How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest in 2020 – List Building with Free Pinterest Traffic

How To Grow Your Email List With Pinterest in 2020 – List Building with Free Pinterest Traffic

I drive tons of free traffic to my site
from Pinterest but you know how else I use Pinterest I get hundreds of
subscribers for my email list from interests hi I’m Anastasia of I’m a Pinterest marketing expert and if you want to get more of my
Pinterest tips on Thursdays then hit subscribe and click the bell button to
get notifications about my new videos when it comes to email lists I’m used to
hearing skeptical voices such as email marketing is an old-fashioned strategy
that doesn’t work well anymore that people don’t open emails anyway
everything goes to spam folder I’m a big believer in the power of personalized
and targeted emails so the automation tools allow you to create segments of
your audience and you can offer each group of people those emails which they
will definitely be interested in if you are watching this video you understand
at least three things first building your own email list is essential for the
sustainability of your online business or your website or your blog second you
have to use an email automation tool not only to feed your subscribers with new
content but also to nurture them and to lead to the desired conversion on your
site and the third is that Pinterest is a great place to get quality leads to
your list and I’m here today to tell you how to do this I insist that it’s
necessary to start your email list very soon after creating a blog or an online
business of any kind those people who subscribe to your emails already trusted
you they’re your audience independent from
any spam clean-ups algorithm changes issues with blocked accounts that often
happens with facebook ads for example your email list gives you confidence and
stability so start building a list and nurture your audience I know a lot of
you guys listening to me now have this very typical question ok I will start a
list but what will I send to them on a regular basis and how does this extra
work help me more money with my website first you can
send them any quantitive dates that you have be it links to your blog posts
podcasts YouTube videos new Facebook lights printables webinars checklists
second about increasing your income thanks to email list from my own
experience with this YouTube channel and with my blog content if you offer your
audience meaningful free information that helps them one way or another and
if you do this on a regular basis your chances to close a sale or to get an
affiliate Commission with one warrants are much higher now what kind of offers
work really great on Pinterest audience you probably have seen a lot of websites
where they have signup forms which offer users to subscribe to their content
that’s it this is a good way to build trust as
well but that doesn’t work really well I think that freebies as options work
better first simple freebies like something useful for your audience for
example if you’re writing for mom bloggers you can offer them a list of
your favorite free ebooks that helped you improve your productivity as a
blogger the second example is printables and cheat sheets its recommendations on
any topic that helps your audience solve their problems and the third example
could be signups for your free courses by the way I have one of them from my
audience helping new bloggers learn the process of setting up a new blog and I’m
giving them some ideas about how you can monetize your blog how you can choose
your niche and so on and I will give you a link to the page where you can sign up
for this free course it will be in the write-up corner and in the description
below this video you will find this useful either as someone who wants to
start a blog or just to learn how I set this free course and the follow-up
emails for the course now I think it’s the best time to switch to my screen and
I can show you the best examples of pins that can work great in generating email
subscribers and leads I found a few great examples of pins made
typically to convert Pinterest users into email subscribers and these pins
have something in common they usually show the actual offer that people will
get being a printable file or free course a printable wall art for home for
example on this slide I had to increase the size of the penis looked actually
much better on Pinterest but I had to increase it for for the presentation
slide and it became so pixelated but it was a great pin anyway and for this free
courses pins it’s the best practice to use a call to action like you see here
something like enroll for free or free 5 day a mail course and you can also see
that they’re using sometimes just an arrow like this and when you see an
arrow you want to click there and if you click on a pin like this the first thing
that happens it opens close up it happens in organic in case these are an
organic pin if it’s promoted pin you will go directly to the landing page
with organic pins you will first see the close up of the pin with the title and
the description and then the users can decide if they want to actually go to
the landing page and see the rest of the information about the course now where
do you link this click where the pins that I showed you with wonderful pin
design the first option is probably the easiest that you have if you are a
blogger and you can have also an informational website focused on your
niche or topic and then you can share some resources like in this case so I’ve
got I’m coming from this pin and the page that opens has the best resources
and they’re best tools for online course creators once the user lands on your
page they will get valuable tips but you can also send them to your other content
or an a separate landing page like in this case you see that this yellow block
really pops up on top of the content of this page and if you click on it you
will get to another landing page it’s an opt-in page as you are grabbing the
email of the in exchange for a freebie in this case
it’s a free infopreneur toolkit and by the way when you are thinking about all
the setup between a landing page while sending people from a pin to a landing
page or to an opt-in page and then sending them to your email provider
it all looks very complicated if you’re just a beginner but I can guarantee you
there are so many tools and options you can use to make things easier and
basically even with this landing pages for example or this opt-in pages there
are several options that you can set up within maybe like 10 to 20 minutes and
to create a landing page you don’t even need special page page building tools
like leadpages for example because it’s an extra expense actually it’s most of
the premium WordPress themes and many free themes as well and they will give
you this option to create a landing page on your site for example on my side
Anastacia i use axe theme and you’re looking now at a page that
was built inside my theme so there’s no any other additional tool used here and
when a user clicks on this button they see a widget that is a piece of code
that I just needed to take from my webinar platform and insert it into this
page and maybe choose a little bit here the settings of the color settings to
customize a little bit this form and that’s it basically this page didn’t
take me any extra expenses to create it and on my other blog I use Divi theme
it’s also a premium theme and I honestly think that Divi theme is easier to
manage for a person who is not familiar with custom CSS code and who wants a
simple yet beautiful wordpress builder for their site so I will give you links
to both of these themes that I mentioned 2 X theme and two Divi theme below the
video in the description just in case if you wanted to check them for your site
so basically I will just show you how quickly you can create a page you will
go to pages in it this is in the Divi theme so you go to pages and you will
click use the Builder so it gives you a few
options here you can build a page from scratch you can use a premade layout or
you can redo something in your existing page that you built previously I will
choose here the pre-made layout and you will see how many different layouts it
can offer you over here so you can even choose your industry and you’ll see that
there are so many different options depending on what kind of content you
want to show on the page or whether you just want to get their email or you want
to show something else you have landing pages you have contact pages you can
