Instagram Tips 2017 – How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business

Instagram Tips 2017 – How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business

One must follow tip you’re trying to build a brand on Instagram hey, my name’s Chalene Johnson. In this video I’m going to give you one tip one killer tips the most important tip when it comes to trying to brand yourself build a business hello find customers on Instagram you have to know who it is you’re trying to reach and what it is they want to see have to start with a story ok this is true story so recently I was lifting weights at the gym and this dude like with big muscles like looking at me and stuff why is he looking at me like you probably like was trying to hit on me or something and then he took off his headphones like excuse me usually Johnson and I said why yes i am and i really wasn’t trying to hit on me but he was going to hit me up for some advice and he said I have a question for you I have such a hard time getting customers or business from Instagram and I think my page is really great can I show it to you and I’m like I’m in the middle of myself okay so showed me his Instagram page and granted the guy looks amazing he’s like chiseled has a beautiful body and he obviously spent a lot of time in the gym is a personal trainer so of course I asked him what are you trying to sell and he said I sell online diet programs i said to who he said mainly women like ninety-eight percent females i said ok so your page is awesome if you’re trying to attract on somebody who’s looking for a dude who needs to be on the cover of their next magazine but like if you’re trying to attract me you’re trying to attract a woman you have to know what she’s looking for and she’s not looking for an oiled up like super muscley guy you know I’m saying and like that’s what is page which was beautiful and it lends to the credibility of that he knows how to build a body his body but it’s not going to attract the customers who he’s looking for my very first tip for you is this think about who it is you’re trying to attract and what it is they want to see which might not be you it might be something that you know why are they going on Instagram why is your customer looking on Instagram what are they looking for and that’s what needs to be on your page so take a look at your own Instagram account and ask yourself picture by picture post by post if the answer is no this is probably not going to attract the kind of person I’m looking for can lead it that’s it one very important tip if you miss that one all the other tips you can put into practice our kind of pointless because if your page isn’t what your intended audience wants to see they’re never going to follow you there never going to click on the link in your bio and all the other tips that you can see in my other videos if you would like more help building your Instagram i encourage you to click the link below in the description of this video i am the creator of Instagram impact which has helped thousands and thousands and thousands of people just like you figure out how to build a brand using my favorite app which is Instagram check it out and in the meantime please don’t forget to subscribe because we update this channel often with tips on all social media platforms business lifestyle you name it check it out and let me know a little bit about you in fact i’m gonna give you a chance right now to plug your own Instagram account so leave us your Instagram title below in your comments and say hello don’t forget to subscribe don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up you know that my thumbs are shorter than my other nails do you know why you know what anybody know I because of Instagram you can’t eat I can’t type with your thumb so i keep my thumbnails very short and then my other nails are like bonquiqui but my thumbs are just there at some people call them active length i call instagramming

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  1. Slapping my forehead right now with a "of course!!" statement. Good thing my new profile is…! @julies_bigideadreams

  2. That was great Chalene, love your channel! I make and sell genuine seaglass jewelry, my first year in business @bowenseaglass

  3. Thank you for the tip. I will be watching more. Awesome videos. So happy I found you. Just subscribed and looking forward to watching more. You are so entertaining and love your positive outlook.

  4. Hi I'm an artist @sarahclementsart who likes to create realistic art in oils & coloured pencils. The pencil work is a very slow process. I have a job to. How can I produce good quality content everyday to engage more followers?

  5. Thanks for this great video. I am loving all your youtube videos with Instagram tips. I make handcrafted rosaries and am trying to find more business. @rcrosaries

  6. Thanks a lot for this tip. I run an online store that sells beauty products and Costume jewelry. My target customers are women. My Instagram handle is @damselnkee. Thanks

  7. Well I've subscribed your tits are good I have a YouTube account and this will cross into any business or platform so thank you for sharing.

