LAST TO LEAVE POOL WINS $10,000! (Battle Royale in Mermaid Tail) | Rebecca Zamolo

LAST TO LEAVE POOL WINS $10,000! (Battle Royale in Mermaid Tail) | Rebecca Zamolo

Argh! They’re coming! Argh! Two GMI agents are We gotta get back to the tunnel. We gotta trap ’em! Argh. Oh no. Argh. Argh. Oh no. Argh, they’re coming. – I lost her foot.
She has the papers, we have to go in. – We do?
– Well, after you first. – No no no no no. – No you get in
– No you lost her, you lost her.
– Ugh whatever. – Okay, Rebecca says she has a plan
to trap the GMI agents. She says she was gonna take
the tunnel in the closet. I need to set up a secret
spy camera right now. I’m gonna set it up right over here. – Matt! Matt! – Rebecca? Rebecca! – Matt! Help me out, they’re coming. They’re coming. We’re letting them in here,
we gotta trap ’em. – You want me to leave this open then? – Yeah yeah yeah,
they’re coming. – Okay.
What do we need to do? – Just go in here,
they’re here! Right there,
come on! Ah! Ah! Hold it! Hold it hold it. – Open the door, we need the papers. – Hey Zam Fam, it’s Rebecca, and right now we’re just trapping GMI agents in our closet. They want the paper that we got but we need to figure
out a way to get them to give us the information that we need. – [Matt] You’re trapped! – Hold on,
you guys are trapped. – [Matt] We locked it. You can’t come out. – [Agents] Give us the papers. – We’re not giving you guys the papers, you can stay there for 24 hours. – No! That’s not the way this works. [Agents] We’ll just go through the tunnel. Listen there has to be
a better way to do this. – [Matt] There are snakes in the tunnel. – Oh. There’s snakes?
– No no no, he’s just, we just went through the tunnel, there’s no snakes.
– Just open this door! We can
– Just let us out! – They stopped. I think they’re whispering, I can’t hear what they’re saying. – Rebecca,
– I set up a hidden camera in there. – What? – Wanna see what they’re saying? – Yeah!
– Okay, here. – I can’t hear anything. – Do you even know if
they have all the papers? – Look, I know they have one paper, but they definitely don’t know
to put them up to the light. – Yeah, I bet they don’t even
know what to use them for. – No no no, I think we’re gonna – We’ll find a way to
get those papers back. – Exactly. – They’re saying something
about the papers, holding them up to the light. That must be a clue. Here, can you hold this? – Here. – Zam fam, They said hold it up to the light now you guys mentioned to put the papers on top of each other to see if there was a code, but we didn’t see anything. So this one was first, this was second, and this was third. So we put it up, and we can’t see anything, but they just said hold it up to the light. – [Matt] Yes! – Zam fams, smash the thumbs up button if you think this is gonna show something. Okay let’s put it up to the light. Look. Look. Password for database is on D2 dash HH. Okay Zam fam, I need you to comment below that phrase Password for database is on D2 dash HH so we remember that. This is a huge clue, we don’t know what it’s for. They’re really quiet, what are they doing in there? We need to figure out who HH is and they mentioned something about the Game Master. We need more information, so why don’t we do a last
to leave the pool challenge. – [Matt] Yes! – They want these papers, and we need information about who HH is and about the Game Master. – Plus, they don’t know that we know the code. – Yeah, we can trick them, we can make them think that we
have know idea what this is, but in reality we do. So it’s a win win. – Yes. – Zam fam smash the thumbs
up button if you think we’re gonna get them to do a last to leave the pool challenge. They want the paper. Okay GMI agents, you guys want the papers right? – Yes!
– Yeah! How many do you have? How many papers? – Three. – Oh. Right. Three. You probably can’t even read them, though. That’s right, right? – No, we have no idea what these papers are, I mean – Credentials! They’re credentials! – Credentials? – [Matt] Credentials? – [Agents] You don’t
need to worry about them. Don’t even worry about them. – Okay, well, we challenge you to the last
to leave the pool challenge. If you win, you can have these papers, but if we win, we get to find out who HH stands for and the information you
have about the Game Master. – So just to confirm, we just, we don’t leave the pool? – You just don’t leave the pool. It’s a last the leave the pool challenge. – Okay! Great.
