How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog in 2020 – My 300,000/mo pv Strategy

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog in 2020 – My 300,000/mo pv Strategy

Hi! I’m Anastasia of I am a Pinterest marketing expert and today I’ll show you how I’m
getting over 300,000 monthly page views to my blog from
Pinterest and it’s all free organic traffic! Before you ask me if this
traffic source works only for bloggers I have to tell you it works great for
e-commerce sites in most of the niches too.
Just keep in mind that Pinterest is usually used by a for inspiration and
the majority of users on this platform are still female so it’s true that in
some niches, like recipes, home decor gifts and holidays you can get a massive
amount of traffic from Pinterest. And you will have to monetize it obviously with
ads but in business-related niches you will probably get lower traffic but you
can monetize it with high-cost affiliate products or sell your consulting services
or your own products. Tell me in the comments below if I’m wrong saying that
you will also get lower traffic from any platform for business niches? Pinterest
is not an exception. It’s just human nature and it’s a fact that there are
more people who need healthy recipes on a daily basis than people who want to
learn some serious stuff like stock market or investment opportunities, right?
One of the keys to getting consistent traffic on Pinterest is search engine
optimization. I talked about Pinterest SEO in detail in another video. You can
click on the info sign you will get it in your right top corner to open that
video and watch it later and if you stay with me until the end of this video I’ll
give you a link to my Pinterest SEO checklist it’s a free PDF file that will
help you stay on the right track with Pinterest SEO. But let me show you what
actually works the best on Pinterest this year. Because there is so much
outdated information and Pinterest has changed a lot in the last few years. By
the way, I published last week a video with my best Pinterest hacks that helped
me drive so much organic traffic to my blogs and I’ll do my best to avoid
repetition in this video so if you want to get all the tips and tricks from me
make sure to click on the info icon on the top right corner and I
will link the the Pinterest hacks video and if you missed that link you can always
look for the link in the description under this video. If you want to get
traffic from Pinterest, the first rule is never use a personal account for this
because your account might be easily suspended and only business accounts
should be used to promote websites. I will not waste much time here giving you
all the steps of website verification because many of you watching this video
have already done this for those of you who still need helps with this process. I
will leave a link to an instruction which I published on my blog and you
will find this link in the description below the video. The second rule is to
have Rich pins enabled. If you cannot do this from the first attempt for whatever
technical reason, I just encourage you do not give up on them. Try to contact
Pinterest support don’t just ignore the Rich pins because they are not some
accessory of your Pinterest account. I strongly believe that without Rich pins
your pins are in disadvantage compared to your competitors because you don’t
have that additional keyword-rich information that comes with your page
SEO title and description. One of the data tips you could find in other videos
or articles about Pinterest marketing is trying to get access to multiple group
boards I’m sure if you have done a little bit of research about generating
organic traffic from Pinterest you’ve seen these tips people would say no
matter how relevant the group boards are to your niche just apply to join the
biggest group boards in order to get higher reach on Pinterest. But it doesn’t
work anymore on Pinterest this way. They’ve been very clear about group
boards losing distribution power since the middle of 2018 and when you see a
group board with thousands of contributors it might be tempting to
apply. Because it will definitely be easier to get accepted but on the other
hand you will be most probably joining a
group board that is full of spam and has no specific topic usually these generic
boards allow pinners from all kinds of niches so don’t waste your time trying
to get access to group boards, especially to generic group boards. So focus on
building boards on your own account rule number four of generating Pinterest
traffic is don’t try to target too narrow and long-tail keywords on
Pinterest like you would do on Google with a new site you will simply not be
getting the amounts of traffic you deserve on Pinterest. These are the two
reasons why I recommend you to focus on short and popular keywords instead the
first reason is that Pinterest doesn’t give any priority to older sites
Pinterest doesn’t care about the main authority or backlinks like Google does
so competing for popular keywords is possible for any new site and any new
account on Pinterest. And the second reason is that Pinterest users are
rarely searched for something very specific they don’t have a long-tail
keyword in mind when they come to Pinterest. So just so you know it’s
official stats shared by Pinterest that shows about 75% of all searches on this
platform are short search phrases of about 1 to 3 maximum words and
people view on average about sixty pins per query that’s another proof that all
