Terrifying Websites

Terrifying Websites

Hey, I’m Michael. Watch out. There’s a skeleton inside your body. It’s called your bones. I hope you like things that are scary-mazegame.net. You’re about to get spooked by DONGs things
you can do online now guys. If you dare to explore let’s float on over
to ghostresearch.org. The Ghost Research Society is committed to
investigating all claims of people encountering apparitions. This page explores photographs that have unusual
objects or figures in them. The right side is a list of the ones that
can be explained like this one where the mysterious ball of light is actually just the camera
flash reflecting off of a stop sign in the distance. But there are also these photos that are either
hoaxes created with additional software or just a product of accidental double exposure. But this is where it gets really creepy. A list is of completely unexplained photos. Here we see construction workers on a roof
and in the window behind them is what appears to be an old lady. A woman had reportedly died in that house
three months prior and none of the workers had seen anyone in the house the entire time
they had been there. That is pretty creepypasta.com A major destination for all things creepy. I love how popular these things have become
especially since I am a big fan of creepiness. This site is full of terrifying stories written
by a variety of contributors. You can even write for them your own. If you’d like to take a break from reading
though but not from horror venture to the “More Creepypasta Tab” to find links to
outside sources that fulfill your need for thrill like these spine-chilling youtube channels
or these frightening podcasts. Now that you’ve read some spooky tales why
not bring the action to life with The Burning Room. This game takes you through an interactive
experience in which you click on objects in the room to pick them up. Sounds easy! I mean what’s scary about…Oh my gosh! Okay well you go ahead and finish that up. I’ll go for a more calming experience like
this nice walk through nature except I can’t see anything and it’s a
360 degree virtual Blair Witch Experience. So maybe it’s not relaxing but it’s definitely
thrilling. Click and drag around the screen to shine
the narrow beam of light while looking for peculiar objects. When you find one hover over it to activate. The eerie surround sound and visuals make
it unsettling. For a similar experience without the visuals
use Possessionbegins.com, an interactive experience
that you can go through with either the use of your webcam or the space bar. I think the webcam is cooler because what
happens is dependent on whether or not your eyes are open. Try to stick out the whole thing so keep those
eyes closed and do not cover your face or the webcam won’t be able to read you. It’s scary but you’re not dead! But when will you be dead? The John Hancock life expectancy calculator
gives you a prediction of when you will die. Enter your information to see when. Hey, great! I have plenty of time left to finish these
Dongs! So let’s venture to brainjar.com an online
Ouija Board. Ask it anything and then place your mouse
here to watch it answer the question before your very eyes. Where is my pizza? Far away? That fills me with so much terror I just want
to go home. But what if my house were haunted? Housecreep is a site with information on the
history of certain properties. It is crowdsourced so everyday people can
submit details of homes to the site. Each claim is verified. This is all very real. If you would like to find out what kind of
horrors lurk near you type in an area, pick from a point on the map, and discover the
unimaginable. Oh my gosh what a nightmare.mit.edu Where you can contribute to the terror by
voting for scary faces. Click “Voting our faces” and you are given
10 to deem scary or not scary. At the end you are given an unnerving collage
of faces. Now steer away from doom and towards bloompetals.com. Where you can carve my own jack-o-lantern! Pick an oddly shaped pumpkin and click around
to carve shapes into your little orange friend. Links to all of these Dongs can be found down
in the description below. Go ahead click them. You can play these things now at your own
peril. Have a safe and happy Halloween and stay spooky my friends.

100 thoughts on “Terrifying Websites

  1. Michael Stevens where are the vsauce 1 videos. At brain candy live you said tat youtube red and brain candy live wouldn't stop you from making vsauce 1 videos so where are they.

  2. asked how many subs i have in youtube
    totally disapointed with the Ouija Board told me that i have either 2/9/16/3 while i have 275…

  3. I'm actually surprised (and mildly happy) that Creepypasta made it to this list. I used to read those stories all the time.

  4. Okay… This is how you make Creepypasta : Make pasta and then call it creepy. BOOM. You have created your very own Creepypasta.

  5. I asked the Ouija Board, "Where Am I?" and it said, "Near Water"
    You know where I live?


    Should I burn my computer?

  6. Michael: these dongs are going to scare you
    me being a female: oh no good thing i dont have one wheezes and slaps knee that it sounds like a balloon

  7. 0:05 guys I went to the doctor and he really confirmed that there is a skeleton in my body. Vsauce how did you know, I got so scared

  8. There is a house by my dead grandmas old house that is supposed to be haunted, when it’s abandoned I’ll bring a gun and a flashlight.

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