create an about page and the case study page etc I will tell you more than that
you can even create very simple contact pages or opt-in pages or landing pages
using your your email service provider I can show you very quickly how easy it is
to create a form or even a landing page to collect emails with convertkit so you
go to landing pages and forms you will click on create new it allows you to
either create a form or landing page if you choose for example to create a form
and then to embed this form into your existing landing page this is one option
if you click on the form it can offer you a form that you can put inside your
blog post like for example let me show you I will choose this type of form this
is how it might look on my site and so inside this form builder you can have
different background colors you can choose to change some text here to make
this form look similar to the design of your site as much as possible so that’s
the form that I also use from convertkit on my site it’s just inside a blog post
if you scroll down there will be this form so it was created inside convertkit
and all I had to do after I chose the design and the colors are
I liked I would click on embed and I can choose here either this JavaScript or
HTML code that I would just copy paste to my page or I can even use a special
plugin I can install a free plug-in from convertkit on my wordpress site and then
all i have to insert once the plug-in is installed the plugin is doing all of
this code thing so I don’t I don’t need to copy the code every time I will just
need to copy this convertkit form number okay and I will just insert inside my
page and then there is an option with the landing pages these are many
different types of landing pages you can use right here inside convertkit they
look pretty neat you can choose different designs so you will have a
forum a landing page and the page will have its own address so this this would
be the address of your page you can also embed this code of the whole page to
your WordPress site as well and I’m getting back to Europeans because we’re
talking today about growing your email list with Pinterest marketing
specifically once you created a pin for example in canva so you can create
something like this it’s a free editing tool and I have another video tutorial
on my channel that shows you how to do it and I will give you a link to them to
that video in the info icon above my head and also in the description below
this video so basically once you created a pin imogen camera then you can
download it to your computer you will use here this button you can download it
in the best-quality PNG for example because you will upload it directly on
Pinterest and you don’t need to worry about the if if this image is heavy if
you are worried about uploading the image to your website and that it will
be have the image then you can choose JPEG format but if you are going to
upload it directly on Pinterest you can choose PNG it will be the best quality
now we’re going back to Pinterest to create a pin so you will click here
create a pin or product and this is the page you will open so here you can drag
and drop any image I will do this right now from mic this is a folder in my
computer I’m just dragging and dropping image and now you need to work with your
pin title and your pin description and don’t forget of course the link to your
landing page and make sure that in the pin title you have the most important
keywords for this pin in the very first 30 characters because that’s how
Pinterest is going to show your pin to most of the users they will in the home
feed they will only see the first 30 characters and the rest of your PIN
title will be cut off now going back to the landing page I was creating you can
just in convertkit for example you can just copy the URL so when once I clicked
on share it will offer me the URL of this page and you will just need to post
this URL in in this field destination URL for your pin but my personal
recommendation would be to try and create most of the landing pages on your
URL so in this case it would be Anastasia slash and then
your landing page right why because on Pinterest the website the
domain which is verified and all the pins that are linked to this domain you
will get priority distribution for those pins compared to anything else that
you’re linking to so you want to avoid sending people to this random landing
pages and and if you can create a landing page on your domain this is the
better option and talking about the pin description you also have about 500
characters and I would recommend using here multiple related keywords and you
know that I have a comprehensive Pinterest SEO traffic secrets course and
it will teach you about Pinterest keyword research and all the places you
need to optimize on your pins on your boards even on your site to get the best
results with organic free traffic from Pinterest and I will give you a link to
the course in the top right corner above my head and in the description below
this video you probably know that I’m sharing the best comment in every week’s
video so if you have something positive and inspiring to say
you want to get a free shout out on my channel just leave your comments on my
latest videos and this week’s shout-out goes to YouTube account called beauty
and fashion here is what it says hey Nastasia I learned a lot from you I
started one month ago on Pinterest and your videos helped me a lot now I’m
getting nearly a hundred thousand audience on Pinterest in just one month
this all was possible with your channel Thanks
well thank you for watching my videos and for doing the work one hundred
thousand monthly viewers is a great progress for one month with a brand new
Pinterest account so keep up the good work and there is one way of growing
your email list faster with Pinterest its Pinterest ads so I was talking until
now about organic free traffic and with Pinterest ads you also need to go
through all the steps that I mentioned until now and you can fold them and
create a pin linked to your opt-in page or landing page and then you can go to
Pinterest ads if you have a business account on Pinterest if you don’t you
need to create a business account or convert your personal account into a
business account it’s free I mean the account is free but you’ll have to pay
for Pinterest ads once you start promoting your pins and then so when you
have a pin that is already linked to your landing page you can create an ad
it can be a traffic head I would recommend to start with traffic
campaigns because conversion campaigns are a little more advanced and Pinterest
will have a hard time understanding your audience when you have a small budget
with conversion campaigns right away so and it’s also harder to to set them up
for a beginner so I would recommend just a traffic and paying for it for four
starters and actually if you want to dive into all of this details about
promoted pins I have another video on my channel I’ll give you a link in the top
right corner so I just made a quick search for Instagram marketing and
that’s what I see for for this keyword I see at least
several promoted pins over here for example promoted by tailwind team
promoted by another company so actually here you will see the difference between
how it works are with an organic pin and a promoted pin organic pin opens as a
close up and then if I go to promoted pin it goes directly to their blog post
that was linked to this promoted pin so you can get clicks with Pinterest as for
as low as about 10 cents per visitor and sometimes if your ad has a really good
click-through rate over time the price per click can even go lower than this
minimum of 10 cents so it’s not as expensive as may be on other platforms
and then it’s the conversion magic that has to happen on your landing page
because you understand that this 10 cents in case of a traffic campaign is
what you’re paying to get the visitor to your landing or to your opt-in page but
then you need to convince them to give them give you their email and of course
not everyone who landed on your page is going to sign up for your list so you’re
going to pay for each subscriber more than 10 cents for sure but again I still
am convinced that Pinterest ads can be a lot cheaper than let’s say Facebook ads
or Google Adwords and the tip for today meanwhile you can check my other videos
that are perfectly complementary to what I was sharing today you can click here
and there and I’ll see you next time on Thursday bye