the sites and search results have approximately the same chances for a
click you just need to make sure that your pin stands out. If you want to
really understand why Pinterest is such a powerful platform compared to even
Google search and why Pinterest works for traffic generating much better than
Facebook or Instagram I recommend you to join my free Pinterest Masterclass if
you haven’t seen it yet and you’ll find a link to it in the description below
this video now rule number five when you save your pin for the first time on
Pinterest. Make sure
you choose the most relevant board first. Ideally, you should find a board that has
the same focused keyword in the board title as you have in the pin title after
saving your pin to the best relevant board you can save it to other relevant
boards but make sure that your content first goes to the most relevant boards.
By doing this you help Pinterest understand what your pin is actually
about and you help the algorithm find the right people who will be actually
interested in your content and will show early engagement on your pins. And if you
want to understand better what does the most relevant board mean and how you can
master Pinterest search engine optimization in general. Don’t forget to
check the link in the description below this video that goes to my free
Pinterest a SEO checklist it’s a PDF file my Pinterest traffic tip number 6 is
create multiple images for each piece of content remember that every pin image
has a half-life of about 3.5 months at some point continuing to
save the same image repeatedly will become less and less effective. So what
really works on Pinterest nowadays is creating new images and pin descriptions
all the time. Even for your old content and it’s way easier to create a couple
of new pins for your old posts and share it on Pinterest with a fresh image
then to create a brand new piece of content right? Of course, Pinterest
rewards content creators who get lots of saves from different page URLs who can
produce new content frequently but not for all business models it works well so
this strategy of saving multiple pins linked to the same content actually can
generate you a lot of Pinterest traffic without burning you out with new content
creation all the time. I often get this question from people who learn about
duplicate content on Google that if creating multiple pins for the same
content you might trigger spam filters on
Pinterest for duplicates I want to show you that Pinterest doesn’t mind you
creating new pin images for old posts because for Pinterest as a visual search
engine an image is the piece of content so as long as you don’t save the same
pin images linked to the same post you’re not creating duplicates. As long
as you create a new image it’s considered for a fresh piece of content
for Pinterest, my Pinterest traffic secrets number 7 is be consistent.
Okay this might be something you hear about on other social media platforms as
well. Like you probably know that Instagram and YouTube reward accounts
for consistency and the same happens on Pinterest and you shouldn’t ignore this
fact I see that most of people struggle with being consistent on Pinterest
because it seems like such a hustle to save more than ten or even thirty pins
every day so people have a tendency to jump on Pinterest every once in a while
like once a month maybe and save a bunch of their pins at once. A hundred of pins
in less than an hour, is it possible? Totally possible
especially if a big part of these pins are just three pins, but is it efficient
in driving you traffic? No, it’s not. You need to try and spread out your pinning
and if you cannot log in manually on Pinterest a few times a day, just do it
with an approved scheduler like Tailwind for example you don’t have to remember
about Pinterest several times a day to be consistent schedule pins with
intervals of at least one day in Tailwind and Pinterest will love your
account for consistency check out my other detailed video about using
Tailwind scheduler you can see there INFO icon in the right top corner, right now or just find the link in the description below this video so I want
you to remember what you learned today and what will help you grow your
Pinterest traffic fast? First, don’t use a personal account to drive
traffic to your website use a business account. Don’t ignore the power of Rich
pins if you didn’t manage to enable them from the first time don’t give up
and try to content Pinterest Support to get this done. The next one
don’t waste your time with group boards invest most of your efforts in building
boards on your own account. Number 4 don’t target a long-tail keywords on
Pinterest most of the users are looking for inspiration on this platform and so
they use short search phrases of one or three words maximum. Tip number 5 is
the very first time your image has to be saved on Pinterest to the most relevant
board. Tip number 6 is create multiple images for each piece of content and tip
number 7 be consistent. If you don’t want to do it manually you still and
scheduler and let me tell you the biggest mistake you can make in growing
your Pinterest traffic. Are you paying attention to me now? So the worst mistake
you can make is closing this video before you click that notification bell
and without subscribing to my channel because I’m sharing Pinterest marketing
tips every Thursday and it’s free. It’s always up to date expert information
about Pinterest so hit the bell, subscribe and I’ll see you in the next videos!

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