Old Content in a New World

Old Content in a New World

Occasionally I look back at my older videos
and cringe because they’re rubbish. I try my best to keep all of these up, but sometimes
I have no choice but to remove it because they are THAT BAD. Like, seriously. Bad.
But there was a time and place for that stuff. Back when my channels were smaller, and the
comments section had more of a community feel. I could get away with jokes or stuff that
I can’t get away with now. Looking back at them now with fresh eyes, it’s easy to
forget about this and to judge these videos with modern-day standards.
But I think this touches on a much bigger, and more worrying issue. The world is changing,
and what was acceptable a decade or so ago… no longer is. But we’re getting to that
stage where the internet has been around for several decades… and changes have happened
in that time. What if our past internet footprint comes back to haunt us? I think there are
already instances where what people have said in the past has been used against them, now
out of context in a different world. I notice it a lot on my older videos. Going
Low in CS:GO is a prime example! This was all recorded in 2013 and 2014, soon after
ranks were added to the game. I deliberately lost games to try and reach the lowest rank
possible. At the time it was a jokey thing to do with friends, and since everybody wanted
to improve their rank, they didn’t care that I was trying to lower mine.
Boy, that series has aged BADLY. I think because of ranked play, the community got a lot more
serious, and expected others to also behave seriously. Only after the series was recorded
did smurfing become a game-wide problem. This is where players deliberately get a low rank
so that they can get easy games and beat less skilled players for fun. A lot has changed
in Counter-Strike, to the point where the things we did in Going Low in CS:GO are seen
as downright wrong and offensive to some! I have enough content on my hard drives for
another 10 Going Low videos! But it’ll never be released because the world has changed.
It’s moved on, and Going Low is no longer acceptable. We reached silver 1. It took us
just 1 night to drop through all the silver ranks- we simply killed ourselves every round.
The teams we played against loved us for it! They saw it as an easy way to gain ranks,
and would accept rematches with us over and over again. Rematches in Counter-Strike are
almost unheard of, but some of the people we met that night would have 5-6 games with
us in a row. This wasn’t offensive content- we made a lot of people very happy that night
and I thought it was a lovely way to end the Going Low Series! BUT artificially boosting
or lowering your rank has since become incredibly frowned upon. And the game has changed as
well. The ability to rematch has been removed. Killing yourself has been disabled, committing
suicide in other ways will get you kicked from the game. Really, I think the Going Low
series is of historical significance and only gets more interesting to watch as time goes
on. But it isn’t seen that way by anybody who takes the game seriously today.
Also, players were a lot worse at the game back then. I was DMG in 2013. But DMG back
then is like, lowly silver rank today. When people watch these videos in 2019, do they
understand that it’s old and things were different? Of course not. They see me playing
at silver level and they think that I was bad, even back then. It’s like comparing
the Olympics from 100 years ago with the crazy stuff people are capable of now. Things have
changed! And it’s not as simple as saying that people back then were less talented.
But change can lead to more serious consequences than simply looking a bit rubbish with hindsight.
Imagine if the internet had been around in the 1930’s. Say the queen instagrammed herself
doing the nazi salute in 1933! Imagine if that salute then went on to represent terrible
acts and the largest war the world has ever seen. And now there’s an image of the royal
family doing that salute forever more. Oh dear! A reasonable person would understand
the context. But not everybody is reasonable, are they. And do we always take the time to
understand a situation? Or do we sometimes like to get angry about things, using our
moral superiority to justify our hatred towards the accused party?
We all know a racist granny, don’t we. Their odd or offensive mannerisms are remnants of
a different world, back when it was more acceptable to say and to do the things they do. We can
smugly see ourselves as smarter, fairer and superior. If we were around back then we wouldn’t
have been racist or anything like that! …but maybe we would have. It is not okay to be
racist. But it’s important to understand that the situation was different back then,
and different things were deemed socially acceptable. But perhaps it’s time your granny
gets with the times and stops being quite so racist now, okay?
We like to think that we’ve finally got it all sussed! That our current mindset, right
now, is the perfect one, free of bias or prejudice. We will judge everything that has ever happened
