Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Details You Missed

Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Details You Missed

Spider-Man: Far From Home catches up with
your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler as he heads out of Queens for a wide-ranging
field trip through the best touristy vistas that Europe has to offer. But it’s not all fun and games on this journey
abroad. Let’s break it all down with some small details
you may have missed in the movie’s first trailer. The first Far From Home trailer includes a
close-up shot of Peter Parker’s passport, in which Tom Holland still somehow manages
to look like a movie star, in spite of an intentionally goofy photo. While the passport lacks any specific years
on any of its date sections, it does include a cute nod to Spider-Man’s real-life comic
book origins. Pausing the video to take in all the details,
viewers may notice that Peter Parker’s birthday is listed as August 10th, a seemingly inconsequential
bit of trivia. What you may not have realized is that August
10th really is the day that Spider-Man as we know him was born, with the character making
his first appearance in a comic book on that date, way back in 1962, in Amazing Fantasy
#15, written and penciled by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. While the character’s origins would be told
and retold many times over many comic issues over the years to come, all the core details
are there in his initial appearance. Peter’s now-canonical date of birth in the
MCU is a great tip of the hat to the day that got this whole franchise started. Much of the first Far From Home trailer showcases
Peter making his way around Europe in a sleek new suit, designed with red and black colors. While it looks similar to the red-and-blue
suits he sported in Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Far From
Home trailer’s new suit seems to once again pay tribute to Steve Ditko’s original comic
book cover design, which seems to feature a suit that’s almost more black than blue. Even more interestingly, this isn’t the only
change of clothes we see Spidey wear in the trailer. Towards the end, we get a glimpse of a new,
stealthy looking black costume that Spider-Man seems to be wearing during a night mission. It’s safe to assume it came from Nick Fury,
though we’ll have to wait until we see the movie to know for sure. Meanwhile, this can be seen as yet another
reference to a couple of now-classic Spidey looks from the comics: the Spider-Man Noir
suit, and — of course — Spider-Man’s original black suit. In an act of mercy to moviegoers everywhere,
the MCU entries in the Spider-Man canon have so far spared us yet another death scene for
poor old Uncle Ben. Sure, sure, “With great power must also come
great responsibility,” but we don’t need another origin story with Ben eating a street thug’s
bullet to get the point anymore. While the character played a major part in
the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies, Peter’s beloved uncle isn’t expected
to make an onscreen appearance in the Tom Holland movies. But despite his physical absence from the
franchise, his presence still looms large over Peter Parker’s story. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter alluded to
a desire to protect Aunt May from undue, Spider-Man-related stress: “May cannot know. I cannot do that to her right now. You know? I mean, everything that’s happened with her,
I—please.” It’s a great way to tell the story that so
many of us already know, letting viewers engage with the movie by filling in the blanks themselves. Far From Home takes this thread further with
the initials “BFP” stitched onto Peter’s luggage, visible in the center of frame while he’s
packing for his trip to Europe. These initials probably belong to Uncle Ben
F. Parker. It’s a heartwarming, bittersweet touch to
include in the movie, implying that no matter where Peter goes on his adventures, whether
it’s across the pond to Europe or beyond the stars to Titan, he’ll always be carrying a
little bit of his Uncle Ben with him. Picking up where the last Spider-Man movie
left off, Far From Home’s first trailer starts with Spider-Man and Aunt May standing side-by-side
at a charitable benefit, with May having full knowledge of the superhero’s real-life identity. Then Happy Hogan, Tony Stark’s loyal, consistently-harried
assistant, shows up to Spider-Man’s charity fundraiser with a gigantic novelty check from
the Stark Relief Foundation, signed by none other than…Pepper Potts. The sequence of events seems to imply that
whatever happens in Avengers: Endgame, Pepper Potts will make it out alive – otherwise this
reference would come off as a little bit morbid. One thing that’s less clear is just exactly
what happened to Tony Stark. Iron Man was a pretty big part of Peter’s
life in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War, and the presence of Happy and
Pepper with Tony nowhere in sight is a little bit worrisome. We don’t want to draw conclusions. Has he at least made it back from space yet? The Far From Home trailer includes glimpses
of several new bad guys, including a being made out of water, a fiery monster, and a
titanic bruiser who appears to be made out of sand. And let’s not forget the curiously-violent
lightning bolts flying around during an action sequence at London’s Tower Bridge. The enemies all appear to be reminiscent of
some key villains from Spider-Man’s comic past, including Molten Man, Sandman, Hydro-Man,
and, potentially, Electro. But are these monsters really classic Spidey
villains? Or are they something different? Well, there’s one detail you might’ve missed
that could indicate the former over the latter… While Peter’s best friend Ned Leeds has his
picture taken in Venice, you can see a boat in the background floating by with “Asm 212”
printed boldly on its side. Did that combination of letters and numbers
tickle your Spidey-Sense? If so, there’s a pretty good reason for it. The text is a clear reference to the 212th
issue of ​Amazing Spider-Man​, published in January 1981, featuring the very first
appearance of Morris Bench – the villain also known as Hydro-Man. It’s too soon to say if Far From Home​ features
that specific version of the character – or if all these monsters are something else entirely. But either way, this little code on the boat
is a nice nod to Spidey’s past. The tail end of the Far From Home trailer
features the grand entrance of Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio, making his debut on the silver
screen in a dramatic way. “You don’t want any part of this” While Mysterio has long been Spider-Man’s
enemy in Marvel Comics, here he shows up to fight as a hero — or, at least, that’s how
things appear to be. In the comics, Mysterio – who’s real name
is Quentin Beck – is a stunt man and special effects expert for the movie business who
uses elaborate illusions to appear as though he’s wielding real magic, usually for the
sake of committing crimes. It obviously begs the question – is this trailer
pulling a trick on us? After Mysterio shows up to take over the fight
against the gigantic creature made of water, his exploits end up on a news broadcast, crediting
the “mystery man” for fighting back the threat. Sure, it’s possible that Mysterio is just
here to help, but what if this special effects wizard was using high-tech illusions to make
these fights happen, engineering himself a heroic moment at the expense of Spider-Man
and countless civilians? We can’t tell for sure just yet, but the way
the fight works out for Quentin’s benefit is definitely a little… mysterious. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about Spider-Man
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  1. My theory for the plot is that Peter goes to Europe to hang out with his friends and have a good time but at the same time, a mysterious threat appears in the form of the elementals (not the various villains that end in man that Peter faces) and Nick Fury goes out to investigate. Mysterio then appears at Shield's Europe base to talk to Nick about these new threats as he claims to be an "expert" on the matter. Nick, unaware of Mysterio's antics, hires him. Mysterio then appears to confront one of these elementals and it looks like Mysterio beats it's with almost no troubles. After awhile, Mysterio is recognized as a hero, his goal in the comics, but something then goes wrong. The elementals retaliate and defeat Mysterio which is when Nick comes in and hires Spider-Man. Then spider-Man defeats the elementals, has a showdown with Mysterio and gets Mysterio sent to prison, where he sits there, thinking on how to escape and destroy Spider-Man.

