100 thoughts on “Our Generation’s Big Problem with Anxiety & Social Media.

  1. Oh damn you really got me here. It’s like you spoke my soul. The addiction of technology is far beyond our control now, it’s gone too far. Pandora’s box exactly right. How quickly we have flown forward and nobody can handle it. Or is it just me? I don’t know. The microphone hearing itself…I’m experiencing this right now and most days it consumes me and freaks me out of what’s to come. Shit Pierre are you reading my mind? Everything is dictated to us right now. We just have to do it. There’s no other way around it we just have to.

  2. I love that you are talking about how technology is really taking over our thoughts and life slowly. I suggest you all to just pause for a minute and just think. Why are you on this earth? what’s the purpose of my life? We humans are to complex and outstanding creatures to just be created by nothing and just be here on earth. Work, sleep eat. Just think about that. My religion has helped me find the answers to life, and a really soothing and relaxing thoughts I have whenever I’m anxious or depressed is that I know my creator, Allah, will never ever put me in a situation which my soul can not handle❤️

  3. 2:20 maybe we can start thinking about the meaning of our lives? What is your purpose of lives?

    to be honest, when you know the purpose of your lives, most of the times the anxiety level just decrease to a very low point, because you know it isn't what you want in lives.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d16CpWp-ok (just a reference link to my meaning of lives. different people has different meaning tho)

  4. Hii. I would not stop for write this comment, but I really got the feeling of this approach. It's so insane to think about this period we live today in a historical lens, it's opens widely our vision about our past as human being and even our future that is more and more unpredictble. When you said about we can see you in this video by technology, I felt it hard. I'm a brazillian, at my 20's, and I want to say how much I appreciate your channel and the way you talk. You are so incredible and such an inspiration. Thanks about it <3

  5. Here i am, anxious as fuck before my exam tomorrow
    After watching the video i'm still anxious as fuck before my exam tomorrow because now i also feel existential dread lmao

    I wasn't ready for all this truth hahaha
    Right now i just want to run away rather than face everything. In the grand scheme of things this exam is a bump in the road and it's outcome wont determine my future whatsoever, yet i'm still freaking out

  6. I’ve just been diagnosed with anxiety disorder today and this video made me feel better so yeah thanks for that

  7. I think your argument for not using social media is weak. “The world will keep moving on” and “I just love it” aren’t good reason to keep using it until self destruction, similar to smoking… just because the world will keep going and it feels good, does it mean it is best for me?

    It’s true we have too much time on our hands because we chose to be like this. We choose not to be busy. When we are busy, it is only an illusion on social media. I don’t have social media anymore, I feel so good and relaxed. I don’t suffer from anxiety or depression because I choose to be busy with my life with the things I love. And I’m 23.

  8. I have really bad anxiety and have to work through it, drive through it, talk through it, anything I’m doing in that moment when the panic attack strikes I always just keep going. My friends can’t even tell it’s happening sometimes. But it doesn’t get better. I sill have anxiety at work and when I’m driving and when I’m talking to people. So to say we just have to expose ourselves to the things that give us anxiety isn’t good advice

  9. This is my first video I’ve watched on your personal channel and I don’t know if I’m too overwhelmed by your message or your beauty … this is to say, I watched it three times 🤷🏻‍♀️😆☺️💜

  10. Honestly.. I never comment under videos, but your speech and opinions…. I've never related more … It was almost poetic.. The way u talked😊 So thank u for sharing with the world 💕

  11. i hate silence. I aLWAYS make sure to have some kind of sound near me. It's either people talking, some show running, the tv, music or me singing/humming. When there's no sound at all i get super nervous and it feels my brain is running 1000 m/ph + i start hearing voices in my head silently screaming at me. It's honestly scary.

  12. We do NOT have time to reflect on the things that matter because the motherfucking capitalist system is obsolete and forces us to slave 2/3 of our life away for paper nothingness that is doing nothing but giving us the temporary illusion of improving our wellbeing when it is actually worsening it AND destroying the earth while doing so.

    Repeatability of exposure is a solution that perpetuates the experience of suffering.

