Leech Lake Glacier Ice House Walleyes – In-Depth Outdoors TV,  Season 10 Episode 9

Leech Lake Glacier Ice House Walleyes – In-Depth Outdoors TV, Season 10 Episode 9

– [Voiceover] Stay tuned
for the biggest fish, the hottest fights, this week, here, on In Depth Outdoors. With James Holst. – [James] I got a hat. Wow, is that an incredible fish. – [Voiceover] And the rest
of the IDO Fishing Team. We’re headed to the best fisheries across the Upper Midwest and Canada. We’ll fish longer, explore
unfished bodies of water, and go further off the beaten path in search of the hottest
bites in fresh water. – [Cal] That’s so (laughs). – [Voiceover] With Cal Svihel. – [Cal] What a specimen! (upbeat rock music) – [Voiceover] And Joel Nelson. – [Joel] Whoa, this is
an absolute whopper! – [Voiceover] This is In Depth Outdoors. – Good morning, everyone,
James Holst here, with In Depth Outdoors, and if you recall from last week, at the
very end of that show, I was fishing with Dave
Koonce, and we told everybody that we were gonna spend
the rest of the week running around the Upper Midwest looking for some good ice fishing bites, with our eventual
destination being Leech Lake, where we were gonna fish
out of Trapper’s Landing for the 2016 In Depth
Outdoors Get Together, so that’s where you find us today. It’s gonna be Dave Koonce
and I on Leech Lake. And we’re gonna be doing a
little bit kind of show today. Typically, we’re outside, running around in those
Otter Portables, but today, we’re gonna be fishing out
of a Glacier hardside house. And Leech Lake is a great lake
for this type of approach, because Leech Lake is notorious for having a very strong bite
during low light periods, and that’s the time of day
when I’m gonna wanna be inside that Glacier Ice House. So, we start today’s show,
it’s Dave Koonce and I on Leech Lake and we’re
spending some extra time making sure we find the perfect place to drop this Glacier Ice House. I’m definitely seeing more
rock as we move this way. Dave, it’s starting to kind of pick up quantity and less sand. Yeah, string around here
and take a look at this. – Oh, yeah. – Rock as far as the eye can see. You know, fist-size, it’s
not great big boulders, but it’s thick, I’m not
seeing the sand at all. And you can see, the
directional arrow of the camera is lookin’ that way, and
you can see the bottom just ready to drop off,
so I think this will be a pretty good spot to
set up that wheel house. – The clarity in that is awesome. – It’s not bad, so we’ll
bring the wheel house and we’ll get the Trapper’s
guys to bring the wheel house in and we’ll just basically
park it right here. And we’ll be able to fish all around it. We’ll punch holes all around it, you know, in the mornings, and the
evenings before it gets dark, we’ll be able to fish
around the wheel house. But at night, this is where
we’re gonna plant our flag and see how it turns out. – I think we’re gonna, I
think we got a good spot here. – [James] I agree. – [Dave] That looks beautiful. – All right, let’s get this thing up. Let’s grab like, the
bucket holder off the Otter Monster Box, and we’ll just throw it here on the hole, we got a landmark. – Okay, perfect. – You gotta pay a lot more attention to where you’re gonna
put one of these houses when they’re a little bit
more time-consuming to move. You know, with an Otter Portable, it’s just flip the shack over,
and move to the next spot of course, then when you’re
talking about a wheel house, it’s a little bit more
involved, so you wanna take a little bit time to make
sure you get that house placed accurately, now
we haven’t fished here, so we don’t know how it’s gonna turn out. But, I feel pretty good
about where we’re setting up right now and most of this hump is sand. There’s just a little bit of gravel spread mixed throughout the top,
and what we’ve found here on this edge at about 16,
17 feet is a pretty good concentration of rock, right on the edge, before it breaks out into deeper water and if I was a walleye
lookin’ to eat a perch, this is where I’d show up to have lunch. So, perfect. And all Dave’s doin’ now is
just throwin’ a landmark, so we don’t lose the spot
now that we’ve found it. Of course, we punched a bunch of holes, even down to, there’s about
six holes within about 15 feet over here, we don’t
wanna get ’em confused. This is the spot we want, and very often, it comes down to confidence,
I want to be confident that we get that house up
on the spot that we found. So, gonna be hard to miss that. – Let’s get ’em. – Let’s go get a house! – [Dave] Go get a house! – There’s not enough ice right now for me to bring the house out ourselves, I mean, the diesel is just not gonna do very well on eight to 10 inches of ice, or at least, I don’t feel comfortable with that. So, the guys at Trapper’s
