How to Start Online Business & Sell Products Online In India  SEO Company Ganpati Zone

How to Start Online Business & Sell Products Online In India SEO Company Ganpati Zone

This video is a live audio recording for
the discussion starting an online business from the scratch with my team
so it will give you the great insights for starting an online business it’s a
bit too lengthy if you watch till end definitely you will get more information
thank you so much hi again from Pankaj Ganpati Zone. So if
you’re starting a new one new business in your mind so definitely the company’s
name you must have registered or you are in the process of registering your
company’s name so next comes that domain name the domain name represents your
company online so it’s very important to select the domain name it should be very
easy to write and recollect by your end-users by your target audience so
basically the other point is you should use the domain name according to your
industry according to your branding plus there are various other sites from where
you can purchase old domain names like there might be some companies who must
be must have done some business like your business so so they might not be
doing the business just now and that the domain must have expired
but those domain names might have a good SEO value so you have to just search
online the resellers of the whole domain names in your niche according to your
industry have it if it is having good as your value you should go in for that
because if you select those domain names and build your website accordingly so
definitely your SEO power will be boosted instantly but the points to be
taken care of is that those domains should not be spammed or
should not have anything against any search engine policies so if you take
this this much care so you are a step ahead of your competitors now the second
step and the most important step is your website website represents your company
online even if you have a good showroom or up office but no one is going to come
to your office straight the first impression is the last impression the
first impression is your website many people just want that we should
want we want a very one-page website are not costly website but it’s wrong your
website should be the best one in your industries and should be best amongst
your competitors in your target area so that who so ever is searching for you or
your type of keywords definitely he will take the quotations from you and your
competitors and if your site is good your price is good definitely you’ll
catch the deal so basics is the good website and the structure of the website
the SEO structure of the website should be great you should have the latest
technology for your website and the content on your website should be fresh
it should not be copied and that the images on your website should be very
light by light we means that the images you use on the website should be
optimized in such a way so that when the site is downloading on the mobile
devices or on the desktop it opens it should open very fast
because if the images are heavy the load time increases and this affects the
ranking on the search engines of your website so these basically are a few
important tips and tricks if you follow definitely here your SEO power of the
website will get boosted instantly so when you are done with your site the
contact form or the chat on your website has a very important and the your
contact number and address and other details which you won’t really want to
highlight should be visible on the first page itself and highlight it because you
should not want that the your customers should skip that and if there is
some offer going on it should be very very very much visible to the
visitors on your website and web site should be mobile responsive means like
on the sorry it means like on the mobile device it
should have a different structure on the deck desktop is a different structure
and the phone numbers on the mobile device it should be clickable when
someone sees your mobile number he clicks and directly gives you a call
once your website is done you should get the backup of your website from your
website developer because if something happens web developers goes
away somewhere then you are stuck up so basics is when the website is complete
get the backup from that developer on a CD so that if something happens you
should use the backup otherwise you will have to get the again website done and
take all lot of pains once your website is done next step is
try to register your website to the local search engines on the local target
area where you want to expand your business it can be local it can be
international you can do this yourself that’s great if you want to
hire some company you hire some company because the chances are like if you hire
some professionals the work will be done very fast and very fast you will be
receiving the inquiries and all the things because if you are not
expert in this thing so definitely you will not be able to catch the market as
your competitors are already doing the basics is you should follow your
strategy and once you follow your strategy you should always take care of
what your competitors are doing in your niche if your competitors are following
the strategy your policy should be one step ahead of them if you are not one
step ahead of them chances are you’re losing a business you’re losing a
business deal so basically do smart / – smart work and not hard work I should
say and with a smart work you definitely catch your deal and be a leader in your
industry and the next point which I really want to mention which some people
asked us like on the social media in Google AdWords if they can do themselves
why they should hire the companies to do that particular type of advertising
and my answer is a very simple this it’s very simple like when you are having a
fever you go to a doctor or you go to a chemist I’m sure that you go to
the doctor because see self medication is sometimes very helpful for you
because by working on your ads are working on your social media yourself
you can catch a deal few deals but you cannot kill the competition you cannot
become the leader you cannot know what your competitors are doing because it is
not your field the companies like us who work
24 hours are doing this type of work and they really know like what the
competitor strategy is what we should do according to the Google policies so that
our site should not get spammed by Google or various search engines because
there are various things which has to be done according to the policies and in
the right way to kill the competition and this is the only reason that you
should get your social media SEO PPC AdWords done by the certified that
professionals who are expert in this because when you are doing all these
things your main concern is that you want
leader in your industry and it’s just not like you’re spending money and
you’re getting a few orders and you’re happy no you are getting all these
things because you want to be the leader in your industry and that is the reason
you have to find the best companies who can offer you their skills so that you
should be the leader and next comes a PPC once you have got the solid
foundations of the SEO next step is PPC because when someone is searching for
your kind of keywords with SEO all keywords it takes times to come up on
the Google search engines some keywords are very hard to get on the search
engines so basically you should have a a plan some keywords should be done in de
SEO and some of the keywords should be done via PPC pay-per-click that is called
the sponsored listings that can be on the Facebook Google Adwords or just Bing
the Yahoo search marketing it can be according to your business according to
your strategy you have produced and if you do not know the company like us can
guide you properly so that you get more return forward your investment and to
once you start with paid campaigns it becomes a very killer campaign so for
your competitors because you will be seen on the top of the paid results when
someone Scrolls down you will be also there on the organic listings so the
chances are that for all your major keywords if you are on the first page
definitely you’ll crack the deal because if someone is searching for your kind of
business he will definitely not search only one keyword he will definitely
search few keywords in your industry and if for all the major keywords of your
industry you are ranking on the first page on the paid listings and on the
organic listings the chances are very very high that you
will be the leader in your industry so if you have any further queries and
questions please do not hesitate just comment over here give us a call send us
email we are here to help you support you and so that be a business prosper grow
and definitely if you are connected with us you grow and we grow up along with
you thank you so much have a great day bye bye from Ganpati Zone

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