    Whereas understanding behavior allows to engineer our beliefs systems to undo the implanted false needs that we have been conditioned to believe we have towards a direction that is sustainably saner.

    What do we want, treat the symptoms, or treat the cause?

    ➗ Authenticity, Evolution, Unity➗

    ~ We don’t accept stagnation, we don’t tolerate mediocrity, we don’t settle with leaving people behind in suffering. We are evolution. We, are Sovldiers #WEARESOVLDIERS. ~

  13. Oh this video is great! I feel that with social media nowadays, people take advantage of the anxious self-deprecating culture, where they use the empathy of others to allow them to use you and step on you. When I started high school, I had met someone like that, saying that they do not want to be pitied, yet all they do is talk about how much they want to die and seem to have a contest of who has a shittier life. I was in a program with this person, casted as a shadow, I even third-wheeled in my own relationship, yet she still pits the responsibility of her anxiety from me standing up for myself, from other things she has control of and can manage in a timely matter. I honestly gave her many chances, my boyfriend and I have spent time attempting to work on her anxiety at school, but we were just fucking babying her. And I have realized when I arose from my grave she dug for me, stepping me, that I didn't need either one of them to make myself who I am. I honestly was a nobody in that program, when I broke up with my boyfriend that time because I had confronted the both of them on what made me super uncomfortable…I had enough. When I wanted to die the most, that was when I worked harder, kept to myself and thoughts to close friends, I didn't seek attention by crying to a crowd. But she did, now she's just in a cycle of people she's holding the hands of through life to leech off of emotionally. This hasn't been the first occurrence and she even is aware of her being some sort of "loli e-girl", she knows how people just don't like her behavior. This culture of not listening to constant haters, and ignoring self growth and responsibility of actions is what I dislike about this growth in society with the influx of information. Yes, we seem to be able to associate ourselves with stereotypes or terms that we may read off media or sites, but using what we seem to associate with in the plague of the 21st century is a spiral of mental health, is not okay when you use it to be convenient. I know I went on a tangent, but I just felt like venting this.

  14. You have some interesting things to say about that topic. The only social media thing I use is YouTube XD. But it is true that technologie is a miracle, its great and opens the door for endless oportunities. We just need to learn to use it in the best way.
    Personaly I prefer the old fashion and talk to someone face to face. So if you ever visit Vienna I would love to have a melange and a chat about the world, society and flying croissants with you 🙂

    About anxiety… I feel like people just over use that eord. Not every stressed emotion is anxiety.
    When I think about all the things that are added to our food like hormons in meat, crazy unhealthy chemicals,… and things that change the sex of mice,… that are in our everyday hygiene products, I wonder if that has something to do with the increase of anxiety in society?

    Sorry for my english it is not my first language 🙂

  15. been saying we on the brink of a cultural revolution for a loooong azz time now, only problem is historically, they usually come after a war 😬 and this culture of avoidance is doing some SERIOUS damage to our youth, this molly-coddling and attempt at avoiding any emotional discomfort sets the psyche up for some pretty dire self regulation pathologies, its a common thread amongst addiction rehabilitation, the failure of the addict to 'sit with your pain' that you can't just reach for a pill every damn time something feels uncomfortable, adversity is the impetus of growth, that's why western [and soon global] society now have the normalisation of infantilisation- because no-one's maturing beyond their adolescence…. its too 'scary' and 'uncomfortable'

  16. Really good video, Pierre! I am from Gen X and feel dubitative with this millennial generation, this helps me understanding the struggles more.

  17. I was on medication for 12 years straight because of severe anxiety disorder, couldn't leave the house and all that. Today I'm OK without meds and can live a quiet "normal" life. But what I actually wanted to say: dude I think it's so fascinating how you manage to draw pictures with your language for situations I've never been able to find any words for. Your allegories are pure gold man! Not only in this video, you always find great ways to picture abstract stuff.

  18. Anxiety. I used to think my middle name ‘Anne’ was an abbreviation for Anxiety.

    I’ve found that to manage my anxiety is to make a few adaptations.

