I know HTML/CSS now what?

I know HTML/CSS now what?

HTML and CSS are the true-blue fundamentals
for any web developer. You’ve learned them, and now you’re feeling
confident. But, now what? Well that’s what I’m here to help you figure
out. Let’s go. In my last video, I kind of skipped over HTML
and CSS, my bad, but I was so excited about giving a general overview of how to get a
job in web development without any experience that I forgot to start from the very very
beginning, HTML and CSS. If you don’t know what that is, I’ll put some
links below, but a nice analogy is a good way to start off. So if HTML and CSS were a house, HTML would
probably be the foundation and the walls, where as CSS would probably be the paint and
all the decorations. But, now you’ve already built a sturdy, beautiful
house, what can you do with that? If you need a job right now, or you just want
to build your resume, I would think about: Building personal websites for people
Building email templates for companies Or trying you hand out at Wix or WordPress
and building websites for small businesses with those tools
and lastly becoming a Web Master for a small business.
All of these jobs will gain you experience in the world of web development. I mean not everybody knows HTML. They don’t know how to go inside of a website
and change an H1 to an H2, they don’t know how to take a Div and change it from red to
blue, let alone know what a div is. So, don’t under sell your skills. If you do want to go into the world of web
development, I don’t think at this point you would be considered a web developer. If you want to become a web designer, a front-end
web developer, back-end web developer, or DevOps, the next step is learning JavaScript. You gotta learn it kids. I mean if we keep up with the analogy that
we were talking about earlier, JavaScript is like electricity; You flip this switch
on, the lights turn on, you turn this knob and now you have heat. It’s what makes websites interactive. And once you learn it, now you can officially
call yourself a Web Developer, and companies will start finding you appealing, and the
salary is gonna start getting nice. Yea baby. Well, now it’s time for some decision making,
are you gonna go for a Web Master Job or are you gonna wait a little bit longer and learn
some JavaScript? The ball’s in your court, but I’m always on
your team and if you have any more questions leave some comments below. Also, if you found this video helpful, give
it a thumbs up and share on your social media. And don’t forget to subscribe. Alright, thanks for watching. Bye.

17 thoughts on “I know HTML/CSS now what?

  1. This is very helpful. I'm in my 50s and I'm switching careers to web development. I've learned HTML and CSS and some Javascript and I've went through two email developer courses so far. Now I'm going to put together a portfolio and get out there, while I'm still learning Javascript. I find all your vids helpful and I'm looking forward to the interview questions video!

  2. how do you practice the basics html and css stuff you've learned without the knowledge of js? would u recommend looking at basic templates and customizing them for yourself as a project?

  3. I want to start working towards creating Email Templates for a company but i don't know how to build my portfolio, should it be towards creating sites, or email based work?

  4. Great advice. Just knowing HTML and CSS is enough to start doing projects for people. But JavaScript is what you need in order to be a web developer

  5. Hi, do you have an email where I can ask you some questions regarding freelancing and getting a job? I am a newbie with seldom experience in HTML and CSS.

  6. Hi Anissa, I am teaching an intro to web course at UNCG. would you like to make a short video for my students? Maybe coming up with a final web project for them? Here is where they are now.. http://www.leewalton.com/intro-to-web-design 🙂 let me know? you can be our on-line course guest!

  7. I'm trying to build a one page responsive layout with only html and css. But I'm afraid I'll never know when to move on to Javascript

  8. I know HTML, CSS & Javascript… Now what?
    Edit: Also, where would one go to get a job as a web developer? Fivver? Make your own website, get a domain, & upload it?

  9. Anissa, great analogies — HTML = foundation/walls, CSS = paint/decorations, JS = electricity.
    B/C of that, I subscribed.

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