How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas Again | Tim Queen

How to Never Run Out of Content Ideas Again | Tim Queen

And this is how you create 1000 pieces of
content in just five minutes of time. Today I am going to share one of my key secret
for content creation. How you can get more done, be more productive,
get higher quality content out and create more content than anyone else. So the secret is that you have to plan your
content really carefully! If you come from a data-driven approach you
can really narrow down topics that are really relevant and have a high probability of working
really well and getting a high amount of engagement. And then you can write this down into your
little notebook where you collect a lot of different topics. What I am also looking at is what are other
people in my industry sharing, what is ranking well on Google on page one. I am looking at questions, what are competitors
doing, which topics get a lot of backlinks. I am looking at what is working really well
on different social media networks in terms of sharing, liking and commenting. So what you want to do is once you have an
idea what topics are really good, which topics have a really high probability of ranking
really well and potential to get a ton of engagement you want to break this topic down. What is your main big idea in this one topic? And you can break this down into 3 to 15 bullet
points. Those are the main ideas you want to get across
for this one topic. You have your big idea, then you break it
down into 3 to 15 bullet points. How can you explain the first bullet point? You think again, how do you explain bullet point
one? And you think again in 3 to 15 bullet points. This time you are writing them down below. Now you have 15 x 15 pieces of content or
ideas that you want to get across. This is your long form article and this will
make sure that you are ranking on Google. Then you take this long content and you break
it down into 15 points and you turn each of the 15 points into a small text post. Now you have 1 article and you have 15 short
text posts. And you have to check out which kind of character
limits you have in each social media network. For example on LinkedIn it is 1,300 characters,
for Instagram and Facebook it’s a little bit more. So you make sure that you create content that
can be shared on different social media networks. Now you have 1 piece of content, which is
your article. You can publish it on your blog, on
and on LinkedIn Pulse. Now you have three pieces of content. Then you have taken your 15 bullet points
which created 15 posts for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Now you have already created another 45 pieces
of content for just three social networks. Then you look at your text posts and
articles and highlight specific sentences which contain a lot of information and cut
out single sentence and turn them into a tweetable. Now I don’t know how many tweetable sentences
you have but you can plan for that. If you think, if sentences can stand by themselves? You can plan for this when you’re writing
your articles and text posts. You can literally create hundreds of tweets
from just one piece of content. You have tweets, you have text posts and you have your long form article which you can republish on different platforms. You can actually do guest blogging. Go to different websites and say. “Here, I have this amazing article. Do you want to post this onto your blog?” You can rewrite this content with a
different spin and you have another piece of content. What can you do in terms of image posts? Take pictures of yourself and take the content
from your tweets and put this as a quote on top of your image. If you had 100 tweets, now you have 100 Instagram
posts by just putting the quote on the image. Then you can turn each of the 15 posts and
turn them into individual videos. Or you can take your entire article and film
this as one piece of content and then you keep your 15 main points and chop your video. You take one video which is your long form
and put this on YouTube. This can be half an hour long, who knows,
however long your article is. Then you chop out each of the 15 chapters
and you cut this out. There you have another piece of content. One for LinkedIn videos, one for Twitter video,
one for Facebook video, one for Instagram video, one for Instagram Live. You can chop them down. You can also take your YouTube video and convert
it into an audio file and turn it into a podcast episode that people can download. You can put this podcast on different platforms. You can put it on iTunes, on Soundcloud, there
are so many different platforms where you can publish your content. Now you have turned one big idea into many
different articles, multiple text posts, images, tweets, quotes on Instagram, podcast audio
files. You can even turn this into a slideshow. Reformat the content, make it really simple
and focus on the main ideas that you want to get across, put it into a PowerPoint file
and upload this to your website or export it as a PDF document. You can also upload it on Slideshare. Now you have articles, text posts, image posts,
quote posts, videos, long videos, short videos, podcasts, audio clips, slideshows. One idea turned into hundreds of content pieces. Just write a really long outline of text and
convert each content piece into different formats. And this is how you create 1,000+ content
pieces in just 5 minutes of brainstorming. If you want to learn more about content creation. How to set up a specific process? How to find topics? Make sure that you follow me and hit the subscribe
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specific guides how you can create content really fast and I am going to show you some
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