Making Dad Proud    Social Media

Making Dad Proud Social Media

(Navy Lt. j.g. Alex Orlando) He kind of has, like a subdued proudness. You know, he’s not the kind of guy who’s gonna come out and just burst into tears,
like, hug you or anything. But, you know, he kind of, like, slug you in the arm, “Proud of you kid,” stuff like that. You know, “You did all right.” (Steve Orlando) When we went to Corpus Christi for his winging, shortly before we made the trip, Alex asked me to pin his wings on. And I was…it…it really choked me up when he asked me to do that. It really did. It just, I was so incredibly honored that he that he would ask me to do such an important thing. I remember my hands were shaking a little bit, and it was just…I was almost overwhelmed with the emotion of it. But we were so proud of him. (Alex Orlando) You know, I want to, I want to make
myself proud, but I want to make my dad proud, too.
Watching Alex become a pilot is sort of getting to see my dream come true in
somebody else and what better person to see it come true in than your own son.

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