How to Get Subscribers on YouTube Fast – YouTube Tips for Beginners:

How to Get Subscribers on YouTube Fast – YouTube Tips for Beginners:

I know this situation I’ve been in it a
dozens of times you start a YouTube channel you don’t have a lot of
subscribers but because you don’t have subscribers you don’t get views on your
videos and if because you don’t get views you don’t get shared you don’t get
suggested and you don’t get more views it’s a vicious cycle and it’s sometimes
hard to get out of it what do you do how do you manually push your YouTube
channel so that it starts growing in this video I want to give you five tips
on how to get your first subscribers hello and welcome to the – BIG’s YouTube
channel I’m you’re fast enough from Zoo get YouTube and if you’re watching this
video you are probably in exactly this position you don’t have enough
subscribers to get the traction necessary to grow your channel
organically therefore I want to give you five tips on how to change the situation
how to get your first subscribers kind of manually this also works on bigger
channels but it’s most important in the beginning first of all trends is there
something currently trending in your area or even better in traditional media
are there big launches big events that you can make videos of not just your own
but also of others these kinds of topics are great if you are in a crowded area
and if you can be fast because that’s really important it only works if you’re
one of the first a useful tool here is Google Trends which shows you which
topics are trending either on Google or also on YouTube the second tip is to
write comments go in the comment section of other videos in your area go into
forums go into blogs go into Facebook groups whatever you can find in your
area where your target audience is hanging out help people and answer their
questions other questions that you can answer where you have an expertise go in
answer the questions and then you can say I also have a video on this topic on
my youtube channel that’s a way better way to actually get the word out and you
will have a way better audience that you’re attracting with this strategy
because these are actually people who are interested in the top
like on your channel tip number three operate with bigger channels bigger
channels are always looking for big content what can you give them if
there’s another channel this is which is a similar size as yours you can always
give each other subscribers because if you do a collaboration and you create
two videos for both of the channels and you link to each other both channels
will gain subscribers if one channel is way bigger than the other and you’re
trying to start a collaboration with a bigger youtuber then you should think
about what can you offer them of course there’s one obvious thing that works
money you can of course do that but they are also sometimes other ways you might
have good connections that you can use you might know people that are help of
for this person or you can do the preparation for the video maybe you have
a great idea for a YouTube video but it’s a lot of preparation and you will
do all of it so the other person gains kind of gains time out of it and gets a
great video because that’s a thing you should keep in mind big channels always
need great content and if you can help them to get the great content you might
also get a shout out or you might actually get a collaboration where both
of your channels gain something from it and if that doesn’t work make something
about these bigger channels a lot of YouTube channel grew by analyzing others
by doing interviews and so on think about how what can you do about the
person and they might even share it tip number four the youtube search compared
to things like the YouTube trends or the homepage of YouTube the YouTube search
doesn’t discriminate smaller channels sometimes it might seem like it but
that’s usually just due to bigger channels knowing what they’re doing I
have a lot of examples of YouTube channels of our customers that saw at
YouTube that we got into the first places of searches even though they had
zero subscribers find out what people are searching in your niche and make
videos about it. I’ve talked more about in this in this other video. If you need
help with the keyword research and the optimization tubics can really help you here. They show you which search terms are the most relevant in your niche and they can also help you to optimize your video titles,
descriptions and tags to be found for these search terms. And tip number five: Do you have existing audiences? If you do it’s way easier to start a YouTube
channel. Do you have a Facebook page and Instagram account, do you have a
newsletter, whatever… If you have an existing audience on another platform
really think about how can I get them to watch my YouTube videos because if you
can get them over to YouTube you will gain more subscribers who are really
into your stuff and who already know you. This is the easiest way to quick start a
YouTube channel. The best thing is usually if you send them to a video
directly after you published it this not only helps you get more subscribers
because the people see a video and therefore the value of your channel
directly it also helps the ranking and the organic growth of this video because
YouTube is actually watching your video more closely in the first 24 hours after
uploading it. And then I have a bonus tip for you. Tip number 6:
Keep doing what’s working! That’s really important. If you’re getting clicks
through one source – if you have one traffic source – concentrate on this
traffic source. And think about how to get more clicks through this source.
Don’t try to do everything at once don’t try to be in search try to be in
suggested try to be shared you can’t do everything at once concentrate on what’s
working and your YouTube channel will grow now I want you to use this chance
and pitch your YouTube channel in the comments down below why should the
viewers of this video subscribe to your channel. also don’t forget to subscribe
to the tubics youtube channel to get more videos like this one. But that’s it
for now. We’ll see each other in the next video. Bye! Your Jan.

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  4. Great video, and I'm loving Tubics! Team Friendship gained 200+ subs in the last month or two by switching to self-help documentary videos where me and my comedy/video partner subject ourselves to human experiments: minimalism, skateboarding, salsa dancing, fashion, psychadelics, and walking with Mike Posner (new video every week). We're basically the poor man's Tim Ferriss or Morgan Spurlock. I also do green screen vlogs like this about creative motivation and lifestyle hacks.

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