to the standards we currently have in our heads. But what if we don’t have it right?
What if there are things that we’ll change our minds about, 10 or 20 years down the line?
I was going to say that as a Youtuber, I have more to worry about than most, but then I
think most of us have a substantial internet footprint that can and probably will be used
against us at some point in the future. It wouldn’t even require a dramatic change-
simply lots of small ones, over a long period of time. But one day we might wake up to find
our past selves being used against us. Now I’m going to talk about porn!
Did you know that fisting is illegal in the UK? So is humiliation. And roleplaying as
non-adults. Or physical or verbal abuse… even if it’s consentual. Or spanking! They
justify a face-sitting ban because it’s potentially ‘life endangering’ lol. Some
of these things are vaguely worded- but a lot of standard pornographic content you find
online will break a UK law in some form or another. Add to that how they’re going to
roll out a porn block in the UK where you have to confirm who you are to view pornographic
content and it’s almost like the UK government is trying to gather dirt on everybody it can.
I’m sure I’m just being paranoid and that it’s for our own protection – so nothing
to worry about here! Plus I’ve got nothing to hide, so it won’t affect me. That and
VPN. The problem is, this stuff wasn’t illegal
until 2014. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you possessed this kind of content from before
2014, forgot about it, only to have your hard drive confiscated by the police? When I talk
about this, people mistake it as me being a FAN of this kind of content. Obviously,
I’m not, because it’s illegal! But I think porn laws are used BECAUSE they’re difficult
to defend. Nobody wants to stand up for their right to bondage. Because they’ll be ridiculed
and tarred with the same brush as the content they’re trying to defend!… but I think
that’s what ‘they’ want- it undermines any resistance to these kinds of laws being
rolled out. I think it’s important to draw a line somewhere,
and to regularly check back and see if they’ve moved sneakily moved the goalposts further.
At what point do you speak up about something? Or do you just think that, since you accepted
it yesterday, you might as well accept it today as well?
And I think some people confuse what should be banned, with what their personal preferences
are. It’s hard to explain what I mean without an example- so… say a ban against homosexuality
comes in, but since I’m straight I don’t speak up. In fact, say I go one step further
and support it because I see it as some kind of popularity contest between gay and straight
people! This would be utterly ridiculous in my opinion… but I see this kind of mentality
from certain people. Though I think gay pride’s an interesting
topic. I get the argument is that it’s to empower a previously repressed group who have
suffered a history of injustice… but once all that repression’s been fought and it’s
equally acceptable to be gay, will gay pride stop being a thing? Or, if it carries on,
will straight pride become an equally acceptable kind of event? This is the way I do things-
to check my biases, I like to flip things and to see if it’s different if the roles
are reversed. In peep show-which I’ve been watching a
lot of recently! (again)- one of the main characters wakes up to find a woman having
sex with him against his will! He tells his friend and realises he’s been raped, then
it ends with him losing his job because the woman is offended, he considered it rape when
she was called out for it. Let’s reverse the genders!
A woman wakes up to find a man having sex with her against her will! She tells a friend
and realises she’s been raped… and then loses her job when the man finds out she considered
it rape when he was called out for it. Do you think that episode would have been
allowed had the genders been the other way around?
So, I’ve covered nazis, racism, porn and rape. I think this video might be demonetized.
Although I’ve talked about changing perspectives as though it’s a new thing, it’s been
around in other forms of media for centuries. It’s just, for me, the internet feels…
different. For a start, it’s not like the writers are hidden in history somewhere. It’s
normally a lot easier online to hunt the person down, to share what they’ve said, and to
start a hate crusade against them using social media. Plus, if something’s posted, I see
it as being said in the present-day and not from some point in distant history. I guess
it’s still a relatively new platform- even if the social media sites are older than some
of their members! At some point, the number of dead people on facebook is going to outnumber
those still alive. And the fact that sounds sinister simply shows just how new the internet
era still is. I hope the world takes steps to protect older
content from modern-day scrutiny, because as terrible and disgusting as some of the
things we’ve said and done in the past might be, it would be worse to lose them completely. Like fisting.