Yeah. – You accept? Okay, then we’ll meet you out at the pool in five minutes. – [Agents] Wait, we’re locked in here. – Uh, oh yeah, I’m unlocking the key right now, and yep, we’ll see you in five. Go go! – Okay, so we are all dressed
and we are ready to do the last to leave the pool. – Wins 10,000 dollars. – No, I thought you guys were
gonna win the papers? – Oh,
that too, that too. – Yeah yeah yeah.
Of course, we’ve been watching too
much You Tube lately. Sorry. – And if we win, we get the information to find out what HH stands for and the Game Master. Right? – If you win. – [Matt] You guys do know
what HH stands for, right? – Yeah. – Maybe. – [Matt] What?! It doesn’t make any sense at all. – Okay, so Matt and I are
dressed in our swimsuits, are you guys gonna wear that? – Of course not. – I feel so bare now. – I know. – You’re ready?
– Yeah. – To go in the pool? – To go in the pool. – So the way this challenge works is we are going to do three rounds. The first round, we’re all gonna be on pool floaties. Round two we’re gonna have to get in the water and round three if you guys even make it to round three, because we’re gonna win this challenge, – We’re gonna win this challenge. – We’re gonna win this challenge. – You’re gonna have to go underwater. In a mermaid tail. – What?! – Before we get started, I’m just gonna put on
my lip gloss you guys, thanks to all of you guys
that have pre-ordered. – No no no no no, we don’t want any lip gloss, we’re fine. – Please don’t put that
definitely not on me. – We don’t need that for the challenge. – I wasn’t – [Matt] Nobody said – I wasn’t gonna put it on you, I was just – Oh.
– Okay. Let’s get started. Now is the time to get into the pool. We all have to choose our floaties. – We want the You Tube ones. – Are you sure? There’s like a big pink flamingo? – No, You Tube ’cause we’ll be taking over soon. – Fine, I’ll get the big pink flamingo. Matt, are you good with that one? – [Matt] That little guy?! – Will you be able to film? The camera? Three Two One Last leave the pool challenge. – Graceful butterfly. – Going backwards. Going backwards. – [Rebecca] Are you sure? I won’t. Okay, these agents are gonna have a tough time. – [Matt] Agent R! – Just get on it,
don’t chance it. – Leave. No!
Stay away from me. Matt!
You gotta come in. – [Matt] Okay. – [Agent] This is easy. – It’s not easy easy, it’s… easy. – It’s super easy. – Gentleman who never dips the tie. – You’re not winning this. – [Rebecca] Matt! – [Matt] I’m so comfortable. – You are? You’re comfortable? What about – [Matt] No! No no. No.
No. – I’m coming close. – [Matt] No, no. Ohh! – No! – Pretty comfortable. – Yeah? – You know what this is good for? – [Rebecca] What? – We should do a selfie. – Selfie? – You’re right. – For our pages, yes! – [Rebecca] Instagram? You guys have an Instagram? – Of course we have an Instagram, who doesn’t have an Instagram? – I didn’t know they had an Instagram. Matt did you? – [Matt] No, I didn’t. – Zam fam, Did you guys know they had an Instagram? What is your Instagram? – Gamemasterincorporated – That’s original. – Well it’s the best one out there, so – [Agent] Yeah, GMI. – This is only round one. I spent 24 hours in this pool many times, I’m gonna win this challenge. – Swim. – [Matt] What if I do this? – Whoah! – Can we bump tubes? – Bumper tubes! – [Matt] Bumper tubes?
– [Rebecca] Bumper tubes? – [Matt] What? – [Agents] Bumper tubes! Go! – [Matt] Rebecca, just don’t leave the pool. – I know, I know, I’m staying on, I just don’t wanna get
wet until the third round or second round. – [Matt] You know you
can leave if you want to. – Yeah! – [Rebecca] Yeah? – Yeah, you could win. – No, you guys can leave. – No, aren’t you cold? – No I’m not cold at all. – [Matt] Guys it’s actually kinda cold. – I could be here all day. – You know what time it is? A selfie! – [Matt] Wow you guys
really like doing that. – Oh it’s professional. It’s purely professional. – Zam fam, we need to prank them somehow. We need to get them out of this pool. Let me know what ideas you have. – The camera’s not waterproof, right? – [Rebecca And Matt] No! No! No! No! No! No! No Rebecca stay in! – No! That wasn’t fair! You guys cheated. – No rules! – [Matt] Stay in. Stay in. – So what’s round two? Because we just won round one. – Okay then you guys, that’s fine because I
will beat you either way. Round two is live with no floaties. – It’s two against one. – It doesn’t matter. – It really doesn’t, we both agree we’ll win. Comment who you think is going to win, it’s going to be me. Get in. – I’m a born swimmer. Whoo! – Floaties out. – I think the suit looks good though. – Yeah the suit looks, you know what? We look hot. – Maybe you guys should
take off your glasses. – No no no no no, that’s fine. We can see under water with them too. We keep them on. – What?
