How to Create Instagram Content That Engages Your Audience

How to Create Instagram Content That Engages Your Audience

[Michael] Are you struggling to get engagement on your Instagram Marketing? Today we have one of
the world’s top experts in Instagram Marketing here, and she is gonna share all of her tips, techniques, and hacks to
take your Instagram Marketing to the next level. Check it out. (relaxing music) What do you want to say
to your fans and followers who are struggling to
connect on Instagram? [Chalene] I think it’s less about
trying to project something and more about being authentic, truly being who you are, finding that point where people say, “I’ve got something in common with you,” and starting conversations. Like, instead of going, “Gosh, I hope people see
this and they like this and they follow me,” just think about, “How
can I start a dialogue?” ‘Cause I think people, they wanna be heard and they wanna be listened to, and that’s the easiest way to connect. [Michael] How do you do this? [Chalene] Every caption has a question. If there’s not a question,
the average person just doesn’t answer, and they’re
not gonna comment, right? Unless it’s like an uber fan or a friend. But if we’re really using social media, (especially Instagram) strategically, you’ve got to remind people that I’m asking a question because I wanna have a dialogue, and I really wanna know what your response is. Ideally, I try to get
people to send me a DM. I mean, it’s great if
they can leave a comment, but when I can get
someone to leave me a DM it’s like going one step
further with the conversation. [Michael] Instagram
Stories, Instagram Live, IGTV, Instagram regular feed, where are you most excited right now? [Chalene] I’m excited about whatever
Instagram’s excited about. Because, if they’re excited about it, it’s a new feature, it’s intended to keep people on the platform longer, so if you pay attention
to their new features, and even when they
update existing features. Now I’m working with Instagram
instead of against them. An example of that is IGTV, right? They are dumping so much money into the development of IGTV
and they’re going to reward people who are on
the platform using it by making sure that your content is seen. Here’s an example, I took two IGTVs, very similar content, posted them on the same day, different weeks. One week I didn’t use the new feature where you can put the preview on your feed and got 3000 views. The following week, everything
pretty much the same, but I did use the feature where you can show the thumbnail in your
feed, and nearly 60,000 views in less than 12 hours. It’s taking advantage of
what Instagram’s telling you, like, “This is a new feature, use it.” [Michael] What kind of content are you producing? [Chalene] I tend to produce a
type of content there where it’s too long for a carousel, it’s a little more in depth, and I start to think of it more like what would I produce on YouTube? So that’s where I’m trying to create content that’s gonna serve people, but I’ve also found that the
stuff that’s just really funny, it might not have anything to do with business or health but it was really funny and a slice of life,
and then that helps you to get to know who I am. Then I’ll take that whole story series, and it might be three or four minutes, and just repurpose it as IGTV content and get double the bang for it. Remembering that people
are watching that IGTV for the first minute on mute, so you wanna make sure
you’re using captions, or if not word for word captions, summaries so in the
first couple of seconds I know like is this worth watching? And also remember,
because that first minute is what entices them
to watch the remainder, you don’t have to
produce that first minute in the order it was originally in. Start with a chase, start
with the most exciting piece, otherwise why am I gonna keep watching? The most exciting piece of
this needs to be at the front. [Michael]Tell us about your
Instagram Stories strategy. What do you do, how
often are you producing? Just give us some glimpse
into the Chalene Johnson way. [Chalene] There’s people who I love following, I love them as a
person, I love their content, but when I go to their stories
it’s all the same thing, it’s either straight promotion. If I follow you, it’s
not interesting to me to follow your stories
if every single story is a reshare of someone
sharing your podcast. Now it’s not serving me,
now it’s serving you. I think it’s important that we not just use it to serve ourselves or as a tool of self-promotion. We’ve really gotta give people
content, so I use a variety. You know, there’s a formula
there where it’s like a piece of content that’s really useful for the person who’s
following me because of that, because of marketing, for
the person who’s following me because of health, I’ll give them that, the person who actually
doesn’t know me yet and they want to go a little deeper and know what do I stand for that makes me stand out, that’s unique. And then a mix of video, static, an image if you will, or text. But here’s a tip: not everyone’s really
familiar with stories, so if you’re putting text, it disappears within six seconds. You’re writing
this really long thing, they don’t know to hold
down to read the full text. This is a little hack: you hold the camera down and
record a full 15 seconds. Then I place said image or
text over the 15 second video. Now your viewer only sees it
as one dash, not 10 dashes, and they have 15 seconds to view it. So if I wanna give my
viewers a lot of content, and they look at my
story feed and they see da da da da da da da da da, all these little tiny dots across the top, it feels like a commitment. So if I can give, in
one dot, a lot of text, that saves the viewer, it
makes it easier for them, and it’s fewer dots across the top. [Michael] What about people
that don’t know what to say? If you’re gonna go on and you’ve decided you’re gonna do something on marketing, how do you decide what to say? [Chalene] It really trains you
to speak in sound bites, so practice, get to the point quickly, no ums, no ahs, keep it
interesting, and then stickers. And if it’s me giving a tip, I will put a little poll
on the bottom that says, “Is this interesting?” “Do you want more of this, yes or no?” “For my next podcast would you rather hear about Instagram Stories or IGTV?” Let them tell me what they want, and it does a couple of things. They’re telling me what serves them. The next time they log into Instagram, my story content is going to appear in front of someone’s who
they weren’t interacting with, because they’ve interacted with my story. It’s not just viewing it,
Instagram’s looking at how much are people
interacting with your stories? [Michael] If you guys want a
lot more from Chalene, subscribe to her channel right here, and also we’ve got an awesome playlist right here on Instagram Marketing. Check it out.

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  1. Great job with this video, guys! So much value packed into a short amount of time with super helpful visuals. Definitely held my attention the whole way through. Props!

  2. WOW, a lot of great information here. I have a question that may be a future video could address. How do you choose who to follow back? Is there a ratio between how many follow you and how many you follow? I have always heard (Twitter) that you want more following you than you follow.

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