Social Media for Retail | Tips for Increasing In Store Traffic

Social Media for Retail | Tips for Increasing In Store Traffic

Hey retailers! Did you know that 34.5% of people want access to you on-demand on social media for
customer care, especially over the holiday season. That’s compared to the
5% of people who prefer to deal with you in store. If that’s a
little overwhelming to you, don’t stress because today I’m going to be sharing my
five best tips for retailers specifically who want to drive in-store
traffic this holiday season using social media marketing. So, before you even send
out a tweet, schedule a Facebook post, or post something to Instagram, you want to
first align your business’s purpose with your social media efforts. Start by
asking yourself what you’re selling. Brain dump all of your products and
services down onto a sheet of paper, or a Google Doc. Then you’ll have a complete, organized
visual of all of the products and services that your business sells. Then
you want to dive into who you’re actually selling to. Dive deep into the
inner desires of your target market, so you can then create crystal clear sales
messaging and visuals over the holidays. You’ll also get a better understanding
of where your audience spends the most of their time online and on social media,
so you can then meet them where they’re most active without the overwhelm of
feeling like you have to be on every social platform. You also want to take a
look at that product and service list, and ask yourself which ones are most
desired by your target audience. That way, you can create and promote hero products,
or holiday gift guides to the right people at the right time. Finally, you
want to analyze your bandwidth. Not just digitally, I mean physically. Do you have
the time, the tools, the team, and the resources to be running a
deeply extensive social media marketing holiday campaign? Or, can you only allot
enough time, energy, and resources to perhaps one really solid holiday
marketing campaign? Either way, knowing all of this information about your
business’s products, services, and your target audience is going to make any
holiday marketing campaign much easier to put together and execute. My second
tip for retailers this holiday season, is to listen before you speak or sell.
Social listening is ultimately going to allow you to really understand any
customer feedback you’ve received so far this year, and build an even stronger
rapport with your customers. And as we all know, customers that felt listened to
and taken care of are way more likely to be fans of your brand for life. What you
want to do is gather as much information from your audience possible. This will
allow you to be proactive, versus being reactive with all of your marketing
efforts. So, sending out polls, surveys, and again, looking back to your most popular
products and the feedback that you received on all of your products and
services over the course of the year – that’s going to allow you to give your
customers what they want so the likelihood of them making multiple
holiday purchases increases exponentially. To make social listening
and customer support a lot easier on your end, make sure that you have tools
in your tool belt that will allow you to be as efficient with your time and
customer response as possible. So, tools like Hootsuite and SproutSocial have
dashboards that allow you to not only schedule and promote your own content,
products and services, but you can listen in on conversations happening around
your brand, and even any branded hashtags that you might be using in a special
holiday promotion or campaign. It’s also very important because 35% of your
customers prefer to go directly to social media to deal with any issues
that pertain to your brand to get the customer
support they need, that you respond to any and all feedback, negative or
positive on social media. So, going back to listening in on those conversations
using tools like HootSuite and Sprout Social, that’ll allow you to interject
and provide either the help that customer may need, or cheer them on and
thank them for being a loyal customer. The third thing my retailer friends want
to do is bait your social lines – and yes, that was a fishing analogy. Over the
holiday’s, what everyone and anyone is going to be doing is offering special
discounts and promotions, and that should not exclude you. Now is the time you want
to make sure that your potential customers and current customers are
crystal clear on any special offers that you are providing, as well as any
information on products and company updates. It’s important to use social
media all year round to educate, entertain, and inspire your audience, but
now over the course of the holidays is when it is so crucial for retaining your
customers and bringing in new faces. This is a great time to use your social
platforms to tie in anything that’s happening in store, so you can take the
people that are sitting on their phones, tablets, or computers and actually bring
them face to face with you in store. So, you definitely want to be baiting those
social lines with incentive to get people in. You can run special offers,
discount codes, you can even encourage in-store check-ins on social media, as
well as geo tags, and a branded hashtags. Again, this includes your customers in your
holiday campaigns, and also thanks them for supporting your brand. The fourth tip
is to make it mobile. 49% of in-store purchases are actually influenced by
digital activities. So, when somebody makes a purchase from your e-commerce
store, it’s a great idea to have the option there for them to click to tweet
their purchase, share it with their Facebook friends, and even post it on Instagram.
That not only encourages them to be a cheerleader for your brand,
but also makes them feel that you genuinely care about them and the buying
process. You also want to make sure that your mobile customer support is on point,
whether that be through your website and an automated chat, or directly through
your social channels. You definitely want to staff up this holiday season and make
sure that you have somebody, or a team allocated directly to customer support
through social media. Lastly, you obviously want to make sure that any ads
you’re running are optimized for mobile as well, and that way you avoid abandoned
carts and missed items because it doesn’t read properly on a mobile device. Instead,
the customer has a seamless shop to checkout experience, and then maybe even
the option to share that purchase with their friends and finally. My fifth and
final strategy for retailers who want to increase their sales and foot traffic
this holiday season using social media, is to make your product or service the
hero of your stories. Again, keep in mind that successful selling always falls
back on successful storytelling. People don’t buy what you do, or what you sell,
they buy why you sell it. So, make sure that the essence of your story behind
your brand is evident in all of your promotions and campaigns this holiday
season, and that you’re mindful of how you say things. It also doesn’t hurt to
ramp up your video marketing efforts whether that be on Facebook, YouTube, or
Instagram Stories, or even on your product sales pages, because the use of
video has been known to increase conversions by upwards of 80%.
Well, there you have it. A five step strategy for getting those feet into
your store this holiday season using social media.
Now, if you need a little inspiration for your social media marketing holiday
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  1. You are so right – in my town, there is little recognition of the power of social media amongst retailers. Many ignore their bad reviews – Yikes!

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