Landing, they’re gracious, they’re gonna help us
out and use the wheeler and bring out the house to the spot that we’ve just picked out. (upbeat rock music) (reel rattling) – Oh! Here we go. – Whatcha got goin’ there? – I think I got a little guy goin’. – Hit him! (laughing) How’s he feel, floss master? – Pretty good, pretty good. Oh yeah, he’s on there. – Of course he’d come on the rattle reel, wouldn’t he?
– [Dave] Yeah! – [James] Is he a walleye,
or what you got goin’? – [Dave] I don’t know, he’s
got a good head shake to him. We come to the leader. – You tied him four-foot-long, right? – Yep. Well, my four foot. (laughs) – Four foot is four foot, Dave. – [Dave] Oh, it’s been
fightin’ pretty good. – I was just about ready
to put a new minnow on that rod there, ’cause
we had a little action, or the minnow just come off. – [Dave] Yeah. – Which, they don’t normally do that. – [Dave] Right. – I got the good knees,
let me get down there and get that fish. – [Dave] All right, all right. – This is givin’ me the raspberries. – [Dave] Oh, nice walleye. Not huge, but definitely nice fish. – There you go, buddy. – [Dave] Look at that! – [James] Get your hands wet. – Woo hoo, hoo hoo! – [James] Nice! – My first Leech Lake walleye this season. Actually, it’s been a long time. – There you go. – Nice. Nice, thank you. – You know, that would be a
wonderful, wonderful eater. I think, he’s gonna be
just a little short of 20. Probably real close,
but it doesn’t matter. We’ve got perch from
our South Dakota trip. – Yep. – We don’t need to keep walleye. – No. – Beautiful fish. – Cold fresh water fish there. – I’m gonna pop him outa there for you. – Yep. – Piece of cake, boy,
he’s got it in there deep. – Nice, well, we’ll
let this little guy go. – Absolutely, well done,
man, that fish, whoa! – [Dave] He wanted to go. – Well, we got, that one needs a minnow. Obviously, this one needs a minnow. – We need to re-group here. – Let’s kind of get back into action a little better, all right? – Sounds good. Thanks for the help, James. – [James] No problem. Next one’s mine! – You got it! – [Voiceover] Nearly 70 years ago, a simple idea was taking form
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ice, tie on a Tungsten and you’ll be fishin’ fast
and takin’ names with VMC. (rhythmic hard rock music) – [James] We got a fish runnin’ here. Oh, we got some Deadstick rods, I’ve got some 32-inch Tuned
Up Custom Deadsticks here. And Koonce looked over and
said, “Hey, look at that!” We had a rod all bent down. Oh yeah, here we go. – [Dave] Look at that. – Got him!
– [Dave] Oh yeah. – [James] He’s under that
rattle reel over there. That’s all right. – [Dave] Okay, yep. – Oh yeah. – [Dave] That’s a nice fish. – Yep, I think he can
come off the other line. – [Dave] Cool. – Oh, boy, (laughs). – Look at that. – I’m diggin’, I’m diggin’, I’m lovin’. – That rocks. – I haven’t caught a
fish on the ice in jeans in a long time, Mr. Koonce. – Woo hoo, hoo hoo. – You might as well this one up, Koonce. – [Dave] I’ll get him. – Please, thank you.
– [Dave] Yep. (reel rattling) – So we don’t end up with a circus. – Oh my gosh, yeah, he’s still on it. Nope, he just come off it. – Good, we’ll take it. – Yep. – He’s fightin’ real good,
I don’t think he’s a giant. But man, he’s got some strength to him. – Okay, is there one here, too? – I haven’t seen any
movement on that rod yet. – Oh, the rod’s still probably bent, too. – Yeah, I agree. – Get him out of the way.
– [James] I agree. – [James] Man, what a fight. – I saw that, baby doubled right over. – Yeah, it just, donk, like that. – [Dave] So, what action
rod, what rod is that? – That’s the Deadstick, just you know. – [Dave] Okay, they got a– – 32-inch Deadstick.
[Dave] Cool. – [James] DS.
– [Dave] Cool. – [James] Perfect for this. You know, lots of
backbone, can handle fish from perch to trout to
walleye, pike, whatever. – Nice. – You got that real soft tip, so that fish can get into that bait. – I love it when you get
a full bend outa that on a nice fish. – We’re gettin’ the full bend. What have we got goin’ on down there? – He’s comin’ up. – [James] Here it comes, got him, yep. – [Dave] Woo hoo!
– [James] Here we go. – [James] That’s
basically a kissin’ cousin to the one you had, buddy. – Yeah! – Here, let me see if that one loose. No problem at all, you
wanna hold that, just– – Yep. – So it don’t get in the way. – You bet. – Follow it down, boop! – Nice. – Such a super fish. I’m tellin’ you what, buddy, we got that storm comin’ in. – Yes. – We got real warm weather today, we’re gonna get some
precipitation overnight, we’re gonna fish all night long. I mean, that’s one of the
advantages of the, you know, the hard side house, it’s comfortable, you can sleep out here, and you wait for the fish to come to you. Which is completely not our
