Is Squarespace Bad for SEO? Answered!

Is Squarespace Bad for SEO? Answered!

hey guys welcome back to another Squarespace SEO video in today's video we are going to be tackling one of the biggest questions we get when it comes to Squarespace SEO and that is Squarespace bad for SEO this is a big topic and we're excited to dive in and give you our answer so for Squarespace SEO you guys know that my favorite expert is Charlotte of Charlotte O'Hara dossier so she is here back with me and to answer this big question yeah hi Louise hi everyone that's watching so yeah I am a Squarespace SEO expert and without a doubt the number one question that we get is is Squarespace bad for SEO is 4-space good for SEO and the answer is no Squarespace is not bad for SEO it's actually really good so if you think about SEO we're talking about like search engine optimization right and what that means is that there's a lot of different factors in play and it's not just specific to the platform the website platform that you're using does that mean it's like think about it where space is your like website hosting platform right and it's all about like what kind of content do you have on your website like how are you serving your ideal audience are you giving them high quality content lots of resources really good text it's formatted correctly you know are you bringing in lots of good information for them all of those things are way more important than like the platform that your website is being built on exactly so using one platform or another is not automatically going to give you better SEO so I love the use of that Charlotte you know it's more about the content and the domain Authority that you build up so okay totally what else do people need to know about Squarespace SEO good so another thing I want to talk about with Squarespace SEO is that Squarespace as a platform has lots of really good integrations with Google which as you know is probably the most important search engine out there yeah they come out the important like it's the big one yeah like no disrespect to Bing but like you know Google thinks the cake yeah what are all these things yeah but the good thing with Squarespace is that they give you the prompts to do certain integrations with Google so for example Google Analytics you know once you sign up for your Google Analytics account you just want that code right into a website or even easier is submitting your website to Google search console and again that basically means you're verifying your domain so your domain like shell it O'Hara Don CA or whatever like you're verifying that you own that and that you want Google to pick it up and so again that's just like a feature directly built into the Squarespace platform you can go ahead follow their instructions and get it done so like Squarespace they want you to be set up properly for SEO they have all the SEO fields you can fill out for every single page like it's a really good platform for it yeah I think there's so much that you can do and they've really been you know very purposeful with all of the features that they've given to us and I think you know when you look at all of the top tips for what you need to do with SEO you can achieve all of those with Squarespace 100% you know and like one of the biggest parts about having a good quality website is creating amazing content it is reaching your ideal audience and so with that you know you can use some of squarespace's formatting features so use the titles put in all the headers if you're adding images into your website or your blog posts make sure that you're naming them correctly because remember Google can't like see your images you have to tell them what the image is about by using name field and so all of these different factors that you can use are going to make sure that you have amazing content on your website and when you have really good content on your website then Google wants to share that and they'll reward you by putting you higher up into the search results for different keywords or search terms that people are using absolutely I mean yeah Google really is just so smart like what they're doing they're really just looking for the best content so if you kept that in mind each time you decide okay you want to rank for something it's like okay what can you do to post the absolute best Kombat's yeah exactly right and again to just to reiterate what we said it's not so much about the platform it's about like how are you doing the best job at serving the online audience for that particular topic exactly and I think you know when it comes to ranking as well both you and I you know we both rank as well so you can't just say that you know you can't rank with Squarespace that's just simply not and both of us you know I discovered you on Google you know like yeah yes right for what you want to run for it so yeah you definitely just can't say that you're not going to rank was first base exactly and another one thing that I wanted to talk about too is people like Squarespace bad for SEO and let's talk about that in the context of link building okay so link building is one of the biggest SEO strategies out there and it basically means that other web sites are linking back to your website and Google notices those links and they'll reward you because the links come from like a high quality website with like a high domain Authority ideally right and so again this is an example of it being like platform agnostic it doesn't matter like that your website is on Squarespace if these other websites are linking to you right like you could have a WordPress website where space website and either way they're linking back to your site and all that like the backlinks is really really good for you and Google's going to pay attention they're going to notice and yeah doesn't really matter that you have a sports based website because the other people are talking about you and linking to you would be the same as if you are on WordPress or something exactly and as he said you know Squarespace has done they want you to rank so they've done so much on there and to help you with your SEO efforts as well exactly and the final thing I wanted to talk about too is about having a mobile responsive website so now increasingly Google is prioritizing websites that are mobile responsive and that's basically just a fancy way of saying that like your website works properly on like iPhones or tablets like whatever you know different science devices than just a basic like laptop or desktop and so where's face is I'm sure you might know this it's one of the biggest features is that all of the scores based websites out there our mobile responsive which means that they will display properly and correctly on any sized screen and that is yeah and that's one of the biggest features for Google because they know that more and more people are like browsing online on their phones and viewing websites on their phones or their iPads or whatever so the fact that your website because it's on Squarespace is automatically mobile responsive that already gives you a leg out from some of the other websites that don't have that feature yeah exactly so you know like that and that's just one of the examples of one where space does for us so I love that I love that it's done automatically for us me too right like so good mm-hmm all right guys so that concludes our Squarespace SEO series for now I mean I love Charlotte and think that she has so much good content to share with us so I'm sure I will be having her back if you want to up your Squarespace game hopefully we have inspired you to do that then you definitely want to grab Charlotte's checklist I'll leave a link in the description below for you guys and if you know that your website needs work you need a high converting website I'll also leave a link for my free trial of my course down below and yeah if you loved this video in this series please let us know below we would love to hear from you and don't forget to subscribe to our channels we are always talking about Squarespace and sharing tons of tips so yeah I'll put my channel here and Charlotte's channel here all the channels okay and subscribe to those and I'm sure that we'll be back soon with some more Squarespace

5 thoughts on “Is Squarespace Bad for SEO? Answered!

  1. Loved doing this video collab with you, Lou! I hope everyone finds it helpful and that they are inspired to get cracking with SEO on their own Squarespace websites xoxox -Charlotte

  2. SS is pretty decent re: SEO. What I find annoying is that not all on-page optimization opportunities are intuitive. I use the Rally template and the Image Alt Text requires you to insert it into the image caption and then you have to hide that, meaning you can't use the caption feature as it's intended. Similarly, to write metadescriptions (not a ranking factor but crucial for CTR), you need to insert the text into each blog post "extract" field. Not all metadescriptions work simultaneously for on-page post previews.

  3. This made me curious so googled the episode title, and it does seem that many of the templates are not optimized for SEO. The BRINE group (which Lou recommends) ranks well, though.

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