    I get social anxiety making plans/seeing too many people at once in an intimate setting such as dinner. Now I can only hang out with 1-4 friends max.

    Social media/technology has its pros, keeping in touch with friends/family overseas. Informing you of local events. Reaching someone urgently. Instant shopping.

    But there are cons, it’s given some an excuse not talk face to face anymore. I take the London Underground on my daily commute and looking around, 9 out of 10 people have eyes glued to their phone. Only one was reading a paperback book. I don’t know why, that made me feel a twinge of sadness. Also realisation I’m usually one of those 9 out of 10. It also shows just how reliant we are now on it.

    Where is the balance? We are yet to find that?

  19. I'm so glad you speak out about how you feel, we feel we cant talk about these things bc other people will get offended, but I'm so glad you're able to speak thr truth about how people are feeling. Awesome video!

  20. I dont know where to begin… I literally cannot believe all the information, hope, understanding, and enlightenment you shared in 10 minutes. This is something everyone should listen to daily as a whole to create a path, and there are so many mini growth destinations along the way. I so needed this as a framework and guide. Thank you.

  21. why was this the most motivational video ive ever seen! ppl shud rlly stop painting spirituality as a certain image. u are awesome!

  22. From someone who's dealing with severe social anxiety, I can for sure say that the only way to get rid of it is to push yourself to confront uncomfortable situations. Yes it's going to suck but over time you start to develop this mental strength and learn how to approach new situations. I definitely agree that social media had a part in this. It's like I woke up one day as an adult, having grew up with the internet, not knowing how to deal with social awkwardness and not knowing how to perform simple tasks. It's scary. But I can also recognise that social media helps us with reflection and personal growth. Like you said, we're babies still learning to figure it out.

  23. I don’t think we are that special, we copy the ideas of others before us and make it better. And maybe, with technology, we are taking it a little further than we should.

  24. Man… Love and Respect to you ❤ am just so happy that these things are being talked about … Like it's so much needed … Thankyou so much 🙏🙏❤❤

  25. I genuinely enjoy Pierre,he’s so intelligent and has a very unique perspective on everything and tells things as they are in a very rational way. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. He gives us guidance through this corrupt society and company for those whom are alone and feel safe in their head space.

  26. Fuck man I love your videos. you are brilliant. I love your analogies and explanations. Your points. Just. I'm glad I found your channel. I love it.

  27. OMG.. Im always saying this. I use my anxiety as a tool! Loving all your videos. you are fucking beautiful (and sexy AF!)

  28. I agree with this wholeheartedly. This is the reason why I had to un follow so many people in my life who just kept re posting these kind of anxiety memes and about how depressed and anxious they are. As someone who suffers incredibly badly from anxiety I can't stand them. It makes me feel like people like me who suffer from these mental illnesses can't get better. I really can't put it into words. The more anxiety gets treated as not as serious. It makes it harder for people like me to really get the help we need. Gosh it's so hard for me to put it into words. Sorry but I totally agree with you. I may have a horrible mental illness that impairs me from doing so many things, but I can't let it eat away at me forever. It's hard it's really hard but I know things will always get better. I know it can't be like this forever.

  29. Pierro, I don't know if I love you or hate you! You do make sense, how is this possible?. I have read more million books, love ,really love art,beauty, I m an elitist when it comes to beauty.ps:you speak so well
    The more I listen to you ,I could quite confidently have an argument with you…then makes sense again
    Ciao, go to Paris,its beyond your dreams.

  30. How can you always say the right thing and make such enlightening speeches?
    You are a very deep person
    And your voice is wonderful
    I really appreciate you, you are such an amazing creature

  31. This just gave me so much life. I really needed to hear it, and hearing it with your beautiful voice and your beautiful face, makes your thoughts so much more resounding. Thank you!

