how to verify wordpress website ownership on google webmaster tools

how to verify wordpress website ownership on google webmaster tools

Hello friends my name is jaskaran and today
we will learn how to verify wordpress website ownership
on google webmaster tools…. verifying website ownership on google webmaster
tools is very important for SEO , First of all sign in to Google Webmasters
Tools On home page of Google Webmaster tool you
will find Add a site button Click on this Add a site button …now page
will ask you To enter URL of your website …you need to
add both version of Website one with WWW and one non WWW and
i am doing it for non WWW Now Google Webmaster will give you option
to choose verification mathod I am showing you HTML or Meta tag method for WordPress
web site… All you need to do is to copy this tag and
paste in head part of your web site .. if your site is already added
than you can come to this page by doing this .. on home page go to the website
you want to verify for Ownership, you will find Manage Site button
by clicking it you will get 2 options Verify this site and Delete Site on verify this site And you will come to the same page ….now
copy the HTML TAG or Meta tag and paste It in head section of your wordpress site
to verify ownership.. Login to your
wordpress Dashboard go to Appearance In Apperance click
to the Editor…In editor you will find
Header in right on HEADER In Header yo will findJust above
thepart now paste this
HTML TAG just above theNow Click on update file to save the change
Now go to the Google Webmaster tools page Just click on the verify button..
Congratulations you have successfully verified your ownership..That it Click continue ….
Wow now you know how to verify wordpress website ownership on Google Webmaster Tools Thanks for watching the video and Subscribe
the channel for more..

45 thoughts on “how to verify wordpress website ownership on google webmaster tools

  1. I have tried 4 times to verify..but they always not do.why not getting verified and how can do it? say like this: We weren't able to verify your property:

  2. Nice vid, thank you! However it worked the first time, but now when i go to verity the www and https:// sites it says it cant… do i need to upload the code again, once for each site??

  3. Hi, Header file is missing in the Appearence section instead i have only header for my diplay picture image, what to do?

  4. It worked however it scrambled my theme and entire site. Removing the code has not helped. Any ideas how to fix it?

  5. Thanks for video,can you tell me do you need to do this twice on your wp site 1 for www,the second time for non www? Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know ,kind regards,Royston.

  6. oh worked for everyone but me 🙁

    when i try to save header code . i got 

    "Unable to communicate back with site to check for fatal errors, so the PHP change was reverted. You will need to upload your PHP file change by some other means, such as by using SFTP."

  7. This is great. Google doesn't explain this very well. The only thing I don't understand is that Google says you mustn't delete the code. What happens when you update the WP theme? I would hate to have to build an entire child theme just for this.

  8. your video was the only one who really resolves the issue in an easy way. after 4 hours trying with others, yours took a few min. Thanks a lot

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