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  1. Awesome resource for anyone who produces videos online. It doesn't matter whether you are Coca Cola or an up and coming musician, this is something that every business should do. Thanks!

  2. I don't see the option to revert :/ I really don't want to lose all my videos and playlists but I don't see the optino to revert anywhere.

  3. This worked for us. But we had to create a 'temporary' Google+ Profile with the YouTube Account first so that manager rights could be shared between the two Google+ Accounts. Then we effectively moved the YouTube Channel from one account to the other (by following the video instructions), then deleted the temporary Google+ account.

  4. This video might help me. Cause I cannot connect to my Google+ Page. If I understood correctly I need first to create a Google+ Profile for my Youtube Channel, right ? 

  5. Good day Vertical Rail.

    I have tried my best to follow your instructional video. But at certain points I am stumped.

    I believe that my YouTube Channel is disconnected from its profile page.
    I also know that my Google+ profile HAS NO YouTube channel.

    YouTube channel: DoctorrStar
    Google+ profile: Victor Ilagan

    When I click on "Advance" there are no options to link my YouTube channel to my Google+ profile:
    1. From my YouTube account: I cannot link my YouTube channel to my Google+ profile though there is an option to link said channel to Google+. This gives two additional options: Use DoctorrStar as the name for all Google+ services OR use DoctorrStar for YouTube only.

    In effect I believe this option only creates a Google+ profile for my YouTube account. IT DOES NOT CONNECT "DoctorrStar YouTube Channel" to "Victor Ilagan Google+ Profile"

    2. From my Google+ profile: There are no options to link any YouTube channel to Google+ profile. THERE IS ONLY AN OPTION TO CREATE A NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR SAID GOOGLE+ PROFILE. 

    I Sincerely NEED Help.

  6. The main reason I was interested in this was for the custom URL that my personal youtube channel had claimed. My business page wasn't able to have it since it was taken! (By me!). The switch successfully made my business page link with my channel with the custom URL, so, many thanks! 

  7. how come i dont have the option"connect with a google+ page"?does that means im oredy linked?& if so then why i cant reply to any comments with my account?but with diffrent one i can?

  8. I think I need to watch this a few more times to understand.. LOL
    I have been looking far and wide for the answer to my question that maybe you can answer.
    My youtube channel is connected to it's own google+ page and my google profile has it's own google+ page also. What I want is to have my youtube google+ the only google+ page I have, how do I merge them without losing all my circles of people that are in my google profile plus page?
    Hope that makes sense. Appreciate any help you can give me!!!

  9. Brilliant, thanks for this. Spent most of the morning going round in circles and this meant I could sort it in 5 minutes. Cheers!

  10. Okay, can you make an updated version of this?  As I am getting extremely frustrated trying to change my name and it is seemingly impossible.  There is no longer a disconnect from Google+ option, so does this mean it is impossible?

  11. It is almost as if YouTube and Google are looking for these videos and they are fixing all of these loopholes.  You can no longer delete a YouTube channel alone, you need to delete it google+ account as well.  SO wtf are we supposed to do. 

  12. The problem I'm having it my old youtube account was under my yahoo address. Awhile back when google made the change, it made the yahoo email a google account of it's own even though everything is still under yahoo. My fear is if I delete the yahoo/google+ account, I'm going to lose all my videos. But I want to move the videos from my yahoo/google account to my gmail account. Does that make sense?

  13. I'm genuinely concerned. I normally don't have trouble with stuff like this, but I've been trying to make this work for an hour. Is there a good reason this is such an absurd process?

  14. There has been a recent update to YouTube that seems to have moved a few items in cluding the Advanced Settings and I do not seem to be able to find it…  I guess that I am being dumb…

    Where should I go to be able to move the youtube linked to a personal file to a youtube linked to a business profile?

  15. When you switch it over, will your url change? I have lots of links out there pointing to the profile, but once I switch I want that same link to hit the business page. How does that work?

  16. Does this still apply as of 03 February 2014? I do not want to lose page rating for my companys youtube videos that is currently linked to a profile instead of a page, and want to migrate the channel to the google + page to make it more useable as a business.

  17. This is a great video – if only the YouTube Profile actually showed the Advanced Settings with the Google+ option on it. I've been trying to connect a client's YouTube profile to his Google+ Page and the tutorials all show something extra in the Settings that he doesn't have. At all. (Oh – and the Google+ Business Page does not have a YouTube channel attached to it.)  See how your settings look at 2:39 – well, he does not have anything about Google+ on his settings page, and under Advanced Settings, there is no option to connect a page. I can't even connect his YouTube account to his personal Profile on Google+ as an option – it's ludicrous. Never had this issue before.

  18. Wish it worked for us….i don't have that option in my settings…anyone found another option?  I'm lost.

  19. PLEASE update this video or give me a link to a newer video. These instructions are out of date. I have videos under a Google+ PERSONAL page that needs to move over to a Google+ BUSINESS page and these instructions don't work.

  20. I followed this-but have a problem. my youtube channel was attached to one gmail address. I wanted it attached to a business google+ page (which I use) attached to another gmail address.So I now have an additional Kapow Pictures google+ page-which I didn't want. Help……..

  21. And if this doesn't work then you have deleted your youtube channel forever and ever 🙂 In which case I can then kick my own ass for listening to you :))

  22. So I originally had my youtube channel linked with my google profile page, then I saw that I needed to create a business page so I created one and then linked my youtube channel to business page but now the youtube videos no longer show up on my profile page. Is there any way to connect my youtube channel to both a profile and business page? Thanks

  23. i can't sign into my youtube channel any longer using my domain name (which is the name under with the youtube channel was created)…how do i access it and the merge it using google plus? 

  24. Hi Vertical Rail,
    It seems you are very knowledgeable in youtube and google+.
    I kindly would like to ask you a help.
    For some reason my URL is https://www.youtube.com/user/emiliamoutinho
    However, my name is Telma Fortunato and I have no idea who is emiliamoutinho.
    Is there any way to change this URL without losing the videos and the people that are following me?

  25. Quick question: What are the advantages of linking the youtube channel to my business page? What do I lose by not doing it? Thanks!

  26. Why is it that sometimes when I click on a my own name, I am sometimes redirected to google+ and sometimes to my youtube-account?

  27. Yea I wanted to be able to do this, so my Google Plus profile comes up when someone clicks Zenith Astrology or my photo icon in the comments section, Is this even possible?

  28. I disconnected my you tube page from Google plus. Not sure why I did that, but I no linger have that little bell at the top on You Tube with respones to my posts. How can I get that back again? Having trouble. I've lost all connection to my prior posts, responses, etc. I have recreated a you tube account with the same name "Jim Keller"
    but it isn't the original. Not sure why I disconnected from Google+ but it scrwed up everything….so confusing.

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