up the piss-poor videos. And I don’t mean piss-poor in quality because he has made a few improvements: he doesn’t actually use a webcam microphone to record anymore. R (with a loud echo): “Hey guys, it’s me again, today we’ll–” Because there’s nothing more annoying than having ten million subscribers and recording with an echo (“echo” echoes twice). Mate you make like a hundred grand a month, just invest in a — in a microphone. But since he’s got his twenty videos out of it and a couple of mid rows, He’s decided to up the sexual themes. Don’t know why did that my hand. Didn’t really showcase anything. I want to turn on one of his newest videos, and you may see that I am subscribed but that’s purely for research purposes only. I was curious, okay? I’ll admit that. I was curious to see where he’d go. Now quite obviously a lot of Ricegum’s videos rely on the editor. Which is kind of an issue. His personality’s pretty fucking bland, and I never really understand what he’s saying most of the time, so the visuals on screen tend to actually be the only saving grace of the content. The issue is– is that, he doesn’t edit it. So… It’s kind of unfortunate. The best part of his content is not even the part that he even has any control over. But even so, I do expect him to look over the content he’s producing. At least, check the final edit. And assuming that he does do that– which maybe I’m giving him too much credit for, what I’m about to show you is worrying. R: “Yeh, that’s my sister Ling Ling, and she’s been having a lot of problems in the past with bullies, and I really love her, so I’m just trying to help her out and stuff. *Record scratch*. So the other day, she randomly texted me. Just randomly and was like ‘hey brother can I have ten thousand dollars?’ Right and I’m just like why does a little, you know, ten-year-old girl need ten thousand dol– ‘There’s this girl in my class that keeps flexin on me, and I just want to fit in. (in slow motion) Fit in.” Did you see that? uh– Did you see what they, they flashed on screen…? R: (in slow motion) “fit in.” So for the people who are hard of hearing– Mainly because Ricegum records with a fucking awful microphone, There are visual aids that appear on the screen. And there were text messages that came up when he references the text messages, and they’re from his sister… Uhh… She’s calling him daddy. Not just once. No, not just twice. I was just watching this, I was really confused. I was like: “he isn’t referencing his sister is he? His younger sister calling 𝘩𝘪𝘮… R: “Ten year old.” Daddy. It’s like his content is so overtly sexual, that he even has to sexualize himself and his SISTER! What the– Uuagh– It feels weird! It feels weird to even say. You know it’s one of those videos, right, when you’re watching it, you’re watching back what the guys doing, and you could feel the fact that you’re incredibly uncomfortable while watching it. Because that’s this bloke’s entire fucking channel. Oh what’s this? A text message from my dad. And he’s calling da- I can’t even make that joke. I just don’t want to. And those pop-ups that just appeared on screen, where my dad calls me… that was edited by my editor. Yeah, I am the editor as well, but don’t tell them that. The ImAlexx YouTube channel just got incredibly… meta, apparently. We’re next-level comedy over here. Now if isn’t just the fact that he’s sexualizing… his family members, which is just… odd. It’s also the fact that he sexualizes his roommates. And I do believe they’re completely in on it, and allow it, and encourage it, and probably even come up with most of the ideas in the first place; but it’s just really fucking cheap, and not just that, pretty fucking degrading to watch. Every thumbnail is just him basically asking some sexual question about a woman in the vicinity. “Can I, touch your, butt? It’s like his vlogs is just him… trying to sexualize his roommates. Purely so he could upload a video that day. That’s one of my pet peeves is when people do stuff just for vlogs. See I vlog when I’m doing something. I don’t go out my way to make myself seem like a really entertaining, cool person… so I can vlog. It seems like a backwards way to vlog; like, a vlog is meant to be your life, but I don’t believe he’s just getting twins around every single day, and getting them to make out. R: “Okay, okay, okay–” I also just want to mention you didn’t get… the boys to make out with the boys, but you got… the boys to make out with the women and the women to make out the boys. So… Ricegum’s sexist? We wouldn’t know. There’s no way we could know if Ricegum was in any way misogynistic– R: “Did it feel good though?” R: “How long did it– like– did the rape last?” And that’s the real question. We need evidence that Ricegum is slightly… like, odd with women. Because I don’t feel like there’s enough of that on the internet yet. I’m gonna do something that’s really gonna scare Ricegum off, if he’s watching this, right? … *clap* *sexy music* (Alex, but his voice is twice layered) See that, Ricegum? You just watched… a man kiss a man. Maybe he’d approve if I also… called myself daddy, when I did it at the same time. I just want to go through some other brilliant thumbnails that he’s got going on. Now this is a video where he basically goes round a supermarket with two women purely for vlog footage. And then he asks somebody whose boyfriend lives with them in face banks, If Alissa Violet can turn him on. Which wasn’t weird or creepy in any way shape or form. R: “Yo, can you guys turn me on?” Alissa Violet: “I have a boyfriend, let her do it.” R:”Hey, can you guys turn me on?” *Light switch switching noise several times* We then got another one; a week ago. “Can I eat your booty?” With two– two women in the thumbnail again. … Uhhhhh. One of– they both look like they’re about to be– they don’t look happy. I’m sure living with Ricegum is just constantly him asking overtly sexual questions and the girls going: “It’s fine cause he’s brain-dead. He’s a fucking moron, so just let him do it.” He then did a great video called “Which song is worse?” Where he reacts to his entire music collection and just says it’s shit basically. Oh, he didn’t do that, oh that– I was self projecting. He should have done that. As well as that, I’m pretty sure everybody fucking hates prank channels, mainly because of the fact that if they are real you’re probably being… A prick. And if they aren’t real, well, it’s fake so, so who cares? But Ricegum, the guy whose job is to basically not have one has decided that it would be really cool if he goes into a… library and blasts music out in public. *music* *slam and no music* *record scratch* Now this isn’t just irritating because, number one; he doesn’t even edit his own content, so all he does is basically turn up and record it. So he isn’t really doing any work anyway. But you’ve got people here who are working on stuff; studying, doing school work– something that he probably never even graduated from– and he’s just being a huge bellend. In public. Just believing that, he’s God, his YouTube content is great. He’s gonna piss all these people off who were actually there doing something, and he’s gonna hand it over to somebody else who’s gonna fucking put some MOG sound effects over it, and that’s it. His day of work is done. So all in all since the Content Cop was released on Ricegum, he’s become… twice as irritating, twice as disrespectful and twice as misogynistic. Well, thank you guys for watching this video. If you did enjoy, don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe if you’re new. Thank you for over 250,000 subscribers. You guys are fucking smashing it right now, and I can’t thank you enough for that. Friendly reminder that we do still have some limited edition Internet Sensation stuff up on the store, and 2018 is coming up soon, so we should have an entire new release of designs and colors coming out. But, I didn’t tell you that. I hope you guys have a good day, and don’t forget: #Respect women I hashtag-ed it, so you know it’s official. Peace out people. Have a good day. *music outro plays*

