Now We're Getting SomeWhere Installing the Loft in the Post and BEAM BARN KIT

Now We're Getting SomeWhere Installing the Loft in the Post and BEAM BARN KIT

good morning modern stutters we only got an inch in a quarter of rain last night guys the new culvert and catch basin we put in is working well and draining all the water away from the barn that's a positive thing at least we got to check that out you hear the pigs guys they're staying inside the PPM come on in pork you like your new house huh you like in the new house you two chops you want your pet inside there you go looks like they've been using the watering nipple awesome the morning girls the way you girl back you would think you never get fed you can have food in front of you all day long that's all you think about huh how much rain and elf are all the time I don't think she left you anything this morning good morning yes good morning girl yes just one little chicken up on the hay feeder I hate feet of chicken feeder there they go and one little barred rock chick stayed out last night and not quite full but it's at least halfway I noticed yesterday I was missing the back cap the gutter and that one is undone I'll have to fix that we'll be able to capture more rain in water every time it rains oh come on guys well I start working on the loss we need to get our main two-by-sixes going across had all the lumber under cover watch I'm glad we did with all that rain we got last night concrete slabs still a little wet so this brace it's gonna be in our way where it is so we're gonna drop it down our first two bodies gonna go right here get it in there I need to make sure we're low enough so it's not in our way yeah we can come up quite a bit still that'll be good right there my goal today is to get the loft all up the two bytes all installed and then the decking on and then after that we can start sheathing the sidewalls that's how far I'd like to get but you know how that goes now I upgraded a bit and I went to a 2×8 versus a 2×6 I'm one screw here I'm gonna go down here don't work it up put the level on it let's see that's good right there guys good thing too because we can't go any higher I like it but a boom about a bang nice how're we gonna do one more right here [Applause] let's switch the bit over these ones we are a lag in place let's get one started oh as high as we can for war let's put a level on it while we're right here that sides gonna come up a smidge that needs to anyways so that's gonna be perfect this side is down just the amount we need to go up there we go I like it guys perfect let's get a measurement maybe eighty four and a half you know what I should have got before we got up guys a hammer I have to get down and get what I bet you he'll be a little bit up and down today doing this that's for sure they're all right we got the crown up one little trick we can do is 6 inches if you new to the channel this is a post in being on hit that we purchased off the internet in Jamaica cottage shop calm I'll have links in the description down below to their website and all the different buildings they make there's a huge variety of them but so far we've I've been loving working with this kid in it together it's been a breeze I'll put a link to a playlist right here of the whole series so far building our barn let's get this stage set and we want it at that setup top of that alright scrub a hammer could have used it last time we have it we won't need it we don't have it we always need it let's try this again boom there we go that's what I was afraid of folks that's what I was afraid of happening all right I like that let's get these two set let's go work that end that's good right there it's centered in the lines centers 24-inch Center rough sawn lumber is not always the same thickness I'll go back and toenail it from the back after let's try this now all right it's get it over on one of the nails and we can flop it onto the other one I like it just in there it's just cuz we're at a weird angle now need a couple of blocks for this next step it'll make our life a lot easier I guess if I was thinking I would have done this for the raft how I will need it for this one for sure like let's see what side we want out they're both pretty I would say this side out let's do it this way spitting good I like it so far alright I'm gonna take out the blocks this one next alright now I need to work the top of this I want to be nice and flush just keep working it back and forth I want to make sure we're nice and loved are flush I should say not level before we get too far ahead of ourselves these are four inches long so that going a little bit into all of them let's grab that screw do one more set right here and then I want to work this end up want to check layout for our floor choices for our flooring we're gonna be 8 feet on center right there ok we're gonna start with our flooring this way let's not over here and then work our way that way let's grab some of our flooring last one noise this is what it looks like from the underside piggies it's nice out you should be out of the PPM huh you like it in there looks like you're using the water while I like it looks wet under it want some Hey hope you're not supposed to go in there you're too big for that she does little pea and Magnolia going that she likes to get in there now – yep eerily oh look at the two of you in there eating hay together so cute she linked it up here you can walk down the lane pretty snazzy huh yeah say look at all the app close to the edge yeah they're all over the place Wow look at all that mags guys holy moly two 5/16 eggs can you believe it I think it was from all the commotion with the excavators and dump trucks and the concrete truck that was doing it made them slow up laying eggs guys they didn't like all the commotion it's been really nice building the kit from Jamaica cottage shops it's one of the best parts of things it comes with plans I remember when we first started building our house that we live in now the first day I got here we had the shell built and I built everything else and I remember just feeling so overwhelmed and I kind of got anxious and I was like man where do I start there's just so many things to do and I just stopped looked back and said you know what how do you eat an elephant this is my elephant one step at a time there's no right or wrong place to start just start doing something and we got the house done but that being said the bond comes with plans I know where to start I know what is the next step but just one of those things it's always great to have a project going on we learn so much from everything we do whether we think we mess it up whether it's way over our head I think sometimes the best thing to do is jump in get way over your head figure it out with wisdom don't just do something you can't do but figure it out then you learn so much from it thanks guys for coming on our journey with us you are a huge blessing to us in our homestead we'll see you right back here in the next video can't wait I'm hoping to get Gina and Olivia out there with me tomorrow for the next day and we're gonna stop putting the siding on I'm so excited for that I'll see you right back here in that video at love the acres a guy modern homesteading self-sufficiency freedom