style, but it’s working. – [Dave] Right. – All right, back you go, Mr. Walleye. Send friends, please, all right! Thanks for pullin’ up those lines. I think we would have had
ourselves a heck of mess. – Oh, he-she was runnin’
all over the place. – We’re gonna have to
do that kind of as like, a just standard operating procedure. We get a fish on, a sizable
fish, start pullin’, wrestle ’em. – [Dave] Rotate fish and
hope whoever’s up next, the other guy gets the lines. – You’re up. – [Dave] I think that’s awesome. – All right, here we go. – All right, let’s drop ’em back down. You know, those bobber
stops are a great way to reference so we don’t
have to pull the flashes up to see where we have to set ’em each time. – [James] It’s all
about efficiency, right? – Yes, well, I want one on that Deadstick. – [James] Oh, that’s the way to go. – That rocked. I watched, just stepped over,
and I watched that thing go whoop, there’s a fish on
there, there’s a fish on there. – [James] Yeah, didn’t even pull the drag. (Dave chuckles) You know the free spool?
– [Dave] Yep. – [James] It didn’t even get that far. – [Dave] Wow. – [James] Yeah, we’ve got
such good weather tonight. I mean, it’s 33, 34 degrees. – [Dave] Yeah
– [James] Little wind. – [Dave] Gorgeous out there. – Yeah, you’d think
the fish’d be snappin’, but we’re seeing lots
of fish come through, just not very many of ’em
are willing to eat right now. We got a major weather change, though. Tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon. – That should spike ’em. – I think so. – Oop! What you got goin’ there? – Minnow? Yeah, I’ll get it. (Dave chuckles) There’s a fish on it. (laughing) All it did, it just like, breathed. – Look at that. – That’s a wall, he ain’t very big. – No, he must’a just sucked on it, and sat right at the bottom. – He’s like, I give it all I got, man. (laughing) If we were keepin’ fish, that
would be a dynamite eater. That fish hit that bait, I
mean, he’s not hooked to eat. He hit that bait like
he was in slow motion. – [Dave] Cool. – Yeah, slow motion, I
mean, all I saw was just a, whomp, whomp. – Right. – That’s the Deadstick in action. I mean, if a guy wants
to know why would ya add a Deadstick to your
arsenal, that’s why. That walleye grabbed that minnow, and he had no clue that he
was attached to a fishin’ rod. All right, buddy, see you later. – Good job! – Yeah, I mean– – We could take a couple
more of those Deadstick rods. – Yeah, not a phenomenal bite time, but slowly piecin’ it together, and hopefully at some point
tonight, they break loose. You know, very often,
what will happen here, I mean, true, bites similar to this, is you’ll end up getting a flurry of bigger fish throughout the night. That really makes
stickin’ it out, out here, you know, late into the
evening, worthwhile. I get minnow! – Let me help you out there. – [Voiceover] At MarCum,
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rods hand-crafted for you and the way you fish. (rhythmic hard rock music) – That rod’s got a fish
on it, man, look at it. – Yep. Get him. – Fish, Dave, fish, fish,
fish, fish, fish, fish! Yep, nice!
(Dave chuckles) That looks like a pretty good fish. – Oh, that feels good! – I hate to make all the
rattling noise around you. – That’s all right. – [James] But I’m gonna pull this up. – That’s a good idea. Oh! – All right, that one’s up. I’m gonna bet that’s you. – Oh, he’s right here. – [James] Yeah, I think I
was just wrapped up with you, just a little bit. – [Dave] Yep, he’s right here.
– ‘Cause I got nothin’. – [James] Either that, or I
completely botched the hook set. That is a sweet fish, buddy. – Look at that, holy moley. Give a little slack here. Here we go. – You’re gonna need one of those. – Nice. – [James] Perfect hook set, buddy. You know, when you’re fishing
these really small minnows on this light line, it’s really
easy to get ’em, you know, down inside the mouth, that
one’s right in the corner, where you wanna see it. – Yeah! Look at that! – [James] Definitely the
biggest fish of the day, night. Whatever you wanna call it. I’d say, man, you’re
pushin’ 23, 24 inches there. – That is awesome fun,
she fought nice on that–. – [James] The Deadstick. – Deadstick, there you go. But it sure is a nice rod. – Yeah, just got a lot
of play to it, you know, got a real soft tip, good backbone. It’s perfect for the situation. – Absolutely. – It’s fun watchin’,
when they first hit that, you know, as you’re watchin’ that rod tip, you just basically see this little domp, it dives just a little bit, and then everybody kind
of holds their breath, was that real, and then just joom. (Dave laughs) – [Dave] Yeah, that is good. – [James] All right, man. We’re not keepin’ fish tonight. It’s the luckiest walleye
