How to Think About Marketing and Social Media in 2020 | CNN Interview

How to Think About Marketing and Social Media in 2020 | CNN Interview

42 thoughts on “How to Think About Marketing and Social Media in 2020 | CNN Interview

  1. Paying attention is key! Thank you GaryVee for everything. Empathy and Kindness is what 2020 is all about! Im on my GaryV now!

  2. Everyone should have a YouTube channel 2020. By simply posting valuable, searchable and evergreen content on the platform may help you earn extra revenue. I absolutely love this pratice. So much opportunity are available internet and highly to take advantage and take action now. Happy Tuesday. Cheers from Miami 🌞

  3. Thank you Gary. I think if you always put your audience 1st and aim to give them what they want, you're not going to go wrong. That's my strategy with my YouTube channel.

  4. If you're a YouTube content creator, on Tik Tok, Instagram or another platform, be consistent with your videos. Dedicate time to make it happeb. You may be the next channel to blow it up! See you at the top! 👍

  5. "You can punch me in the face 8000 times, I'm here to get punched" what a cold open to Gary for people who don't know him

  6. If there is a single video that people must see with Gary, this one is it! Too many good points to highlight here. I wish we all could see the world through the lens of Gary Vee for a moment or two because we would live in a better world.

  7. Gary is so spot on in everything. His positivity of being good enough to win or lose in business is such an inspiration to everybody out there hustling and grinding. So thankful to hear his message.

  8. Don’t you think Leonardo DiCaprio would be amazing at being Gary when ‘The immigrant who bought the Jets’ movie is made? 😉

  9. I am an MBA student specialising in Marketing but i have to admit that I have learned more about Marketing and Communication from Gary than I can ever learn from my course. This man has inspired me to start my own content marketing business and also, create content for my YouTube Channel. Love this interview. It is so insightful !

    Stop by my channel if you wish 🙂 Hope I can bring you guys some value 💙🙏

  10. He's such an excellent communicator in the old school media forum. So composed and disaplined when the questions were designed to antagonise.

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