100 thoughts on “Old Content in a New World

  1. I still deliberately try and get the lowest rank possible. I just find it funny. Eventually, other players catch on and just let me walk around the map without killing me.

  2. Don't give in to censorship (YT and internet in general).

    I discovered Lindisfarne and PetShopBoys through some of your old videos.

  3. I get the point of the video, I agree with alot of it, but some of the comparisons seem tone deaf and uninformed. Then again the average cs:go player is a steaming pile of shit as a person and probably likes the idea of straight pride and such.

  4. I use some logic like this when talking to people about taking down the confederate statues. Lets say hypothetically tomorrow some scientists 100% guaranteed disprove all religion. In 50 years less than 1% of the world still believes in any religion, and all those people are shamed and looked down upon. Are we going to take down statues of Martin Luther King jr. for being a pastor? Are we going to take narnia out of libraries because the author was a christian and added some content which closely resembles events of the bible? This might seem crazy now, but in that 50 years everyone will think that everyone living right now was evil for believing a religion and shouldn't be trusted.

  5. its important to consider historical context as well as current events when making content. We all have that point in our young lives where we think nothing we do matters but we also watch the most offensive content there is. When making content, you have to understand that you do not share the same view point as those who are different from you, so while making a gay joke won't offend any straight people it will probably make gay people angry, who have most likely experienced that kind of thing in real life. Whether we like it or not, even if the joke is ironic, the words we say on the internet give a platform for hateful ideas. While I personally don't like it, liking offensive humor is fine. But broadcasting it over the internet can be dangerous and harmful to those you're making a joke st the expense of.

  6. remebers literally all racist coments, jokes, loli memes, anti-LGBT stuff, and nazi puns you've ever made
    haHAA (not 3Ks, you, the reader.)

  7. Damn the racist grandma comparison with today's snowflakes that can't take a joke a about anything really made me think differently, you are so right.

  8. Non of that stuff is illegal though, it's illegal to produce professional footage of it. It's not illegal to watch or do it

  9. personally love the old content and understand how it was at the time. is a shame there will be no more going low, love that series

  10. Going low in cs:go is one of my favorite YouTube series ever, cannot believe that it can rub anyone the wrong way

  11. What if planking became associated with racism, imagine all the people online who forgot they even did a planking challenge being 'found out' to be racist.

  12. I'm new to that community, but my impression is that pride has more momentum than the various political motivations.

    For many, it's the cultural / comunal highlight of the year. If (/ when) we ever get total equality for all shades of LGBT+, I think Pride parades will shift their meaning, but I don't think that they'll be gone. Or that straight and cis pride parades will pop up. Traditions rarely die like that – they instead mutate to fit the new circumstances.

  13. History repeats itslf for like what, last 2000 years? There always were times when everything was considered good, that'll change to some shit times, and we've just ended good part in our time so get ready for shit that'll be there next 30 years.

  14. Over the last decade, I've seen cyberbullying go from a thing that sometimes happens to students who aren't popular, to a way to get people you don't like to resign from a position you don't think they should have in a large corporation, to a way to completely destroy the life of any person you arbitrarily decide isn't your best bud anymore, provided they have any moment of weakness where they say anything that can, in any way, be taken out of context to make them look like a racist, or some kind of sexual deviant.

  15. I miss the 90's. Political correctness is offensive to our intelligence. Btw your porn laws are insane you should just burn your fuckin' parliament. If you don't fight you will get oppressed, and what's the shame in watching kinky porn like really wtf

  16. Because as terrible and as terrible as some of the stuff we've said and done in the past might be, it would be worse to lose them completely.