    I think that the elementals ARE actually there and not just a giant illusion by Mysterio and how it works is like the Incredibles. In that movie, the villains goal is to become the ultimate hero by using evil tactics so he fabricates an attack on the city with a giant robot that he pretends to destroy. Then it retaliates and results in the heroes coming in and stealing his glory.
    Thoughts or opinions?

  2. LMAO don't try making an conclusion of IRON MAN missing & pepper being alive in this movie….
    As in AVENGER : INFINITY WAR spider man was coming from a tour when he joins the fight against the sons of thanos… So this movie is obviously about what happened during his tour … So this movie is basically about his adventure after HOME COMING & before INFINITY WAR

    SO my point is : IRON MAN & ALL OTHERS are alive during this timeline

  3. I think it's time Sony and Disney just reach an accord for the Russo's to direct all Marvel properties. After watching this trailer, that's what l surmised on my youtube review 🙂

  4. You don't need to see Uncle Ben's death to get the point of Spider Man's origin anymore? Why? They've re-booted this character 3 times now. The newest version making him the most pathetic super-hero of the marvel movie line up. Such an injustice to one of, if not THE best marvel flagship characters. No thanks I'm done with this. Oh wait, they'll re-boot again a 4th time making him even more pathetic.

  5. Hold up a sec here at 0:54 You say the comic was released on august 10, but on the cover you show us, it says August 15…….

  6. Pepper is the CEO of Stark industires and also why would marvel put Tony’s name on the cheque before end game is released

  7. Anybody else think that so called “spider noir” suit looks less like The overcoat clad Noir suit and more so a SHIELD SuperHuman suit common to see in the Agents or Shield series? I mean, the goggles and toque like mask are reminiscent to the noir suit, but the overall suit just looks like a SHIELD SuperHuman agent suit, but that might just be me.

  8. New theory: Aunt May is bi and uncle Ben is actually aunt Beatrice, since they never say his name and on the luggage there are only the initials

  9. Spiderman : Homecoming
    Spiderman : Far from home
    Spiderman : near to home
    Spiderman : 5 minutes
    Spiderman : In space
    Spiderman : Helping Avengers
    Spiderman : Dust

  10. Details you missed
    Red and black suit looks like scarlet spider
    The stealth black suit looks like spiderman noir
    Details you missed


  11. Yes, yes…Mysterio.

    This is a good time to have Mysterio make an appearance in a Spidey movie.

    Why not the Chameleon for good measure, or perhaps in the next one.

  12. Why didn't his Spidey sense warn him of Fury's presence? Has SHIELD developed some sort of dampening field?

  13. 4:17 Just remember those elemental villains still could be illusions made by Mysterio 💫

    Even though they represent
    Electro ⚡
    Hydro man 🌊
    Molten man 🌋
    Rather nicely

  14. I guess the reason why Date of Issue is not given in the trailer just to shadow the timeline of Endgame.

  15. Easter egg
    Wheres Tony Stark
    I watch the End Game, you know what happened (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)(ಥ ͜ʖಥ)

  16. Remember when Pepper Potts practically pushed Peter Parker out of the way to say goodbye to Tony Stark?

  17. F**k your channel in every video u post, u inform things we missed, but i never missed a single thing, so fuck u… I havnt missed or ignore anything. F u ( 😁😁😁

  18. What if Tony Stark from another multiverse crosses over to this one where he is already dead?

  19. At the end of a really old hulk movie there was an enemy who could become the material that he touched, and he was never defeated and they hint at the end of the movie that he is still alive, i think the villain was called the absorbing man itd be cool if they bring him back!

  20. So…. If Pepper Potts is still alive; Iron Man is coming back mostly, In the form of Iron Woman (Pepper Potts) or as Morgan Stark being the Iron Woman!

  21. Like at first Spidey was using the homecoming suits and the next trailer it was the iron spider suit

  22. Have you ever looked at what celebrities share the same birthday as you? I share a birthday with Ice-Cube- pretty cool, but I guess that looks like jack shit compared to my mom sharing a birthday with possibly the coolest superhero of all time

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