How to Get More Pinterest Traffic for Your Blog/Website

How to Get More Pinterest Traffic for Your Blog/Website

In this video, I will show you how to get
free Pinterest traffic for your blog. Generating Pinterest traffic is one of the
easiest and quickest way to grow your website. I get more than 80,000 free traffic from Pinterest. Nearly 90% of them are the new audience, so
it’s a great chance to build your authority in your niche. And, when you are getting new audience, you
can also increase other social media like YouTube and Instagram Followers. And You can also build your email list. These are the 9 steps you should follow to
bring more visitors to your blog. Step Number 1. Sign up for a business account
Pinterest business account has additional features like analytics so you can easily
identify best-performing pins. When you have Pinterst business account, you
can make ads for Business related pins. Set up your new business profile. If you already have personal Pinterest account, you can upgrade to business account Use your profile picture or your company logo as a profile picture Type Your business name – This is the title
of your business account. It should reflect your business industry so
that including additional words is a good idea to reach more people. Put your website URL – And then you need
to verify your ownership. You need to add meta tag on your website header to verify your ownership. Put Your description – this is a one-or-two-line
description that explains what you do. Step Number 2
Create Multiple Pinterest Board You need to brainstorm your business related
keywords which are mostly people like and search. And then create multiple Pinterest boards
at beginnings to save your pins because it helps your new followers to follow all your
Pinboards. Creating multiple Pinterest board can help
to more people follow you and increase engagement. Adding Long tail keywords and related pins
might be essential to grow your boards. Step Number Pin at the right time
Pinning time is a really important thing to succeed in Pinterest. You want as many users as possible to repin
your post. If you get more repins, your pins can reach
more frequently to new users. You need to find the best time and day to
pin so that you want to save your post on the Pinterest board when your target audience
is on Pinterest. You can use a third party tool like Tailwind
to find the best time pin. Step Number 4 Use High-quality and Optimized
image size. Pinterest is a visual website. You must save beautiful photos to get more
repins. You can download free stock photos from Royalty
free sites like Pixabay. Vertical photos sizes are getting more repins. You can use free online photo editors like
Canva and Befunky. Also you can use photo editing software like Photoshop. The optimal image dimension is 600 x 900 px
pixels or 1000×1500 pixels You can include text in your image
Some popular niches work very well when you add text over pictures. It draws viewer attention and generates traffic
back to your blog. Take a look at how this Pinterest
pins is attracting users to click. So, this blogger uses text over image that can increase more click through rate And, now let’s look at how these images
have no text in their pins and how easily you can skim them without clicking these pins. Step Number 5. Join a Pinterest group board
Joining in Pinterest group board can be useful for you. Group boards can give you more exposure. You can quickly grow your follower base by
joining a community board. If you regularly pin to a group board, other
people might be interested in your Pinterest board. You can easily increase your pins engagement monthly You can get more traffic to your website Step Number 6. Add Pinterest Button
Placing the Pinterest button on your website is essential to save images easily by your
site visitors. If you are using WordPress, you can use Easy
Social Share Buttons plugins. This WordPress plugin is the best and perfectly
do the job because it has incredible features to handle your social media sharing. Step Number 7. Optimizing description for Pinterest Search
More than 2 billion searches are performed on Pinterest each month. Every pin has a description and telling the
reader what your pin is about, so you put text helpful, interesting and a call-to-action
in your description. Just like Google, Pinterest uses an algorithm
to determine what pins to show when a user types in a query. When you are optimizing your pin’s description,
it can be discovered by the Pinterest algorithm. So, you can get more viewers and also you can drive more traffic back to your blog. Step Number 8. Use Pinterest Tools
There are many Pinterest tools available. Using Pinterest tools can save time and optimize
your Pinterest profile. Buyable pins feature for Pinterest Business
account users. If you are using BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce
Cloud, or Shopify, you can add Buyable pins to show price and allow consumers to make
a purchase easily. Rich Pins. Rich Pins allows you to include additional details
about your website on your pins. You can also use third party tool like Tailwind tool. Tailwind allows you to schedule pins at the best time to post. Tailwind was designed specifically for Pinterest,
and it offers more options to grow you on Pinterest Platform. Tailwind will help you pin your image into
multiple Pinterest boards. Another tool is Buffer. Buffer allows you to automatically create
pins for content you add, create a posting schedule, and post to other social networks. Step Number 9 Pinning Consistently
Like other social media Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, Consistency pinning is the crucial
thing that you should follow. When you posting at least 3 pins per day in the time cap. And then you can see your Pinterest profile grow. Repinning other people post also can be exposure
your Pinterest board to more users who are looking at the same contents. If you want a free, simple method to drive
free traffic to your website, you need to spend a few hours to optimize your Pinterest business account. 0ver 250 million people turn to Pinterest
each month to find inspiration, education, and information. So you can get high-quality blog traffic at
free cost. Okay. That’s it. If you like this Pinterest traffic video,
please like, subscribe to our channel, comment, and share on other social media. Thank you.

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