100 thoughts on “Political Activist Says She ‘Didn’t Expect To Get Attacked From People Who Are Supposed To Be On …

  1. Your Mexican and your voting for trump wtf & then your on national tv like Mexicans won’t see you and kill you for this .

  2. "Why did Dr. Phil do this show?" BECAUSE EVERY PERSON IS ACTING THIS STUPID OVER POLITICS. Is that you, maybe? Arguing with, bashing and doxxing people ON YOUR OWN SIDE??

  3. Alright na Paloma, these bitches got evidence! Come up with ya lie now 'cause its not lookin too good for you. Especially, the whole crack baby thing.

  4. The border isn't just going to affect mexicans. It will also affects native tribes. Yaquis are on the Arizona Mexico border. The Comanche, Navajo, Apache, Ute, Tohono oodamo , Hopi ect. Are all related to the Azteca, mexica, and Maya people. The border affects both sides and helps only the bad guys.

  5. Im glad I have tye ability to think for myself instead of letting a pompus narcissistic jackass brainwash me into being hateful towards another human being. These bitches are pathetic

  6. Leave they women's family alone. It's one thing to hate 1 person it's another to hate on their family members. Sad Mexico woman that is also fat and ugly with poor taste.

  7. Why can’t we just all get along and be kind to one another despite our politics we’re all human and family and friends are FOREVER you shouldn’t let politics get in the way of ANYTHING just be respectful!

  8. As a Trump supporter I am ashamed by how that lady is acting towards the other women and people. We don’t act that way ! Good lord people like her make the rest of us look bad and we aren’t bad at all

  9. How about we just believe what we believe instead of forcing people to believe what we want them to believe? I don't believe illegals should be in in this country unless they do the 2-year process to become an American citizen. Other people would call me an absolute idiot and say that they deserve to be over here. Hey that's what you believe you go for it! but I refuse to argue with anybody just to get my point across politically. We are all adults and we all have common sense and it really would not hurt these women to try to tap into theirs if they have any.

  10. Please stop defending Paloma. She is a vicious racist. She has pushed and shoved children at the border. She is not the victim she portrays herself to be.

  11. Can't wait for 2020 to see all you democrats cry and claim collusion again , let's see how many illegals first , Americans last libtards take my bait

  12. Yeah I don't think paloma did any of that. I followed her during the Tijuana protest against migrants and never heard her incite violence. Also those accts are all different and who collects and prints out 10k screenshots for evidence?

    Maybe I'm wrong but I dont see it lol

  13. There so many ppl here other than Mexicans in this country we understand you do not like minority and some ppl just hate themselves point blank.

  14. really proves how intellectually and socially stunted trumps supporters are. trump fed on and manipulated the dumbest of society and it certainly shows.

  15. Can't they work it out as normal adults do? why attack people online. people have rights to their own opinion. be respectful about it. why cyberbully people and mock them and make of their children at their expense. this woman needs to grow up and leave the other two women alone.

  16. That woman Paloma is mean!! This woman has been viral because of a video where she is yelling at migrantes and pushes a kid who are crossing the border and the sad thing about this is she’s Mexican and doesn’t support her people !

  17. I say we take them to the Ranch. Maybe the Ranch will teach them how to act more mature. All three are immature, childish, drama queens, instigators, and last but not lease attention seekers.

  18. But aren't we a country full of immigrants? We are the ones who are intruding. We did horrible things to the Native Americans and kicked them out of their land. It was unfair how we treated them and act like we were here first when they were. Throughout history, immigrants came through from all parts to seek opportunity.

  19. Thank you Dr. Phil for your disclaimer and discussion but these kind of Women DO NOT Represent American Patriots! True Patriots Love, Stand and Fight for the cause of America’s Pride and Freedom! True Patriots do not Fight with each other!!! For God, Family, Country Not Self Glory!!! Smh!!

  20. The only ones that own a piece of land are the ones that have the weapons to keep it in their possession, I just don't understand it when somebody says we stole this land from natives when they definitely stole it from somebody else…

  21. No lie I didn’t know people tried to mass rush the border. Now I see why the wall was built. Sad tho that we have become a world that’s so us-vs-them

  22. Paloma needs to come to Mexico so she can get an education, its free in here and most people in universities are bilingual.

    Paloma come to mexico and get educated so you stop embarrassing us .

  23. they don't make any sense!!! i can't follow properly or understand this.
    aren't…. aren't all three of them just a different shade of racist and ignorant? this don't make any sense!!!

  24. To me this is what pretty much sums up why I’ve lost hope in humans in General..People are nasty and it’s just commonly acceptable in today’s society..You see it in this, you see it in every day life, you see it on social media..And I could go on and on💯

  25. Something needs to be done but not a wall. Gov’t assistance shouldn’t be accessible. Don’t make me responsible for them or their families

  26. You guys are Trump supporter calling people who don't agree with you sensitive snowflakes… Then you want to jail someone for being mean to you online. Lol. Okay.

  27. I unfollowed all of them but what those 2 are claiming, didn't go down exactly like that. The videos are up showing what they did. Sad they were only half honest.

  28. I like how people realize that the 3 are failures in life leeching onto social media for money. If they were on opposite sides of the issue, most would take sides XD


  30. Grow up and leave peoples family out of it. Especially the children. If u wanna hate on me, that's one thing, but my people….uh NO

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