SEO FOR BEGINNERS 2019 | Powerful SEO tips to rank #1 in Google

SEO FOR BEGINNERS 2019 | Powerful SEO tips to rank #1 in Google

Hey guys, so today I’m
gonna cover some of the basics when it comes to SEO and
ranking your website, getting traffic to your website. The first thing that you want to consider is of course what services you’re offering and also your avatar,
which is your demographic, the people that you are trying to target. It’s really important
that you figure this out because if you think you
know what your demographic is and they turn out to be
something completely different, then you’re going to be
targeting the wrong people. Once you really identify
that and figure out who it is that would be
buying your product or service and what services or products
you’re gonna be selling, then you want to go into
Google Keyword Search Tool and begin to search for keywords that have a ton of search on them. Don’t pay attention at this
point to the competition or any of that type of thing. You just wanna list all the stuff that has a ton of traffic. I like to use Excel,
just list ’em all out. I might even put the number
of searches every month. And the other thing that’s
really important to watch in Google is that when you do this search, there’s a little graph next to the word. And it will tell you if
it had a lot of searches at one point and then it dropped. I try to focus on keywords that have a mostly consistent search. So you might want to do that as well. All right so now that you have
this long list of keywords with tons of search, so the next thing that you wanna consider is the intention of the
person that’s searching. So there’s a lot of variables
when it comes to topics. So if I was going to go in
and put digital marketing in, well there’s a lot of reasons why someone might want to look up digital marketing, and it may not be that they
wanna build a business online. They may wanna learn it. They may wanna go to school. They might just be curious about it and it’s a topic they’re
just searching out on. So, what you wanna do is
really consider the intention. What is that person looking for? Why are they searching for it? And that is going to
allow you to add keywords to your SEO words that will allow people to find your content. Let’s go in and talk a little
bit about long tail SEO. There is a graph. If you can picture a graph in your mind where there’s tons of
search volume up here with all these keywords. And then it goes down like
this and there’s a long tail that it gets less and less and less. A lot of people would think that logically you would want to focus
on the words that have a ton of traffic. But, if your product or
service is very specific to a very specific need and
it’s down here in the long tail, you want to SEO for that keyword and that key phrase
because you are looking for a very specific type of traffic. And you don’t wanna just
have all traffic come to your website and all
traffic look for your stuff when not all of it applies to everyone. So the more specific you can be, you’re going to allow the right traffic to get to your website. So you can implement this on Shopify or if you have a regular website. I’m working on this on my own right now on my website. I just updated all of my software. I’m now going through
and I’m doing the SEO. So what’s really important about this is as you begin to plan out all this SEO, you then want to create assets that relate to that SEO. So what I mean by that
is maybe a blog post, a video, maybe you’re
going to do a download, and you really want to connect
everything to that SEO. And so then you can embed that video, you can repurpose that video. If it’s a blog post, you
can repurpose the blog post. The other thing is that when you begin to label your blog post,
you want to make sure that your main SEO title
that you want people to find you for is what the
actual webpage is called. Then you want to make sure
to update your metadata and your description,
your metadescription. That’s going to help people
when they see your website in search, it’ll look like a legit URL and people will click on it. The other thing is that
you wanna make sure that you naturally repeat
those key phrases and keywords throughout your content. And if your website
allows you to, use tags. So guys, hopefully this
video has helped you and you’ve gotten a little bit of an idea of how SEO works and how you
could begin to implement it on your website. Thank you so much for subscribing
to my YouTube channel, and hey guys, come find me on Instagram @aimeemontgomeryonline where I combine both my success mindset and
my digital marketing together. It’s a brand new account,
so I could really use your guys’ support. All right, guys, see
you in the next video. (light music)

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  1. Glad I found your channel here in my recommended! Youtube got it right! Great video. Would you mind sharing how you find customer intention?

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