29 thoughts on “Introducing Firebase App Distribution

  1. I started using Firebase back in 2013 – you guys are literally the best choice I made for building all of my apps and web applications. Even your documentation is better than the majority of training content available across the internet. I don't know if it's Google's influence, or you guys are just passionate and know what you're doing, but myself and Google made a wonderful decision going with you guys. Keep up the wonderful work and the innovations into this cloud world! You guys are literally what all divisions or companies should strive for.

  2. This seems an amazing thing. I have tested this with APK and working perfectly fine. It has nice app too. i.e. App tester Thanks a lot Firebase team!

  3. Wow, this is a wonderful tool, many of you know how much time we waste to upload to the PlayStore or AppStore to review our apps. Thanks, Firebase Team!!

  4. How do user's access the build if they've deleted the email? And is there an app similar to hockey where they can choose what build to install?

  5. i cant using service account authentication in iOS project, the docs only mention on android Project put serviceCredentialFile inside gradle file on android…

  6. Am I missing something? I already sent the invite to my testers, they accepted the invite, after that I am stuck after uploading the .ipa for iOS AdHoc build I am stuck and not sure what to do. No email or button to press?

  7. Beside of supporting App Bundle extension, please bring back the feature to search build(s) by name, release note,etc… as the Beta app. I really need it for testing app in multiple branches.

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