on Leech Lake right now. – That is cool. – Yeah, drop him back. – Head back. – Yeah. – Thank you, go call your
big sister and your mama. – [James] Good job, Mr. Koonce. (splashing) – [Dave] See you! That was awesome. – All right, all right, so
here’s what we’re usin’. Just the most simple
gear, 6-pound test line, I’ve got a Number Six Wide Gap
VMC hook, and a split shot. I mean, this is
back-to-the-basics fishing here. We got a Deadstick rod. We’re using those because they
do have that very soft tip. These fish are able to grab those minnows and start to pull on ’em without really feeling much resistance from the rod tip, and then on this end, using an Okuma Reel, it’s got a bait-runner switch
to it which is really cool because I can set my drag where I want it, so when I go to pull on it, I’ve got the drag set where
I want it to fight the fish, and then when it’s
sitting in the rod holder, and that’s engaged, there’s almost no, I mean, you can’t even imagine
how easily that pulls out, basically all you have is just a little clicker
in the spool there. So that’s what we heard,
that’s what we see, we see that rod tip just
dip just a little bit, and when that fish wants
to go take the line, it’s just free to run, and of course, that clicker gives it away that it’s time to come close the bail. And all it is, is just
push down on the lever, you’re engaged just like a
normal reel at that point. It’s on the hook. – Fish on, he took out
probably 20 foot, maybe? 10 foot of line, with that
clicker up, that was awesome. It worked perfect. – If there was, if you sleep
through a clicker like that, you know, in a wheel house,
you’re not paying attention. – Right. – You’ll see that easy,
unless you got the radio off. You know, so it’s been
a great combination. I’ve never used ’em before,
just wanted to kind of experiment with ’em
here in the ice houses. In the hard side house, in the Glacier, and so far, it’s been workin’ great. – It did. – I need a minnow. – Let’s get one. – Well we’ve had a pretty good night. We caught a couple cat naps, there, in the middle of the evening, but we did get interrupted
by some walleyes, which was a lot of fun. Put a few fish here on the floor, but now the sun’s up,
and what we’re noticing, that’s kind of made
the decision to get out of the house pretty easy is we were MarCum walleyes comin’ through, and you can tell the
difference on the MarCum, it’s just real thick, heavy red bands, but now we’re startin’ to fill
up with these little perch, and any time I start to see lots of perch running through an area, I know the predators really
aren’t on the prowl any more. So we’re gonna go back outside and see if we can’t chase down some
walleyes like we usually do. So it’s time to, you know,
Striker up with the gear and, yeah, little. – [Both] Perch. – Little perch, exactly. – Reaction. – It’s time to get out there on the ice, and see if we can’t put
some fish back on the ice the way we normally do it. – Yep. – All right. – [Voiceover] This winter, set
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the ultimate way to play. – [Voiceover] Nearly 70 years ago, a simple idea was taking form
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sport of ice fishing, you could build a better ice auger. From that idea, Strike Master was born. Forever committed to
innovation in the quest to build a lighter, more durable auger. Strike Master, powerful,
durable, reliable. – There he is. Wow, a little bit more weight to that guy. We’re outside here now, fishin’. We started out the day
overnighting in our Glacier, which is a lot of fun, and Koonce and I are out
runnin’ around on this hump, seein’ what we can find for walleyes. And of course, the peak
bite windows on Leech are early in the day, or late
in the afternoon as well. So, we’re kind of midday right now, and any fish we can catch is a bonus. That’s a nice eater,
we’re not keepin’ fish. But if I was, that one
would be great for the pan. All right, let me get that fish loose. Get him back down the hole. We haven’t been keepin’ fish during our stay here on Leech,
that probably won’t change. We’ve got perch yet from South Dakota. So, that one will be a great one to catch in a couple years, maybe. All right, but I up-sized
baits here a little bit. I’m fishing a much larger
profile Tingler Spoon. That’s a 3/16ths-ounce,
just wasn’t getting much of a response on that Rattle Spoon, so I decided to change it up here on Leech of course, one of the
primary forge species is that perch, and that’s
what that pattern is. It’s got perch on the front there, and just a silver back. Tipped it with a minnow head, seemed to trip that fish’s trigger. Hadn’t been fishin’ it long, but I did get a good response on it, so we’ll keep fishin’ it. And what we’re starting to feel now, is a drop in the temperature. We’ve got just a massive
