How To Remove Google Ads from GMB [EASY WAY]

How To Remove Google Ads from GMB [EASY WAY]

So many people that have Google My
Business and have already linked up an account with their Ads or AdWords
account with Google. They suddenly realise they want to separate the
two again. Is that possible? Is it possible to delete a location on
Google My Business without it affecting your Ads or your AdWords account. Well
that’s the question we’re going to look at today. Are the two able to be separated? I’m Zane from Zanet Design and I help
businesses like yours grow on the internet. So if you have a Google My
Business account or if you’ve got any way in which you want to increase the
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types of videos useful. So make sure you subscribe below. Click the bell and I
will notify you of the next update. So let’s now take this question about
unlinking or dividing your Ads away from your Google My Business account. Why
would you do that? Quite a few people have contacted me recently saying
that they wanted to delete their Google My Business location but they are
worried that it would delete their Ads or their AdWords that are already
connected to their account. So let’s just see how the two are separated by looking
at how that works on our tutorial. So you want to now turn off your ads on Google
My Business maybe one of the reasons is you want to delete one of your locations
on Google My Business and one of your Ads is connected with it. So the question.
Is this going to affect the Ad if you delete the Google My Business
location. Well the the way to think about this is the fact that the two aren’t
really related. Even though they integrate really well they are
separate logins. They are separate accounts. So if I take a look for example
at this Google Ads that was set up earlier. It’s not actually being used
as such. Though it is live at the moment for the sake of this. If I click on
manage your ads you notice it now goes into my Ad account Google ads account and
there I have then the advert here that’s connected so you see it’s connected to
my account Bournemouth for website design. It says it’s active and if I
click on the details of this account you’ll see it visits the shop front. So
it’s a campaign to take people through to my shop front and then you can
see how it’s connected with my account and everything there is setup ready to
go. The question is is what do I do? Well a simple thing is I can just pause
it. If I pause it, then that’s it, there’s no questions. It’s then paused
Potentially we could even delete the whole thing. That’s it and now it’s on pause. if I now go to my accounts here, then if
I delete this location and so on then this just won’t be connected to anything
at all and potentially you can remove the campaign altogether. So if I click
remove campaign. Then that’s it it’s like starting over really. That doesn’t
no longer exist it says removed and if I go to my Google My Business account and
refresh it and now you’ll see it says to get your Ad back on Google so just shows
that now there’s no connection whatsoever so now whatever we do with Google My Business
if we delete an account or location or whatever you’re doing. It won’t affect
or that’s kind of showing or giving me the idea that it certainly won’t seem to
affect the accounts you have here. So just view the two separate even though
they are connected and hopefully that enables you to know how to delete your
location on Google My Business and not be overly concerned. Having said that, that’s
my discovery if you find different then do let me know and I’ll update the
website thank you. you

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  1. Can you delete a Google My Business listing without it affecting your Google Ads?

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