    Like fisting…

  17. Humiliation … that's my abusive relationship with csgo , no matter how badly I get reamed or humiliated , I keep coming back to that game.

  18. >I could get away with jokes or stuff that I can't get way with now
    Because you'll get your entire channel demontized or worse if you're not family friendly, PC or shit like that.

  19. 7:40 "do you think that episode would ever have been allowed had the genders been the other way around?"

    Yes, definitely. I'm not sure what your point is here.

  20. The gay pride / straight pride example is bad because straight people never were or will be suppressed and while gay people are maybe equal by law they arent by society.

  21. I don't actually know a racist granny as you put it. One of my grandparents has a hard time understanding anyone else's point of view at all. I guess I'm lucky? IDK

  22. So, english is not my first language, and I'm goona talk about a kinda complex idea, please excuse me if I'm misunderstood.
    I agree with a lot of what you point out, especially about public shaming and the erasing of history. I just felt like making this comment to point out something I consider a serious fallacy all too present in contemporary discourse, which is false symmetry.
    Namely I'm referring to your comment about rape and the practice of "reversing roles" as means of keeping your biases in check. That point is exactly where contextual analysis should come into play (a practice you encourage when talking about digging up stuff of the past with modern day standards). When there's a widely accepted to be oppressed group in our social structure, like women in your rape example, there's no valid reversing of roles without also reversing the whole social structure in that thought experience. So, assuming all our social structure was built on top of female superiority and nipping of male rights, "warlock hunts" and other sexits practices all thoughout history, THEN maybe we could put things in real perspective. Love your content phillip, especially when you take deep dives into "philosophical" questions from a somewhat mundane topic like deleting old videos. keep up the great work. valve, pls fix.

  23. You cringe at your old videos? Easy solution, stop looking at them. People get mad when you delete them so it's best to leave them where they are, and forget they even exist

  24. The biggest thing in today's world is complete inability to read context or be willing to understand different environment that was back in time. You simply can't release historically accurate content that has something that's volatile and a touchy subject today. People will tear you apart for being historically accurate. At the same time you see series and movies that have manipulated historical things to make them nicer for today's people. Censorship, altered events, people's genders and color swapped etc. I don't think it's only for entertainment, I strongly believe it's because of political reasons. And to simply avoid accusations of all kinds.

    The same applies to videos like going low in csgo I believe. People refuse to understand the context or are simply absolute about it. And people love to pull old things and judge them in today's standards, as you said, to create drama or underline their moral superiority. While, funnily enough, they themselves might act in extreme ways towards other people, simply because they don't share the views and ideology. It's a shame, because it really was an entertaining piece of series. Funny though how you mention back then DMG was like silver, but then came the time where DMG was roughly equal to global elite later.

  25. As a libertarian, I actually understand what should and shouldn't be banned very well.

    Nothing should be banned, except interfering with someone's pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

  26. imo lgbt folk are still discriminated against today. i see pride as a similar thing to blm, im not sure theyre exact but they are both protests against their oppressors

  27. You've conflated things that are embarrassing with things that are evil. Don't pretend you can't tell the difference between a joke made in good faith and one made specifically with the intent to harm a group of people. You're owed empathy for ignorance, but malice is malice regardless of societal context.

  28. Rewatching this, the part about the porn ban reminds me of Japan. We all know that Japanese porn is censored for a wholesome family viewing. The thing is, that law is more than a hundred years old. But, nobody wants to be the "pervert" who wants porn to be uncensored so it's still there. (That and their absurd worshipping of their country's history)
    Think about it. Every single second of porn from Japan is censored by someone. It's somebody's job to censor this stuff full time. So Japanese minds aren't "corrupted" by the horrible visuals that are dicks and vaginas. It's utterly ridiculous, but what politician is going to talk about it?

    they can't even admit their war crimes

  29. The UK does not have freedom of speech. I don't think there should be any surprises about this, but I am glad you made a video about this. It is slowly becoming a dystopia.

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