Return of The Aquabats! – Tony Hawk & Eric Koston – Full Episode – The Aquabats! Super Show!

Return of The Aquabats! – Tony Hawk & Eric Koston – Full Episode – The Aquabats! Super Show!

Previously on the Aquabats Super Show alright Aquabats! this strange planet
may be hostile so be on your toes and look out for tacos? What happened to us? My memory is all fuzzy You know what else is fuzzy, Eagle man Little baby birdies! we have to be
careful (Laser shooting sounds) Commander, we’ve got to get the other guys to safety come on Do your worst, baby birdies! This monkey’s going to heaven. Commander Get Crash I can’t. there’s nothing wrong with this dirt. it’s delicious. Crash. Crash. Wake up. The commander’s gone batty He’s got some kind of
space madness (Eaglebones Grunting) Ow! A hooo! oh Yahoo! ZaWow. hoo. Hoo Hoo. Eagle Buns. help me Yahoo.
Woohoo! (guitar shredding)
Yaaargh! wooh. (more guitar shredding) What the? Yes Sir! Yes Sir we’ve got ’em. the Aquabats are back. The Aquabats will be back after these messages. What’s the matter kid? Parents forget to leave the door unlocked? you need the Sonic Boom 3000 The sonic boom 3000? That’s right kid.
Just aim, pull the trigger and shatter the sound barrier (Windows Breaking) (Car alarm honking) (glass breaking) Thanks Sonic Boom 3000! From Gloopy! And now back to the Aquabats!
Super Show! (people shouting, camera noises) Aquabats! What was it like being thrown into outer space? we weren in outer space? (more yelling) How does it feel
being responsible for saving the world? We saved the world? (more yelling) Jimmy The Robot! Jimmy’s a Robot? (more yelling and camera clicks) People with microphones! Please excuse us a moment Does anyone know what’s going on? I know exactly what’s going on Eagle
Jones those dolphins disguised as
reporters are trying to trick us Aaah.
Does anyone else know what’s going on? Can you guys remember anything? Uuuhhhhh. I like ice cream. crash does like ice cream I I remember.
I remember.
I remember I remember Oh. Thank you Commander. I remember nothing unfortunately maybe we could trick those reporters into giving us some answers about what’s going on Good plan Jimmy Now let’s ride a tiger down the river Euphrates. break We will now take your questions. Crash. Crash Crash. How did it feel
to save the world like that? Ummmm. Can you please be more specific? Of course. How did it feel to save the
world from space monster M’s giant robot body by wrestling him
and stealing his magic headband and then being hurled into space
for an undetermined amount of time? I like ice cream. Yeah. Ice cream! Woohoo! Ice Cream!
Ice Cream! Ice Cream! Oh. What I think Crash is trying to say is it feels awesome to be back on earth (People cheering) I think the question the world really
wants to know is How did you all become the Aquabats? Well, my dolphin friend, I was swimming in the Caribbean. Animals were hiding behind the rocks Yeah. except for a little fish What the commander means is it was about ten years ago when we all first met for most of my life I’ve wandered this
wide world searching for answers one day I came to a crossroads. Traveler, if you follow the road East you will become the greatest guitar player of all time. fame and riches beyond your wildest dreams await you there so I went west You’re not the boss of me! I came upon a small Roadhouse
for land pirates and mutants I heard a terrible noise
coming from inside I decided to check it out (Ska music plays) There was this band playing inside They were horrible! They wore these ridiculous costumes and worst of all…they had HORNS but still was like nothing I had ever seen so I stayed to watch we’d like to thank everybody for coming out to see us tonight Ha. Right back at you, Homie. It wasn’t going over too well for those guys That’s when I noticed something they needed a guitar player I had to keep moving on, but the band
came after me hey wandering dude man you should end your days of wandering and become a full-time Aquabat it would be so good Only on one condition. We must spend the next 15 years wandering in obscurity, traveling the highways, and
byways of the land looking to right wrongs, fight evil, and protect the
innocent. Um. Okay But if we ever become famous or make money, I’m out and seriously guys!
lose the horns! you’ve got yourself a deal. Things seemed to work out pretty well from then on and that’s how we became
The Aquabats! (loud crashing noise) (growling) Okay. That concludes the press conference for today. Hey Aquabats!
I have a question for you How’s it gonna feel
when I rip your heads off? Well actually… Careful Crash. This could
be a trick question (growling) How do you like me now, Aquabats? am I even more beautiful than the night we met? who is this dude? This dude…The DUDE I SUMMON THE DUDE! Dude. Use your mystic power to fix my memory. Didn’t you guys used to be
like popular, or something? Ronmark That’s right skinny And I. Am. Awesome! JIMMY! (growling) Aquabats! Can I get an autograph? Would you sign this giant beam with your faces? Aquabats! Let’s get out of here. Oh no you don’t! Where’s the Battle Tram? Don’t worry guys,
I’m on it! (whistles) Taxi! Hey! What are you dolphin dudes doing? What are you doing? You’re the heros now. Get back in there and stop that monster. (agents screaming) You made me, Aquabats! and now I’m gonna make you into soup! STOP! Guys. Why are we running? We can take him if we work together. You heard those reporters We saved the world We may have saved the world, Eagle Phone, But this I know. It’s teeth is white as snow. what a gas it was to see him walking every now Enough Commander! You’ve got some kind of
space dementia you need to snap out of it if we’re gonna save the day. how can we save the day? I don’t remember saving the world Well, I do Crash, and you,you were awesome you grew a hundred feet tall and beat up a
giant robot with your bare hands I don’t remember growing 100 feet tall I think I
can jog your memory You stay here. Ricky, Jimmy, help me
distract RonMark You got it! Hey RonMark You better not have hurt my friends. Or what? You’ll cry me to death you big baby man? Crash! Look.
Jimmy the Robot. He’s broken. JIMMY! technically crash I’m.. shut up Getting Emotional! Raaaaggggh Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
Sorry. You broke my friend! (RonMark screaming) You did it, Crash. Good work , Crash. Jimmy!
You’re all better Actually Crash, I do feel a lot better Great plan, Eaglebones uh Eaglebones What happened? Commander , you said my name
right. Are you feeling better? I think so No talking crazy? You’re talking crazy, homeboy Now.
Aquabats! Let’s… You’re the Aquabats! You’re those super heroes yeah you guys just totally threw that monster mutant beast into outer space Yes, Citizen Homies.
We are the Aquabats! That’s great cuz we’ve got some
ruffians in our neighborhood that need to be thrown into outer space too. We’re on it! (cheers) Yeah. And my dog got stole
and I need your help to find him We can do it! and my boss is a jerk. I need to make more money yo we’ll help you! we’ll help all of you! (cheers) whoa, whoa, slow
down eaglebones we got to figure out a few things first and find the Battle
Tram, remember (crowd boos) No way we need help. You owe us. We need your help, NOW! (crowd yells) Guys, let’s get outta here. Aquabats! let’s
go (Help Me Song) I think they’re gone. I’m telling you guys. we can help all those people we can be their HEROS! (suspenseful music) Oh No! and now back to the Aquabats! Super Show! Uh. So I was wrong maybe we can’t help all
these people Jimmy electron pulse coming right up, Commander this way these disguises should keep us safe
until we find the Battle Tram Yeah, your costume looks good Commander Thanks Bro! now.
quietly through the crowd Easy! we’re doing it Hey, I need a refill Sure, I got that for you pal It’s Them! Run! It’s the Battle Tram! Aquabats! Get aboard that tricked-out
Battle Tram Hey! check this out! Dear Aquabats, I hope you don’t mind that I had the Battle Tram all fixed up for you. First, I wanted to thank you for saving the world and that if you ever
need help I will be there signed a secret friend a secret friend? he must have a lot of money. look at this thing it’s like brand-new kind of like us, huh Commander? the Aquabats are brand new too we’re superheroes who save the world now, but maybe not every other tiny little thing It’s true, Eaglebones saving the
world is a big responsibility that hopefully someone else will pay for Wow look at this new button I wonder what it does? Whoa! Awesome! here we go again you

