How To Get SEO Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency 2019

How To Get SEO Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency 2019

hey what’s up everyone in this video I’m
just gonna cover something really important and one main focus on how to
get SEO clients for your digital marketing agency your digital agency and
I’m just gonna cover one area that I feel is the most important and that’s
actually getting them by allowing them to find you through the search think
about it you’re going to be selling them SEO search engine optimization so if you
want qualified leads the best leads that I’ve gotten for my business and for my
agency is through them finding me in the search I’m ranking in the top of Google
for a lot of SEO terms in two major cities and when the leads come in they
go through a system and a funnel and we frame them from the beginning and then
me and my team decide that if we feel like we’re a good fit we work with
certain clients and that’s how we get the most qualified client because
they’re understanding that they’re missing search engine optimization and
now they’re going to Google and they’re searching for a solution and if we’re
popping up and they’re landing on our site and we have some good conversion
factors there to make them like what we do then when we speak with them we know
one they’re qualified because we’re not twisting their arm trying to talk them
into getting SEO they understand they’re aware of it they’re looking for it as a
solution we’re going to provide them with that solution and then we’re also
using to the benefit if we can rank ourselves and do search engine
optimization for ourselves and rank high on page one we should be able to do it
for you as well and I’m actually gonna jump in right now and show you some of
the terms that my agency is actually ranking for and what is giving us that
edge alright so I’m sharing my screen and if you go on over to Google and you
type in SEO company NYC you will see my agency number two in the maps and also
we are on page one right here my agency my media pal
and this generates us some leads and it’s just about frame
the leads and qualifying them and taking them through your whole process but at
the end of the day this is one of the most powerful ways to get leads for any
type of service or business no matter what and this is what we’re selling them
SEO if you’re on page one most likely especially in a big city like New York
very competitive market very big businesses they want the best right so
finding us on page one can convince them if we can do it for ourselves we can do
it for you and even other terms there’s a few different terms but let me just
see here and they jump around SEO NYC we’re right here for SEO NYC and I have
this Chrome extension and right here you see volume 2900 per month rank your
website within your local market for the terms and services that you provide so
that you get found it’s a warm lead coming in you’re not twisting anyone’s
arm they are looking for SEO solutions they find you and then you just frame
them from the beginning and see if you guys are a right fit for each other and
now you have a new client in my opinion this is the best way to get qualified
leads and SEO clients and also the best way to get leads and clients for any
type of business and then of course is also a social media approach but that’s
a whole other ballgame I just wanted to focus on this one source and it’s using
search engine optimization for your own agency to rank for SEO terms and
generate traffic then generate leads they’re warm they’re looking for a
solution for SEO you provide that you provide value and there you go I hope
that makes sense if you don’t know SEO to the level of ranking your website
check out some of my other videos I’ll have some of my other team members share
some tutorials that we’re trying to pump out over this next month or two and then
also there is a course that we’re making it just doesn’t have a date when it’s
going to be out and I’m not sure what I’m doing with it or what not but it’s
going to show you right over the shoulder how we get these results so
really powerful stuff I hope it makes sense if you have any questions please
feel free to comment them below and also please like share this if you know
anyone else within this business or that has a business please share this
information thank you

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  1. Hey James, great video. How often would you say you generate a qualified lead? And, if you don't mind sharing (or maybe making a vide) what kind of pricing do you layout for your services?

  2. Like this one see what I mean this is what I need to know I suck at getting leads so appreciate this advice boss man cheers

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