How To Completely Delete Your Google History  2016

How To Completely Delete Your Google History 2016

Hi there guys, welcome back to another tech
tutorial, and today we gonna be looking at, how to completely delete your Google history.
You know these days, we are spending lot of time online for searching information, and
most of us are using Google to find these information other than any search engine in
the world, and similarly we use Google to search for answers about private stuff that
you might not want, anyone else to know, and as you know, Google tracks and saves all your
browsing data as well as online activities. So If this makes you uncomfortable, or if
you just want to prevent other people who use your PC or Phone from seeing your private
searches, there is a way to Completely Delete Your Google History, and that what exactly
what we gonna be show you today, stay tune! First of all you gonna wanna sign in with
your regular Google account, that you want to erase all these history from or if you
already signed in, you can skip this step as well. For sign in to your Google account,
you can just click on the sign in button on every (any) Google page, and you will get here,
simply in put your email and password information, once you type them in properly, click on the
sign in button, as you can see now we are success fully singed in. Now go to this page or this address, you will also find a link below in the video description. So you can just go there and
click on it and you will get here. Once you are here, you can see your Google browsing
history. This is not the browsing history saved on your browser, all the history you
seeing here, which is saved or tracked by Google. I thing they doing this, maybe to
give you a better suggestion on your search result, or for whatever wired reason. Let’s
clean it up, to delete these history, we have couple choices here, like You can
delete a particular search history, or couple of them by just selecting them, and you will
see a delete button will appear, you can just click on it, or you can go here and click
on this options tab, and it will drop down the option menu, choose delete option from
there. Then you will see something pops up. From here you can choose to delete, searching
history of today, yesterday, or if you choose the advance option you can delete, your browsing
history form the past 4 weeks, or the ‘all time’ option. which will delete all your Google browsing
history, and i prefer to go with it, because this video demands it. So after you selected
a proper time period like me, you can just click on this delete button. Now you will
see another popup will appear, which will asking for conformation, and you can always
hit delete. Now we just deleted the browsing history from Google. So yes that how you can
delete your Google history completely. Hope you guys found my content help full, If you
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If you have any questions, doubts or suggestion, you can always ask them on the comment section
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Geeks Tutorial and this is your host Amal Rafi. Catch you again soon for the next video. Peace out!

21 thoughts on “How To Completely Delete Your Google History 2016

  1. I don't believe for a second doing this will delete your history data from google servers and some ISP's keep searches and sites visited and in the UK soon by law ISP's will have to keep your search/sites data but anyway, don't directly use google for searching, use Ixquick search engine, it searches for you and removes your IP, nothing is logged and no tracking cookies installed, fuck google and their spying shit.

    Also use ublock to stop adverts, Adblocker pro now gets paid to allow some adverts so fuck them, use NoScript to allow active content to run only from sites you trust, and protect yourself against XSS and Clickjacking attacks, for more security use HTTPS plugin that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure, nothing is secure online so take responsibly for what you put out there and remember that people are looking for personal data and social media is a data gold mine.

  2. I kinda give up not getting tracked by Google. They already have so much data on so many people it's pretty much a hopeless case xD I mean, I'm just one user out of millions and millions of others, and they keep their data pretty damn secure, so it's not too bad of a situation. I guess I'll just embrace Big Brother for what it is.
    And just use a VPN for anything I don't want them knowing xD

  3. By federal law all ISP must keep your activity history for several years. This is part of the famed "digital haystack" data collection program. Google makes billions of dollars selling your information and responds to over 30 thousand law enforcement information warrants and requests each month in the US alone. this information given to law enforcement includes your searches, what youtube vids you watched, any click throughs you did on GOOGLE, any inline adds you responded to or displayed on your screen regardless if you went to that page through googles search engine or not. this information also includes your name, address (google maps), addresses you searched for, places you visited while your location services is turned on on your cell phone, telephone number (recovery services), many of the passwords you use on other sites (snooping), metadata such as times you are active on internet, stored files on one drive (easy to decrypt for super computer) all photographs, files and phone entries on your cell phone. to say that you are protecting yourself by deleting your google account activity is laughable. there is so much more they know than just that.

  4. Your information is okay if you're using a tablet or laptop or a desktop but if you're using an Android phone it's totally useless I want to get rid of all the crap on my phone because it's eating up my battery life

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