45 thoughts on “Now We're Getting SomeWhere Installing the Loft in the Post and BEAM BARN KIT

  1. Exactly. I do many things and that is the same philosophy that I use. Building the barn, it would be "one stick at a time" Laying tile in a complete bath remodel, it would be "one tile at a time". And in the end it all gets done and then I say to myself "I did that" with a big glimmer of pride. Great attitude you have!

  2. Al, looking good – couple of quick questions. 1) What did the company say is the load weight of the loft when using screws vs nails and joist hangers, 2) how long is that battery lasting you on the driver?

  3. You don't notice it until you watch one of the earlier vids …that daughter of yours is growing faster than anything else on the homestead!!


  5. The aerial shot at the end gives great documentation of the work you have been doing to restore your pasture compared to your neighbors! Lush green on your side compared to his dry brown.

  6. Its getting to be, Me not liking Wednesdays & Sundays. No Lumnah Acres to watch over here in England. Just got to keep myself busy for two days a week. Loving what you do. Best-O-Luck.

  7. Lol…ha ha…eat an elephant….good way to say that. You have completed huge projects in the past with almost perfection so this barn will be a peice of cake. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. "No matter how much food you give goats, they always want more" Just like cats. ๐Ÿ˜‚ We'll feed our cats and then 5 minutes later, they'll be trying to trip us up and asking for more!
    The barn is looking really great! I love seeing all the progress on it.

  9. Hope and little man would make the cutest baby goats one day!!! Have yall decided if you are going to keep him?
    P.s. the barn looks FANTASTIC!!

  10. Does the plan call for using metal strapping to attach the beams to the bottom plate, and the top plate. We have strong winds here in Colorado, building codes require strapping so that the upper structure does not blow off of the bolted down plates. If you put the strapping on the outside, it will be under the sheeting if you don't want to view it from inside the barn. Our local Lowe's have the strapping.

    Otherwise I watched this yesterday, and I am missing seeing the feeding of your animals, that is the best way to start the day. Maybe I should go back and watch an old video, but it is not the same as seeing Pork and Chops in the new PPM.

  11. Could you add in the description what times the construction starts and ends? I've barely been watching any of your videos because it's 2/3 construction in each video. You barely showed each animal in this video and nothing about your garden. Those are the reasons I subscribed to your channel.

  12. Looking good Al!!! Livvie is more beautiful every day. I keep meaning to ask, what is the river we see behind you? All these years Iโ€™ve been with ya Iโ€™m just now remembering to ask. LOL God Bless. Hugs to you and the family. ~Lisa

  13. after the 99th screw, which was screwed in close-up, I was just annoyed and bored! ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘ All in all a good job, but I would have liked to have seen more of the whole project!

  14. man you make it look so easy Al, that kit goes together โ€œlike buttahโ€. lol it seems to fit together so perfectly.

  15. Considering your doing this solo, good job! I hope you cover that decking up before it rains again, so the floor doesn't warp.

  16. As Mark G stated earlier: a structural member is needed under the triple beam at each end….I would be amazed that the designer did not call for an additional vertical support member at each end. Not being privy to the drawings, One such vertical may be called for in the drawings….if not, I would hope that the designer has given you the maximum load per Sq. Ft. allowable on the loft …if not, then a call to designer is needed….
    Good work….be careful leaving tools on work above you….it is so much fun building and see it come together….take your time enjoy and work smart…those baker scaffold can tip over easily…

  17. Al you are the best we love your family, you put on a great show. Just want to say sorry for all the snow we live in Fairhope Al. ? Kind of work does your wife do , how much did your pole barn cost . Yโ€™all are a great family thanks.

  18.……….just saw this & thought of you all….* It's exciting, seeing that loft done..*

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