One Man's Attempt at Roofing His Post and Beam Barn 2nd Attempt

One Man's Attempt at Roofing His Post and Beam Barn 2nd Attempt

good morning modern status it's just something so magical about the foggy morning look at that you can't even see out there my coats like all right stop enjoying the nice foggy morning and give us our food do you sure you girls want some alfalfa are you sure there you go you got plenty of hay out there – new barn having everything in one area right now our animals are all outside and our feet is all in the basement of the house it's gonna be nice be able to have a feed room right next to it we keep the goats have our own milking room so we're not built and rating the barn stall so convenient I'm glad we took our time to build the barn we figured out where we really needed on the property and also how to have the barn flow any side for us to work the best so the area where we positioned the barn on the property oh ma we'll need some more feed who thinks that was a best spot because we can access the pasture where New York City is and we can access the pasture or soon to be pasture that we have log last year you guys haven't seen the videos of us getting that or ache a piece of property law I'll put a link to that playlist right here believe it or not we got paid to get that log this is pretty cool thank you we'll just in the time since we milked and went inside and filtered the milk at least half of the fog is already burnt off let's tell them it's gonna be a hot one today guys attack you can see again you see that I've never seen that before let me zoom in for you look at that crazy chicken I wonder why my gutters are all jacked up old CWC what are you up to huh what are you up to is that way you sleep at night Oh lady you're crazy [Applause] you sure do like the squawk don't you there you go you guys ready to go back in the house once it cooled off a bit last night I came back out and I cut the rest of our tin to Lang I had the other ten sheets here and then I cut up the end pieces of tin for each side we believe I left my pencil right here I better move our water and coffee I don't want to kick those over though the way we have this cut this is the top and that means like on the other side I'm gonna go one to the top first sheet and then we'll leave these ones off so let's get these two marked and drilled and then we'll finish up doing the rest okay I'll be there probably around 9 o'clock thank you well we just got a phone call we got some chicks down at the post office yes so let's mark this we don't use a pencil for now on this first sheet 1:13 and then it's 93 and I was 73 and it was 53 33:13 and then or so I'll get that first one marked all right so the chicks coming in the mail today is awesome I'll just take away a little bit from working on the barn so we'll go get the hose we have a Olivia out to town so that'll be perfect timing I always want your ear protection I ran out last night I got some D Walt impact ready drill bits see how these work I always worked awesome hopefully just stay this sharp nice so much faster than yesterday take this sheet off this will be our first when we start with today I'll take it off for now over here now we can mark these other two and get them drilled out can't believe how much faster the dough is going with Dewalt drill bit not a sponsor but if the waltz if you want a sponsor we got our peel box on the video description of this video you can send us as many tools as you'd like dice this and this alright so we need to get our first board set up so we can set our first piece of tin in place we want this Jew but I don't want to do that there we go I'll set that in place as a spacer get her up I like that overhang down here how are we here I am smidge under too much is we'll set this one in place that'll hold it I think setup just under two inches there are two inches inch and 7/8 inch and 7/8 that's wench pre-drilling comes in so handy I like it I like that a lot all right how long just back this one off a smidge too much right now that I like that I like that that's sitting good there let's go up and get this tin in place the same reveal here as we do over there I hang up this is my belt loops I don't lose it all right we need to grab our chick brooder which is right here need our cover I know you're saying ow how is this a chick brooder ah ha ha let me show you it's one sheet of plywood and then we'll take these two put them over here take this one line that groove up here let's line it up with this one boom this 137 and I guess you got some chicks here for us – okay sounds like that's our noisemakers back there I was hoping they'd come today and they wouldn't get stuck sitting on the post office somewhere for the fourth of July for that one perfect open em up see what we got we ordered nice I'm not seeing any dead one we ordered 40 Cornish cross mails from Hoover hatchery calm I'll have a link in the description down below not a sponsored video just where we got our chicks from there looking nice and healthy I like seeing that take them out one by one and get their beak in water and then this way they know where their waters at they've never had a drink of water yet all right let's half down now they're all going back and drinking some more one hour 40 mil Cornish crosses they've all had their first drink and now quite a few of them are over there eating also hey old CWC yeah the goats sounds like a little man we cut our ridge cap now we can get back to working on the barn let's get the ridge cap up ridge cap I know but I'm thinking if we put the ridge cap up now we can work it from the strapping and work it side to side where if we put the ridge cap up after we're gonna be working just on the tin if we won't have any strapping to stand on so grab our first ridge cap hoping I can slide this piece of tin under it it's what the goal is anyways well line it up like so I have it over hang a little bit make sure it's still straightening in line with that other peak like so nice yeah let's come down flush I like that right there all right let's get another ridge cap and set in place I'm glad they don't put this on every sheet of roof material I'd take forever I want this one to go under as if it goes over and we're looking from the house we'll see the edge where if I slide it underneath it you might have put too many screws in but there we go we go underneath let's go at least to here yeah like that so if we go underneath if we're looking from there we won't see a seam that makes sense guys it's a little anal but those little details that make it nice in the long run alright let's see we flushed there we are so let's stick one screw in place I'm gonna be super tight I need to take this board out this is going along good just get her up on the stage right that right there okay go back up and work it little bit of a breeze feels good doesn't help when you try to put your kid up okay thought that was beautiful there we go I like that I don't know if you'll be able to set this up or not but let's get it up here at least we'll have it if we can use it you can't use it whole he'll be up there anyways let's do this this we go should have enough screws in the old pocket alright here we go again set it like so see if it stays let's try this again okay that works that's pretty well online right there so we're good and start working out way down and screwing them note to self put more screws in your pocket before you come back up [Applause] last full-width piece for this side and the Sun just went behind the cloud oh it's gonna be nice and smushed an apple man that's alright I was thinking about waiting to do this last piece till tomorrow but I think I'm gonna do it next it could be a lot easier you get this side from that side and that last one we'll have to set up a ladder to get we have more room on that side since we don't have an apple tree we're contending with let's go grab the last piece and get it in place here's where I hid the piece I need under the apple tree all right let's get up and get this piece screwed down the best we can from up here wow you know what I didn't bring no I did foof hoping to get at least two rows if not maybe three rows can we reach this one let's see yes do this from the top we are 13 inches from the top 30 inches that's what we're doing for today it feels good to have the roof done this far I'm glad I've decided the ridge cap on as I was working the tin on the side hopefully tomorrow it won't bite me in the butt I think you should go pretty good tomorrow build a finish up the next side of the roof to get the ridge cap all buttoned up which is going to be nice we'll have a watertight working area when it starts to rain again I'm excited we got our second batch of Cornish cross meat birds from Hoover hatchery calm I can't wait till we can get them out on pasture give them raised up and that'll be our chicken for this winter which it feels good to know hey I got I'm working on growing my winter supply of food always good to know you get some healthy food growing up for you this winter thanks for coming along in our journey with us I'll see you right back here in the next video at lump acres a guide to modern homesteading self-sufficiency freedom