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  1. People really missed the point with the sister, real or not the tone of his content has jumped tenfold and joking about real and not real kids in that way is fucked, especially as most times it's not even a joke. πŸ’€

  2. A few weeks later. Me:ahh time to start a new day by looking at what bullshit is on this website "opens up trending" wtf Logan Paul suicide forest ooooohhhhh clickbate. A few days later me:wtf is with this Logan Paul stuff. 2 hours later me: well time for Logan to release an apology video and this has been a shitty start to 2018

  3. I've been watching your videos for a few months, I got the Internet Sensation hoodie, and I JUST NOTICED THAT I WASN'T EVEN SUBSCRIBED
    What is this
    I thought I were subscribed all along

  4. worst part about the blasting songs in public is he doesn't give credit to the originator of the prank, blasting __ songs in public by loveliveserve

  5. What if its not really his little sister what if she's his daughter and he's trying to hide the fact he had a kid so young?

  6. when he invited the rape girl and asked "did it feel good?" then pole danced for him. the best part of the whole content cop thing.

  7. I love how he smirks when he says have a good day because he knows I'm chronically depressed and is just trying to rub it in

  8. I used to always get ricegums videos recommended I never clicked on them because he looks to much like my ex, I’m glad tho save me from the torture of watching that shit

  9. Idubbz did stop him tho. Now he's just like Jake Paul trying scrape up the leftover fans they still have . It's pathetic watching run down youtubers who can't take the L.

  10. 07:50
    (That was over dramatic on purpose)
    but seriously i did need to replay it like 3 times to make sure it was the actual video haha

  11. Im late but im dissapointed in you Alex, Rice doesn't actually have a sister and it was made up for comedic effect. shes literraly called Ling Ling…. other than that great vid.

  12. okay but, some people do enjoy the kinda twisted humour that ricegum sometimes pops out with. it's weird but funny coz we know he's joking right? I mean, it is to me anyway.

  13. I don't understand how people get turned on by being called daddy/mommy?? Like, do you want to fuck your parents??? That's disgusting, man.

  14. so is no one gonna talk about 2:55 where it says "Mom is making dog if you're hungry"
    I'm so confused why he would make a racist joke about his own family that way-

  15. I feel RiceGum wasn't affected by the Content Cop because he is simply not on the same level of intelligence as Ian is. Anyone can tell from iDubbbz's videos that he has intellect, whereas not one of RiceGum's videos has any sheer evidence that he is smart. In the end, RiceGum probably took the Content Cop as just another "hater" and returned to his normal routine of video making.

  16. 7:49 I thought the knocking was coming outside because I'm sat next to a window at 2 am and I literally had a heart attack

  17. What ricegum said about Hila & Ethan from H3H3 recently was just plain gross. I personally always just think of ricegum as an oopsie

  18. I can see that after you just made a joke and were thinking about the edit while continuing; you kinda smile as if you know what its going to come out like after the edit..
    but like anyone editing their own vids you can see that look in them – or maybe i just stare at these fucks too much

  19. 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

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