  32. Wouw, I am so happy to see a young man so cleaver, I send this to my 26 years old son, all humain should see this one, thank you and bless you

  33. You're hypnotic. It's amazing how everything flows and makes sense. I've been caught up in a bad cycle of anxiety and depression. I force myself to do things I really don't feel like I can do, but I know I'm not forcing myself enough. I used to be a serious workaholic in order to avoid my emotions and that's not good either- it got me where I am now. Grrrr. I also used to run on the fear of what may or may not happen if I didn't do something. Now that fear is gone because I've realized I survived it, but I just don't have anything to motivate me now. Hope that makes sense? I loved your video as always. I wish I could travel to Austria or the Czech Republic, BC, Canada, etc. and start anew. I feel I'd thrive being around the culture, lifestyle, arts, architecture, and beauty rather than the life here in America. I don't think America is built for Highly Sensitive People or Empaths. 😞

  34. Thank you for making this video. I never like to bring up my anxiety and my stress in my life, especially when my work overwhelms me because everyone brings up their “anxiety” like it’s so bad for them and makes me feel as if I bring it up as a call for help, it’ll be denied as a call for attention. I have had times where my stress evolved into depression eventually to where my own friends questioned my well being and they asked why I never brought it up and I said the same thing “I don’t wanna look weak and also it’s as if everyone has it and they bring it up every time.” I’m comparing my own life but it seems these “internet sensations” never know most of the time what real anxiety is.

  35. Intetnet is the best and the worst nightmare for humankind. I wish someone would cut off the Source and destroy that stuff.

    AWESOMELY crafted and well thought out video. This is "Spoken Word" for the new generation!!
    The narration alone could stand alone as a lead-in for a 'get help' – type commercial. Look alive advertisers your next spokesperson is coming at you!!
    Good Luck Pierre.

  37. Video SUGGESTION: To piggyback onto some of the themes touched upon in this video would you consider doing a video in this same vane and method which talks about the reverse effect of social media. What I am referring to is that for as much as the computer and internet broadened our reach and connection with people in far off lands it also has created a very "isolationist culture" in that people no longer use the phone to reach out and connect. The phone is used for texting. Around the house, out in public, on public transportation, out at a restaurant, etc we have lost the ability to do that very basic of human things — and that is to have a simple one-on-one face to face conversation with someone. Everyone is too busy with their head stuck on our tablets or phone's text screen. Increasingly, we are moving away from being a global society and becoming more and more a society unto ourselves. Food for thought hopefully for a future video.

  38. there is a new movie coming out in october 25 called NO SAFE SPACES i bet you get lot of hit with that commentary

  39. You just described most of everyone’s lives so perfectly and your so right I have anxiety and I’m not very social but I noticed that if I want to grow socially I have to like jump out there and fly so to speak and put my self out there to adjust with different energies so I can master everyone’s personalities and blend in with them more socially. You hit it right on the nail, we can’t be scared of the causes around the world, we have to be fearless of the unexpected

  40. You are very wise and have so much introspection. You have so much to give to this world and I'm excited for the direction you're headed in and being able to witness your success even from afar on a small digital screen. You're an inspiration man ❤

  41. I love your outlook on most things Pierre, however I'm going to have to agree to disagree on most of this. It's not that I couldn't see where you were coming from or that you didn't even make good points in this video. It's that I feel like there is a much bigger subject to what's causing anxiety then just smartphones. Technically we are better off than past Generations. They would live their lives much more recklessly, stereotypically known for drugs free love, and decreasing Family Values which is the start right there. In fact I feel like there are a lot of ways in which technology can actually improve these things. Do people abuse things? of course they do, but I'm not sure it's correct to slap the problem label on it because of that. I really think it's just Society in general that perpetuates toxic mentalities and instills unhealthy habits, thoughts, behaviors, and the way we are taught to feel about ourselves and others from the day we are born that envokes this anxiety in our generation. and this was long before social media and Technology formed to the point that it is today. Watching planes fly into 2 big tall towers killing thousands of people happened long before smartphones. Again I get your point but I feel like there are a lot more contributing to our anxiety today then smartphones and social media. 🤷

  42. I agree to many things,disagree to few,most important is technology is beyond us,we need more than fast to feel and undestand and result in comfortably numb creatures,really liked and gonna adapt some of my views to yours.

  43. I think this may be the most beautiful, inspiring video of yours. Thank you so much Pierre, listening to you is always medicine to me.

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