New Rampage The Movie Subject Ralph Big City Brawl  Indominus Rex Vs Ralph Lanard  Unboxing EP #6

New Rampage The Movie Subject Ralph Big City Brawl Indominus Rex Vs Ralph Lanard Unboxing EP #6

okay guys super excited today today we
have another awesome wreckage the movie figure this is a big city brawl genetic
containment division this is subject so they got Ralph the big huge wolf an
awesome action figure destroyable bus there ah like I showed you in the other
videos too guys I love the artwork they did on these boxes I mean they did a
great job the boxes look as good as the Rampage The Movie Subject Ralph Big City Brawl Indominus Rex Vs Ralph Lanard Unboxing EP #6 says chump the bus poseable legs and
he’s ready to destroy and here is a good synopsis of the movie so if you want to
pause it and read that but basically the story is about Davis Akoya who is the
rock he went ahead and his friend George the gorilla is like mutated than these
other animals have mutated they attack the city and he tries to say so guys
these toys are made by Lanyrd I’m not sure if you haven’t heard them if you
seen the King Kong squaw island toys that came out last year Lanyrd is the
manufacturer that made them and if you didn’t see them I do have food
in battle okay guys so here is guys I cannot say enough about these lantern
toys I mean they do such a great job take a look we’ll take a look at the
detail on this wolf and it is astounding I mean if these guys were making the new
Jurassic world toys I would be totally comfortable without looking at them at
all so I really do help Mattel does a great job what guys if you
get a chance to buy these Lantern ties you get like a whole set I mean this
whole set I believe this was under $20 for the whole set so cool and uh like I
said earlier you could only buy these at Walmart but anyways let’s go ahead and
take a look at this guy one thing I love this one check out his action feature
would be nice if you had a button but you got a pullback here
look how realistic looking that movement of the jaw is I mean this guy’s looks
like he’s really attacking and getting ready to chomp and another cool thing is
they include a piece of the bus with an exact imprint of this guy’s teeth I mean
they fit right into that piece of the bus so I cannot say enough about lanyard
toys I love their figures look at the paint job and the detail on this
besides the action features these teeth are super sharp I mean most
manufacturers of toys you know they wanna sort of like safety you know have
it more safe I mean I sort of domed the toy down it makes it not as detailed
bought Lanyrd I guess they want detail over so here you go ahead push it down
opens closes his mouth like I said great detail on the
teeth they’re on you can put this guy into a lot of different positions I’ll
show you in a minute great paint job on the eyes the nose the
ears you see he’s got like baking wicked looking ears on the back you could see
this would probably be like his fur to see their spikes or his fur standing up
the muscle detail on this guy is astounding I mean take a look at the
stomach parts here when I take a look at this I mean I think jobs that like
Kenner used to do on the original Jurassic Park toys so I mean these guys
went far and above what they had to do so uh movement wise on the leg – really
good movement there ah he has movement on the knee joint so you
could put him into different positions this guy will even stand on three legs
pretty much any of his three legs really good detail with the claws and the paint
job is great there is no goggle run here big huge claw in the back of the foot
there and then I when you move to the back his back legs they do not have as
much they don’t move at the knee but you still got good movement on the lake here
it does have to sort of be stiff because ah his main weight is held by the back
two legs and then his tail moves up and down you could see his tail is full of
spikes here it’s probably a genetic mutation type thing and then once again
same movement on this leg nice big call on the back of the feet there to give
this guy more of an awesome wicked look so you could have this guy actually like
bend down if you turn like his legs you could have
a then down to the ground grab this piece
here and it will fit exactly into the teeth and just have it rip the bus apart
okay so let’s go ahead and take a look at the bots okay so here is a good look
at the bus the bus is it’s basically just the shell in the front but it’s
nice I mean it stands by itself nice and securely it doesn’t just fall over as
soon as you put it there the only thing I was not able to figure out where this
piece goes because it does not go what’s just the front of the bus no it doesn’t
fit in here anywhere I was thinking maybe it could fit in here somewhere and
you could just have the wolf’s like rip it off but I’m not seeing any where it
could fit in so it’s not made to be attached so I mean it’s it’s more of a
guest imagination type what’s the detail on it is good and the detail on the bus
I mean you got broken windows here you’ve got rip big Ric piece there even
if you look at it from the front it looks like half a bus inside you still
got great detail I mean you’ve got instrument panels you got gas pedal
brake everything here so I mean they really went above and beyond anything
they needed to do and then the action figures themselves are really cool here
unlike the Dwayne Johnson action figure you know the rock his name is Davis
Okoye in this movie I think has movement all over this guy does not have movement
on his legs but he is really cool his head does move back and forth his arms
move 360 degrees there they do not bend at the elbow because they have this guy
ah almost like rigidly holding these guns they have these guns attached by
little rubber bands so if you do buy it I do
recommend take these into bands off because the guns will probably fall out
of his hand but they have like his finger fit right into the triggers of
the guns so again really good detail so I mean guys this company is going far
above and beyond anything they have to do with these figures like I said if
Mattel doesn’t that good job with the Jurassic world two figures I will be
totally impressed well I like Lanyrd toys I bought all their King Kong toys I
bought all their rampage toys so check them out music manly one thing we forgot about growl its Ralph’s got wings of all the indominus rex is getting beat yes no idea what’s going on he’s got him
in the I just got hurt Oh indominus rex got one good eye Thomas Gregson blinded an inner rage oh he’s going down this is the end of
the indominus rex the king of Jurassic world and so Ralph is continuing to do work to
meet George and Lizzie Wow them proud and mighty indominus rex
the king of jurassic world has been beaten by a hybrid wolf wow what is
going to happen next wow guys that was awesome you guys
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