(please see video description) channel contents in nutshell

(please see video description) channel contents in nutshell

What is your copper intake these days? Oh, I’m off the map. Oh, the bullshit they told us about two milligrams ain’t enough to go around your bellybutton. I mean, seriously, it’s a joke. Yeah, the glyph0sate contaminat!on that they have infected us with stripped everything out of you, anyway. I’m taking anywhere from twenty to forty times their amounts. Yeah, if you buy chlorophyll, Bernard Jensen brand that, per tablespoon, is a hundred milligrams. Hundred Wow! Yeah, so according to the RDA requirements, you always want to take two milligrams, that’s like three times the amout, right? Yeah, if I were a mouse. Anyway, I take, oh, I must say close to sixty milligrams, maybe up to eighty [mg] a day Okay, I made c0pper chlor!de Which you will see a video coming out soon when Dave releases that one. Okay, on the c0pper and z!nc chlor!de, the chlor!des are the big player nobody’s talking about. That’s what actually knocks out your [email protected], your bacter!al, or viral, your [email protected], your b!0film… That’s what keeps the body sanitized. This keeps your electrical currents flowing through the body, so when you’re combining them with a mineral like zinc or copper or manganese or potassium or sodium or calcium, you’re carrying a salt that now will get into things on a cellu1ar level, and so, that’s what we need to go: [email protected], because that would beat [nan0-carrier]. But, things [cellular structure] are being [email protected] That’s what communications netw0rks are breaking down. that’s where they gave us a wonderful silicon. If they sell us some sort of health panacea, which is all bullsh!t!

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