cold front coming. Today, it’s probably gonna
be a high in the mid-20s. By tomorrow, the high is gonna be in the negative one to five below zero. So, huge change in temperature. Barometer is starting to
rise really abruptly now. We’re hopin’ the fish
fire up over the last 24 to 36 hours, the
barometer’s been really low and stable, and we’ve just
seen really lethargic fish. So we’re hopin’ the weather
change actually gets ’em goin’. My guess is, though, by
the time we get later into the weekend, Saturday, Sunday, once that front really settles in and those temperatures drop, fishin’s gonna get really tough. – [Dave] I’ve got a fair mark
sittin’ right here, right now. And I’ve gone from just
absolutely stop-dead, she loses interest, I
get her worked up again, she’ll come right back
up to the, to my jig. – [James] I got one waitin’
for me in this hole. (Dave chuckles) That wind is startin’
to get a little nasty. – [Dave] Oh, my, I’ll
tell you what, though. If it wasn’t for this Striker gear, I’d be a lot colder than I am now. – [James] Agreed, yeah,
in the last 20 minutes, I mean, the snow is really
startin’ to blow around. – [Dave] Oh yeah! – [James] Yes, Mr. Koonce, feelin’ better? – [Dave] Just hammered it, yeah! – [James] Below and snow
or not, here I come! – [Dave] Just hammered it. – [James] All right, what
do you do with this thing? Is this like, for your shark game, or? (Dave chuckles) Oh, I see, it’s like this, got it. – [Dave] Just hammered it.
– [James] That works. – [Dave] I mean not huge,
but he just crushed it. – Eater! – [Dave] I went from kind
of a shiver to fully warm. – I found another use for your putter. (Dave chuckles) – That was awesome. Well, I switched out
from that, what is it, the 3/16ths Tingler? – [James] 3/16ths-ounce Tingler. – Yep, I went from a 3/16ths Tingler, had a lot of action, but
no, nothin’ to commit. So I went to the 1/4th-ounce Rattle Spoon, in the same, exact color,
got a big orange back on him. And this one here came
in and just throttled it. I mean, he’s not huge, but it’s action. I’m gonna let him go before he freezes. – [James] Glow Gold Fish. – That’s a nice-lookin’
spoon, I’d eat that. There’s another one down there. There he is again. Not much, though, we’re not talkin’ 20. – [James] What’d you say, upper 20s? (laughing) – Like I said, little monster, but we’re still not talkin’ in the 20s, what we’re lookin’ for,
but there’s three more fish down there, thank you, get you back. I’ll get another minnow head. Boy, they just come in stacked. There we go. Oh, it’s been a– – [James] I’m tryin’ to
get my gloves on over here, I take the rod up between
my legs, I got a fish on it! – Yep! I tell you what, it’s been
nothing short of busy. That’s for sure. I mean, a lot of fish. – [James] My guess is, as
the sun keeps gettin’ lower, the fish are gonna keep
gettin’ bigger and bigger. I mean, look at this,
there’s probably a 16. – [Dave] Yep. And there he is. – Just endless fish like this. Here, we’ll do the elevator shaft, one goin’ up, one comin’ down. (Dave chuckles) Not the one you were after, I’m sure. – [Dave] No, no no, no no. Well, there have been a lotta, lotta fish. – Well, I think we’re
gonna have to call it. I know we’re kind of gettin’
to the part of the day where we’re runnin’ out of shooting light. – [Dave] Yeah. – I had a ton of fun. – Oh my gosh. – It’s brutally cold right now. I think what we’re gonna see
is some great ice made here over the next week, which is great, it’s gonna open up
opportunities for all of us. – [Dave] Yep. – We’re gonna be able to get out, fish a lot of new bodies of water. I think the irony from today is all of our biggest fish
in our trip to Leech Lake came out of that Glacier Hard Side House, fishin’ in slippers. – Yes. – You know, and we spent
all day long out here, runnin’ around outside of the house, freezin’ our you-know-whatsits off, and hey, we caught lots of fish. – This is fun, though. – Yeah. – [Dave] But I’m lookin’ for that comfort. – They’re really starting to suck it. You wanna give it 10 more minutes after the camera turns off, and see if we can’t catch a big one? – All right, I’d love to. – All right. – I’m not ready to go. – From Dave and I, thanks
for watching, everybody. We’ll see you next week. Just a little bit more, I’m
not ready to give up yet. – [Dave] No no, no, let’s get her. – [Voiceover] For more info
on the latest fish reports, gear recommendations,
and hottest techniques, connect with us online at In-DepthOutdoors.com, or follow us on Facebook
at InDepth Outdoors. And if you enjoyed today’s show, be sure to let our sponsors know. (upbeat rock music)