38 thoughts on “One Man's Attempt at Roofing His Post and Beam Barn 2nd Attempt

  1. Hi… AL thank you for sharing your video homestead chicken farmer garden so keep it up for your new barn bye ๐Ÿ‘‹ bye ๐Ÿ‘‹ ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿ‘•๐Ÿ‘“๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ“๐Ÿฅ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿก๐ŸŽฅ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. I enjoy your videos. You don't have to dip the chicks beaks in the water. Ive raised chickens, ducks, guenea, turkeys and every other poultry under the sun and they always find the water on their own.
    Good job on the barn.

  3. So, no poly butyl closure on ridge cap or cover laps. Hope cover laps are away from prevailing winds

  4. You are putting the screws for the roofing wrong. You should be doing them on the ridge of the metal so when water runs down the channels it doesnโ€™t go around the screws. Where you put them that could leak in the future.

  5. A "chicken ladder" would be most helpful working that roof. Then you wouldn't need to reach so far and doing the end piece would be easy.

  6. Great job. Next metal roof, I install the ridge cap like you did. Only fault was you didn't show all of the removal of the plastic coating. Major AMSR. Lol

  7. Please don't take offence but the tech screws should be going through the ridges of the roofing, where they are now your roof will leak, apart from that you are doing a great job!

  8. I bet every day Gina comes home and she's like oh wow! You get a lot done in 1 day. Looks awesome Al can't wait to see tomorrow's video

  9. Enjoy your video's. Question, are you going to install a vapor barrier under the metal roof? Because of vapor condensation.

  10. I'm curious if you're going to harvest water from the barn?
    Solar panels would be good too. I know you ran power but wouldn't it be great if the barn were self sufficient?

  11. Awesome job! Your attention to detail and thinking ahead is amazing. I've shimmied along a ridge cap screw it in…no fun! Thanks for the info on that drill bit, that will save me some headaches.

  12. Amazing progress and just phenomenal work from one man. Can't wait to see the chicks grow up to meat birds. God bless you and your family for sharing your homestead. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘

  13. Hello Al, your work on that barn is absolutely incredible, you are certainly a master builder! Miss Hope is still up to her antics in the feeder, she is completely full of beans and personality, what a wonderful addition to your farm she is ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŒฟ

  14. If Jamaica cottages were smart theyโ€™ll use your build as a promo! Youโ€™ve done an amazing and excellent job Al!

  15. Hey Al, something I've been thinking about since your snow melted: how are those blueberry plants that you got from Gold Shaw Farm doing? :))

  16. Sir, There is no need to dip the chicks heads in the water. They will find it.
    I enjoy your video productions.

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