– Nothing. Nothing. It’s good, don’t worry about it. I can do this for 24 hours. I’ve done it for 24 hours. – Oh yeah? I could do it for 25. – 25 hours. – Absolutely. – I could probably do 26. What about Alice? Where’s Alice right now? I haven’t seen her lately. My best friend? – On her own mission. – No she’s at the ice cream shop today. – That’s what I meant to say. That’s her second job. She works at the ice cream shop. You should’ve known because
you’re her best friend. – You might be her best friend, I don’t – Oh no she did beat you
in that game of Guess Who. – She did do that, didn’t she? – Right but guess what? I won the Guess Who game, you guys remember the
giant Guess Who game? Why don’t you guys go, I’m gonna talk to Matt real quick. Matt, we need to figure
out a way to get them out of the pool. – [Matt] What would do it? – Matt, do you have any fake snakes? – I think I do actually, over in the pool thing. – Agent S is scared of snakes, – Oh yeah. – If we can prank him and get
a snake and put it in here, he’ll get out of the pool so fast, and then it’ll be down to two, and we need to figure out a
way to get Agent R out too. I’ll distract them, I’ll say we can do synchronized
swimming or something, okay? – Okay. – Zam fams, smash the thumbs up button if you think the fake snake prank will get Agent S out of the water. – [Agents] Hey!
Rebecca! – Okay.
Okay. Yeah?
Guys. I was thinking we could do
some synchronized swimming. – Yeah? – Yeah. – I’m down. – Here. And we go to the left. – This is ballet or? – Yeah! – You guys look good! Okay, in here, extension cord, floaties, you kidding? It doesn’t even look real. The plan is I’m gonna go over there, throw this in the pool, and say ‘snake!’ – It’s a nice pool.
– It is a nice pool. Yeah. – We’ve actually been in it before. – What? – I mean,
– No, – How?
– No we haven’t, we’ve never been here before, we’ve never been here or practiced this. – Wait. Did you hear that, Matt? They just said they’ve
been in our pool before. – [Matt] Wait a second. – No no no no, – [Matt] What about the
pool cover? It locks. – We’ve been in A pool, We’ve been in A pool. – No no no,
Zam fam, you guys heard that. You would know that if
you were in this pool, that we’re out in nature
so there’s a lot of bears snakes you know, coyotes. Oh my gosh! – Oh my gosh! Argh! Argh! – [Rebecca] There’s a snake! There’s a snake! – [Rebecca] Wait. – [Agent] Don’t touch it!
Don’t touch it! – [Matt] I got it. – [Agent] Argh! It’s a snake! It’s a snake! – [Matt] It’s not real. It’s not real. It’s not real.
Or is it?! Argh! – I’m out! – No, you guys got our camera, we pranked you with a snake, it’s fair. – All right. – [Rebecca] Final Round. – I swam for two years, I’m good, I could sleep here. – I’m not gonna lose. This next round, we’re in the pool, but now we’re going under water. Bring out the mermaid tails. – Whoah whoah, mermaid tails?
– Yep, yep. – I don’t know, I feel like you should
have told us this before – [Matt] We kinda did, we kinda did. – Oh I don’t know about this. – I don’t know anything about it, but is that the aquatic tail from Sephora 2019? – Uh, – [Matt] Here, I don’t know, check it out. – I don’t know. You’ve done this before? – Oh no, I’ve never done this. Wow, it’s stand up to sparkly spandex, oh this is holographic spandex. – Uh, yeah, how does he? I thought you’ve never, – Oh wow! This is custom too! – How does he know? – [Matt] He loves it. – Has he worn a tail before? – [Agent] No no no no no. No I’ve never worn a tail before. – We’ve got the tails on. – They call me a business merman. – [Matt] GM Mermaid. – You wanna try to swim back and forth? You have to be under water. – Okay yeah. – First to the other side underwater gets bragging rights. – Bragging rights,
okay yeah. – Yep, bragging rights. – Yeah, let’s do that. – Three two one. – [Matt] Rebecca! – I won! – Wait did you beat me? – I beat you.
