Online Marketing, Social Media Growth & Passive Income Tutorials with Dominick Whelton

Online Marketing, Social Media Growth & Passive Income Tutorials with Dominick Whelton

hey what's up you guys my name is Dominic Walton and welcome to my brand-new second channel I am so stoked to have you guys here if this is the first time you guys are ever seeing me welcome hello I am so glad to introduce myself if you came from my other channel hi hello thank you for coming over and checking out these new videos reason I created this second channel is because I wanted to have a platform in an area where you guys can come where you solely just get information that you can start applying to your lives today information that will help assist you in achieving your goals so on this channel we're going to talk about everything from how to start a successful YouTube channel how to grow your YouTube channel how to grow your Instagram engagement how to eventually work with brands start making money from home quicker 9 to 5 move out of your parents house tart your own business your own online business tips and marketing tricks of how to grow and expand those so that you can start making money that not only pays your bills but allows you to put money in savings that allows you to do other things that you want to accomplish with your life and that's what this channel is about one thing that really strikes a chord with me is when I started about four years ago trying to do online businesses by myself I didn't really have a YouTube channel I could turn to where people were giving me actual data and facts and sharing their own numbers about what they make how they make it everything was just so vague and I was like what the heck everybody wants you to buy their $2,500 course to learn information that we really should be able to just share with one another so that's what the purpose of this channel is now I have my little notebook right here and I have written down just a few topics that we're going to cover just in the first month here so a few videos you guys can get excited to see on this channel in this first month are how to create a passive income how much youtubers actually make in the difference between how a smaller channel can make more money than a larger channel and what the numbers really mean what a CPM is how not only to monetize your videos but how to start working with brands and they give you guys some story times of how I moved out of my parents house how I quit my nine-to-five we're going to be talking about successful habits to build into your life as far as the morning routine goes as well as setting not only goals but really planning out a vision for your life we're going to be talking about a lot of financial things and how to save money how to invest money how to really give yourself a financial audit and see where your money is going and see if your money is working for you or against you basically I want this channel to be a resource for people who are not just starting out but may who have been in the game a little while and really just want to further their knowledge on how to be successful on their own terms as somebody who has a few online businesses and who uses YouTube and my social media as a business as well it's important for me to take that knowledge and share it with other people so they can start implementing it into their own life so that they can acquire the life that they desire so if all of this information sounds like something that really intrigues you I highly encourage you guys to hit that subscribe button so you get notified I'll be posting videos every other day so that way you guys are really gonna get flooded with useful content that you can start applying today which will hopefully further you and your passion and your business so that you can start living the life that you guys want and that is the goal through this channel so be sure to hit that subscribe button you can find me on social media at Dominic button pretty much everywhere else I appreciate all the support with this new channel you guys so with that I will see you guys very soon for the next video until then take it easy

37 thoughts on “Online Marketing, Social Media Growth & Passive Income Tutorials with Dominick Whelton

  1. Not sure if you even get these comments, but I saw one today that I hear a little frustration with your followers. You asked for comments, but that portion of your site wasn't available. Also, today is the first one of your vlogs in easily a week so ig you are making them, some of us aren't receiving them.

  2. As a first year business student I really feel like I could learn a lot from these videos! excited for what's to come 🙂

  3. Thank you DOMINK, i just discovered this thing of passive income last month, but I have no idea, I’m just tired of working 9-5 , in ready to learn from you cutie, (OG)

  4. I've just found your other channel today and loved watching it. I'm happy that you've created this second channel so I can keep up with you, learn about financial stuff and improve my English skills , since you speak so well and I'm a Brazilian guy learning English. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on YouTube.

  5. Hey Dominick thanks for the new channel, definitely useful babe. Needless to say that I have subscribed.

  6. I'm looking forward to seeing your tutorials, to learn how to create and increase the popularity of a youtube channel. Thank you in advance for your advice.

  7. I’m glad you’ve started this second channel. You sparked the idea of starting my own channel, but I had no idea where to start. I’m sure you’ll be able to help a lot! Thanks

  8. I'm so excited to see these new vids!! Just started my channel recently and I could use all the advice I could get, thanks Domenick! <3

  9. I'm excited to see what's going to come out of this new channel. We need more voices sharing tips for those just starting out in the digital space!

  10. Je suis très ému de faire une autre chaine pour d'autres sujets sui sont beaucoup plus professionnel merci beaucoup de partager votre expérience avec nous et si vous avez besoin d'aide je suis la juste envoie moi ce que t'a besoin et laisse le reste a moi, bon courage er t bonne continuation

  11. Hi Nick. I'm part of the good witches who whish to you a great success on your new project. And I'm really interested on those topics. Subscribed.

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