Learn How To Make Your Own Website With Real Website Hints

Learn How To Make Your Own Website With Real Website Hints

Hi I’m Tim Martin welcome to Real
Website Hints. Real Website Hints is all about helping you learn how to make your own website. I started real website hints because I was so frustrated when I built my first website. I wasted so much time and money on things that just didn’t work. And I want to help save you from that frustration. My passion is helping people find the best ways of easily building websites.
Websites that aren’t just easy to build but that are also powerful and flexible. The
opportunities that a website can open up are amazing but it’s figuring out how to
do it that can lead to tons of frustration and I don’t think that
anyone especially new entrepreneurs small business owners or people that run
small organizations should have to struggle to make their own website. So I
started out on a mission to find the best easy-to-use tools for building
websites and then show people how to use them at real website hints.com and
on my youtube channel you’ll find product reviews guides and tutorials
that will help you find the best way to easily make your own website. This is the
information that I wish I had back when I made my first website, so if you’re
interested in learning how to easily make a great website one that’s powerful
enough to fit your needs now but they can grow with you as your organization
grows. One that will save you time and energy so you can focus on what’s really
important for your business or organization let’s do it! Check out the guides in the
description below this video or at the end of this video to get started you

7 thoughts on “Learn How To Make Your Own Website With Real Website Hints

  1. You hit the nail 'bang' right on the head. I've wasted so much time fumbling in the dark, thanks for the guidance!

  2. Just had a brief look at it – ages ago – nice look and feel to it and also gives a sense of being part of a community of designers and builders with a common goal.

  3. Hey Tim great commentary and information. Beautiful video and great lighting… only comment I would have is to bring down the twang or the ping that is bouncing around the room when you talk. I think it would increase your sound quality. Do you have a microphone on there? Again loved it all! hope you won't take that light constructive criticism to heart. It was just an observation! 🙂 In the film industry it is said everything else can suck except the audio. LOL I don't know that I believe that fully but its a well known. 🙂 Keep the info coming especially on the BB way! 🙂 Thanks again! 😉

  4. Hi Tim. I came across your profile yesterday and I find your videos amazing. I have a very basic question. I already have a site, published and working, can I use Divi but keep all my pages, categories, etc?

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