54 thoughts on “Leech Lake Glacier Ice House Walleyes – In-Depth Outdoors TV, Season 10 Episode 9

  1. We've been using the Okuma bait runners for a few years now, on ice & open water. They're nice. Might have to try one of the TUCR….

  2. What was your strategy once you guys got out of the hard house in terms of movement on/around the structure in search of fish? Great show!

  3. I'm jealous, we still don't have walkable ice here in Michigan! it's looking like we might get a 3 week season, or less….

  4. we just got back from leach lake and it sucked I only caught a eal pout and a walleye stayed up till 4 to catch them

  5. We have a wheel house and so does my aunt and uncle. so every year we try to go ice fishing in the winter and camping in the summer. Last winter we went ice fishing on lake Melissa by Detroit Lakes MN and we had largemouth, smallmouth, rock bass, BIG crappies, and some northern pike. That was the first time any of us have ever caught a bass through the ice. I would recommend going around Detroit Lakes.

  6. not keeping walleye?!?!?!? seems like a waste of a perfectly good meal if you ask me, lol. but fish and chips is my fav. meal behind 1)thanksgiving, and 2)Steak!!!

  7. You guys should update on videos on times where you guys catch fish. if it's a morning bite, afternoon bite , or evening bite.

  8. I've caught many Walleyes on Leech Lake during the past several years and I've eaten my fair share of them. You probably already know, but the Walleye from all northern lakes, Leech Lake in particular IMO, is consistently better tasting than the Perch. That's not saying Perch isn't good, just that Walleye is belter. 😀

  9. Have you ever tried the late fall early winter sauger bite on the Illinois River near Spring Valley? I think you'd have a fun trip.

  10. Dead stick ? You don’t dead stick with a live minnow. That’s just called still fishing with live bait. Everybody likes to throw dead stick out there.

  11. I keep wondering why you don't keep the fish and then donate your Day's Catch to a local charity ?
    I love sharing the "catch of the Day" with others. Personally, I'd rather take them out ice fishing and share the endless fish'n stories I have.
    give a man a fish…. ya know, eh ?
    anyways, I got a nice coho and a blue fin herring out on Keweenaw Bay yesterday.
    Too windy to fish out there today for an old fart like me.

  12. The layout of that shack is backwards. Rattles should be placed further from the seat. The poles should be at the near holes for active fishing.

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