77 thoughts on “Mario Maker Cut Content – Items, Enemies and More! – The Cut Content Of: Super Mario Maker – TCCO

  1. I want Rosalina in mario maker 2 as a DLC character and I wish they have rex in mario maker 2 and I wish they have galoomba in Super mario 3d world in mario maker 2

  2. I love what I see, I wish you would upload more. Here’s an old recommendation, could you do a TCCO on Plants vs zombies? 1st game, or both it and its sequel like you did with Luigi’s mansion.

  3. Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom is now getting a remake. So maybe do that soon?
    And Maybe do The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Cut Content on it 15th year release date. (October 27th, 2004)

  4. I'm guessing it would have been Fire Emblem Roy given Ryu was next and those two were the next two DLC characters in Smash after Mewtwo and Lucas. Kinda a shame these costumes didn't end up getting in. SMB2 Mario would have been a nice one too.

    Also you forgot to mention how there was files for the Angry Sun in the game, though perhaps you skipped over that because it ended up getting into 2.

  5. I see TCCO has now started copying the thumbnail template of Nintendo Cut Content with Dr Lava… kinda weak. It was his public recommendation of your channel that got me to sub to you in the first place πŸ™

  6. I was looking at mario vids, and saw you only had 11k subs and thought it would be low quality, but it's SUPER well edited, +1 subscriber

  7. 2:08 you can see the demo place a pipe partly off screen, to make a 1 block high pipe. I don't think that is possible in SMM.

  8. This content is amazing and really well edited! I have subscribed before but my old channel got banned (YouTube never told me why) and I am really glad to have stumbled upon this channel again! Keep up the great work!

  9. i love it so much when people mention littlebigplanet, all of the games but not lbp psp were my childhood

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  11. Sooo am I the only one who going to talk about how the new super mario bros u background is really different, yeah…ok.

  12. MAKE A TCCO OF Mario Maker 2 PLEASE! I know there probuably will not be a lot, but can you just take a look please??? And the "Ground pound" textures of mario bros 3 are sliding textures…

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