– What?! – She was flying. – Okay. Maybe you should swim some
more under water real quick, I’m gonna take my victory relaxation. Zam fam, we need to get him out. – [Matt] He’s pretty good. – Okay,
they mentioned about the sunglasses, right? – [Matt] Yeah. – They aren’t taking them off. If I can figure out a way to get them off, I think that’s what we have to do. – [Matt] Yes, and then throw them outside. – Then he’ll have to get them, right? Okay, let me see if this one thing works. I’m gonna try to go up to him. We should take a photo. – What’s happening? – Sorry. Sorry, yeah I got something in my eye. – You got something in your – Oh. I think we need to have a
conversation under water. – Oh cool, you were trained in aquatic talk like me? – [Matt] Aquatic talk?
– Yeah. Of course. – What was that? – Uh, no, that was an accident. I thought you were high fiving me, I meant to high five. – How could you think that? I was sleeping. I was doing this position. – No, I, yeah. – I think you might not have
been trained in aquatic talk. – You know what? Maybe we should go to the shallow end. Goggles. I’m gonna wear these so
I can go under water. Hello. – What is that right over there? – [Rebecca] What? – [Matt] I don’t see – [Rebecca] I don’t see anything. – [Agent] Oh it must have been something, a squirrel maybe. – What?! How did?
Okay. – [Matt] Do you guys
wanna put goggles on now? – Huh?
– You have goggles? – No.
But I’m ready to talk and I’m ready to do another
session under water. – [Matt] Definitely under water. – Okay. Battle royale – Let’s do this. – Maybe I need my lip gloss. – No no no no no! That’s fine, you don’t need that. – What do you mean? – Hold on, hold on. We can just, – This is just my
– Yeah yeah yeah, just put that on and then we can, we can talk over here once that’s away. – I don’t know, Zam fam, it seems like he doesn’t
like my lip gloss. – I’m going to win this conversation. – [Matt] He’s vlogging. – I heard them whispering, they said they have a You Tube channel. I’m not joking. – [Matt] Really? – I don’t know. Zam fam, go and check and see if they do. I don’t know why, but that would be really weird, right? Are you ready? – I’m ready. – I think we should just
keep swimming like mermaids. Okay, I think it’s time. I think I need to do a battle royale and take his glasses. Do you think it’s gonna work? – [Matt] It has to work.
– Okay. If he does, then we’re gonna find out what HH means, and we’re gonna find out the info about the game master. I think he might be real after all, because no-one has won this last leave the pool challenge yet, I wanna do an under water battle royale. – I think that’s an excellent idea. Battle royale! Let’s go! – I got them!
– [Matt] Quick! Yes! – [Rebecca] I got them!
– [Matt] Yes! Yes!
There they go! There they go!
Yes! – Your glasses! – [Matt] He’s still going! – I won! – [Matt] Rebecca you did it! – I did it! – Oh come on! – Oh my gosh!
– [Matt] You won! We’re gonna get the info!
– [Matt] Yes! – Where are my sweats? – [Matt] Inside. – I won. I can’t believe it. – [Matt] Come inside. Come inside. – OK, Zam fam, so I’m so excited, we won the last to leave
the pool challenge, which means the GMI agents have to live up to their promise and tell us the two
questions that we asked. You have to answer them, are you ready? How did you get dry so fast? You were just in the pool. – Special agent suit – Okay… So what does HH stand for? – The Halloween Hacker. – Who’s the Halloween Hacker? – He’s a new villain of ours. – [Matt] What about the other one? – Oh the other one, yeah. You guys have information about the Game Master. We haven’t seen him in a while. What is it? – I know we’re supposed to be truthful, – We did lose, we did lose. – But we can’t talk about this. – Guys, guys,
you promised. – I don’t know, we already told you about
the Halloween Hacker. – No, you promised, you guys promised both, – [Matt] You lost! – They said both, that was part of this challenge. – You guys just say it. – Okay, if we tell you, promise that it won’t get out. Mr X can not find out that we told you. – Hey, we don’t even
know who Mr X is, okay? – There’s a new mask. – The Game Master has a new mask? – That must be the password
on D2 was all about. – Oh yeah, but Matt, Matt, no no no no no. – What? What? – No wait!
You found out? – No. – Go! Go! Go! – Go go go! Oh! Shut the door! Shut the door!
Argh! – [Matt] They’ll get in the other way. – [Rebecca] Oh no! – [Matt] The other way, go! – Matt, Hide!

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