    YouTube channel is the joy of acrylic pouring.
    If you like artwork, and you are not an artist and you would like to do some artwork it's easy come check out my page will see you there Lisa looking forward to hearing from you ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Youโ€™re sharp and real and beautiful! Thanks for the support and all your wisdom and encouragement. @dr.rachellalan

  9. I just learned about you through ThinkMedia… great stuff! I have two Instagram accounts, the one I am currently trying to brand and grow is @abusesurvivorsunite Helping victims of narcissistic abuse reclaim their joy and take back their life. Thanks so much for all your great tips and strategies! New subscriber here! ๐Ÿ‘‹

  10. Great Tip Chalene, this is key to building any business on any platform!! Know your Target Audience… ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Thank you for the tips. I'm also an artist trying to get noticed. I've got my YouTube and my Instagram and my Facebook all pointing to each other. I am showing up and posting consistently. I am not giving up. Hard work pays off. Check me out! @choelscherart ("Courtney Hoelscher" is my YouTube channel) Also,

  12. I signed up to your newsletter to get the FREE Instagram check list but never got it. It just seemed like your usual ยซย welcome to my newsletterย ยป email with a bunch of links but none were the Instagram checklist…

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  14. Iโ€™m 100 pounds down . SW 388.6 today Iโ€™m 284.4 and counting thanks to Turbo jam and now piyo . Come on over to my instagram @Kerri_LuvLife TheFitFibroMom and lets shred some fat together ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ฏ I love You Chalene, I owe my confidence all to you .

  15. Thank you chalene! I love your insight! We made a page for our organic baby, we'd love for you to take a look! @organicbaby_aries

  16. I just got started & very lucky to find you. @mybunnyvalentine – where our love for the bunny is not only reserved for Easter. Thank you!

  17. That's a good point Chalene! Do you suggest asking them questions about what they want to see? Thank you so much! (Btw, this is my Instagram in Holistic Online Services – @maria_m_healing) ๐Ÿ’œ

  18. Just found you! I'm bunge watching your channel! My instagram is @organizing_everything
    I'm a personal home and business organizer.

  19. Thank you for the amazing tips! Youโ€™re advice is so motivating, I plan on binge watching all your videos! Lol @ina_theoriginal

  20. Hi Chalene! We loved the video and the tip! Just wanted to say hello! Our company is Paris & York. Our instagram is @parisandyork. We sell amazing clothing for the modern woman.

  21. Hey! All of my social media accounts carry the same name! You can find me on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter as ExplorerJust ๐Ÿ™‚ See you there!

  22. Hey Chalene! Thank you for the Fab tip! What has been working for me is putting my face on Instagram and my social channels so I reminded accordingly. So here is where I am at @health_coach_suzy_wilson

  23. Hi!! Thank you for your videos, they are helping me a lot! Just started a instagram account with my sister! We sell crystal and natural stones jewelry @fennel.pedrasnaturais !

  24. Love your videos Chalene, such great, clear advice – thank you! We have jus opened an online business for reusable products in Melbourne, Australia @kitmaii

  25. That's exactly what I had to do, delete or archive a lot of photos! @colorful_Daneen There were too many personal pictures so I kept some to give a personal touch but the others are mostly if not all of my makeup looks! Still learning Still growing! LOVE all this wonderful content you give!

  26. I deleted some of my pictures on my business IG page @amelynairehair and trying to get people to know me on my other IG page @itsamely03. It's still slow. My YouTube channel I just made a list of content I want to record to get my hair company out here to the world. Help!!!

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  28. Thank you ! Great advice. I am new to IG but I had been in permanent makeup business for a very long time and I am very well known, however, most of my clients are all very busy older professional women who don't have an Instagram account so it doesn't bring me much business but it's more like a popularity contest among other people from beauty business. so far I haven't had much luck because I post real before and after pictures before and not deceiving photoshopped photos like most permanent makeup people on Instagram. @chicagopermanentmakupbyrn

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