100 thoughts on “Return of The Aquabats! – Tony Hawk & Eric Koston – Full Episode – The Aquabats! Super Show!

  1. This show deserves to come back. It's just too good to be over! Like, the Anti-Bats episode is a masterpiece, and we just need more of this kind of fun. Also they really do need to get you guys a cameo in the next Guardians of the Galaxy film. You've more than earned it.

  2. The Aquabats are pretty Rad! They'd be ÜBER RAD if they liked my comment. (Also it would make my day)

  3. I'm glad these are up on youtube. This show always makes me happy. If people are wondering about the first season you can go buy it on Amazon for like $14. Worth the buy as I think it helps support the band.

  4. I love 'The Pixies' references! Got to see them with Weezer the other day that's one checked off the bucket list!

  5. I'm glad these episodes are on YouTube now. I wish they had been uploaded before I bought the blu Ray for season 2. My son has been requesting the floating eye of death episode from season 1 so I finally ordered the dvd set. I bet they start uploading season 1 soon. 😉

  6. If you have Netflix and want to see more of the Aquabats, go to
    this link and put “The Aquabats SuperShow!” on all three lines.  Maybe if we can get enough people to suggest
    them, maybe they would sponsor The Aquabats and create new shows!!!   Go here

    If you don’t
    trust the link, just login to your Netflix account, go to help and look for
    title requests or suggestions.  Spread
    the word homie!!!

  7. Were those aliens at the beginning the same aliens from the movie Laser Blast the movie made famous from being riffed on MST3K

  8. Tony Hawk and the Aquabats were both essential parts of the early 2000s for me. Suffice to say I love this episode!

  9. The aquabats remind me of old saturday cartoon shows i would watch as a kid it has a good vibe to it 🙂🙃🙂

  10. I like how in the first season they showed the 2nd season (different than this) in the animated shorts during and episode when they would find a tv somewhere.

  11. This show should have never been cancelled, Good clean fun, Ska Will come back man, just wait, you'll see!!!

  12. 11:41 guys I figured it out. At the end of the episode, RonMark grabbed a rock and water shot at him. That water was a space infection.

  13. This show is awesome. It’s meant for kids but we all know mostly ska and punk fans watched it 😉

  14. “Dear Aquabats,

    I hope you don’t mind that I had the Battletram all fixed up for you. First, I wanted to thank you for saving the world and if you ever need help, I will be there.

    Nolan Price, billionaire”

  15. Every episode is a great ride, though this one does feel like three seperate episodes mashed together.
    And knowing what littl I do about the behind the scenes of season 2, that's likely not inaccurate.

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