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  1. Hi Anastasia. That's really great tips. I am struggling to grow my email list I am sure this will help! I have a question regarding Pinterest though. How do you make sure that 3 months have passed and so you can pin the same pin on the same board? I don't know how bloggers manage this… You know, Pinterest doesn't want the same pin on the same board on a period of less than 3 months. But how can I know 3 months have passed? Do you keep track in an excel file or what? I would really appreciate it if you helped. I am struggling with this because I don't want to be considered spammy from Pinterest!

  2. Have you tried linking your pins to opt-ins and landing pages? Does it help you grow your email list? 👇👇👇

  3. Great like always 💖 , I reach 4m
    Monthly viewers Because of you 💖 Thank uuuu 💖 , I have please give me your opinion about this : I don't have so much time to manage my account and i have fear about get my monthly viewers go down , So for that i wanna sell it !

  4. Hello Anastasia, your videos always are great! I use some of your tips and my new Instagram account up of 19.k monthly unique viewer to 819.k monthly unique viewer in 35 days, I got two viral pins. I had 2 days with 2k and 4k visitors. Now I just had 50 visits a day i guess because my account is new and the pins i think need to improve, here my account link If is possible tell me if you think i should focus on improving the pin quality. Thanks for your tips!

  5. Hello Anastasia always waiting for your video.. by far the best youtube channel for pintrest tips and tricks.. I have a little que please can you help this.. I created a fresh new article and 5 different pins of same article.. So can I post them all in the same day or should I pin only 1 pin in 24 hours time period? On a same board. So it's takes around 5 days to pin my all pins of the same article on a same board.. that's confusing because when i upload my pins to tailwind it show yellow triangle that i already pinned from this page on 1 of your selected board… so is it look spammy? Thanks

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